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Darryl Jones Health Resolution Centre
(This piece of filth finally closed his web site in 2011. You can see what it originally looked like here.)

Cancer "curer" gets cured. Like bacon. (13/3/2010)
Schadenfreude is one of the greatest feelings in the world, and it is especially tasty when the person feeling pain is a cancer quack. Just look at this excellent media release from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission:


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has obtained interlocutory injunctions in the Brisbane Federal Court against Darryl Jones, principal of the Darryl Jones Health Resolution Centre on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, over alleged misleading or deceptive conduct in connection with a cancer treatment program.

The ACCC alleges that Mr Jones represented on the Centre's website and in an e-book he wrote that he had reasonable grounds and a reliable and current scientific or medical basis to assert that:

  • the reduction or elimination of glucose in the diet; and
  • taking laetrile, also known as amygdalin or "B17",

were effective to treat or prevent cancers or, together with an exercise regime recommended by Mr Jones, preferable to conventional medical treatments such as surgery or chemotherapy.

The injunctions stop Mr Jones, until the court makes further orders, from making claims that his treatments can prevent or treat the growth of cancer, or any medical condition. Mr Jones must first obtain written advice from an appropriately qualified professional certifying that the proposed treatment is, in the opinion of that person, supported by reliable scientific or expert medical opinion and is believed to be effective and safe. That advice must be disclosed to his clients, customers and the ACCC.

Other orders require Mr Jones to write to his clients and customers and also display a notice on any websites he controls, owns or maintains, advising of the interlocutory injunctions.

The ACCC urges anyone suffering from cancer or seeking to prevent it to seek advice from a suitably qualified medical practitioner.

A directions hearing has been set down for 16 April 2010.

NR 41/10
9 March 2010

Here is the notice that poor Darryl has been forced to run on his now-closed web site.

Note to Darryl: When the Court orders you to display a notice, you are supposed to replace the word "[date]" with a date. It would also help if you gave a real URL for where people can find the order on the Court's web site. I am prepared to help out, so people can read the court order here. Also, it would be useful to publish the actual text instead of a picture so that the search engines can find the notice and index the words. Again, I am prepared to help (and see how easy it is to include the date?).:



The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has instituted proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia against Darryl Jones alleging that certain of his representations are misleading or deceptive under the Trade Practices Act 1974 (the TPA).

On 5 March 2010 the Federal Court of Australia issued interim injunctions in relation to cancer treatment claims promoted by Mr Jones under The Darryl Jones Health Resolution Centre Program.

Those injunctions can be found at and remain in effect until such time as the Court makes further orders.

Those injunctions restrain Mr Jones, until further order of the Court, from making any claims that treatments can prevent the occurrence or treat the growth of cancer or any medical condition unless he has first obtained written medical or scientific advice to support that claim.

The ACCC urges anyone who is suffering from cancer, or who wishes to take steps to prevent it, to seek advice from a suitably qualified medical practitioner.

Junkseller Jones jollies judges (8/5/2010)
In March I mentioned that a cancer quack named Darryl Jones had been accused of misleading or deceptive conduct when he claimed that he could cure cancer with cyanide and exercise. To rational people the case was closed as soon as it was mentioned that Jones was peddling that old favourite of quacks and charlatans, laetrile, and that therefore the Latin words ipso facto, a priori, mens rea and cloaca maxima could be applied without further thought.

Darryl the death dealer wasn't happy with this, so he took the only course open to someone who makes scientific claims which are challenged – he ran to the lawyers and sought leave to appeal the injunctions preventing him from lying to desperate people and stealing their life savings and the inheritances they were planning to leave to their children.


I was a bit surprised at his flight to the courts, because his reaction to the original injunction had been to display a notice ordered by the court in a fashion which suggested that he was either extremely stupid or extremely arrogant. When the court orders you to display something you do just that and you don't "forget" to do such things as replace the code "[date]" with the actual date in question. I speak from experience – the people who had been found by the Federal Court to be operating an illegal pyramid scheme and sued me for reporting the news wasted a day of the court's time by alleging that I had committed contempt of court by not displaying the exact words of an ordered notice. (The judge was not happy with them and ordered me to display what I had displayed and what they were complaining about. Still, it was a tense time.)

I will keep my eye on the court lists and let you know if he is granted the right to appeal, and if he is, how the appeal progresses.

I won't dare to print this! (22/5/2010)
Won't I just? I love it when supporters of quackery issue a challenge. Here's someone who knows that a charlatan who has been stealing people's money by selling them cyanide to "cure" cancer is really a good person who just accidentally tells lies. You can read about Darryl Jones's battles with the authorities here. Maybe this email to me is part of Darryl's campaign to intimidate his critics. It didn't work.

From: "Alan Kirby"
Subject: Darryl Jones:DARE YOU TO PRINT THIS
Date: Wed, 19 May 2010 10:18:50 +1000

Dear Sir,

Darryl Jones may have been naïve and misguided on administration counts.
The people who stripped Canhelp Australia Wide from him, I believe, did so out of personality conflict and spite.

No, they did it because he was selling cyanide to cure cancer, something which has been tested and found to not work.

My husband nearly died from the infection he caught in Day Surgery, just to have that injurious and inhuman biopsy.

Did the biopsy detect cancer? If not, then Darryl cured nothing (except you having too much money and him having less than he wanted).

There are other less invasive ways to detect male cancer. The Blood tests, B22 for men is similar to the C125 for women. An ultrasound can detect a foetus, why not a swollen prostate and whats inside it. None of these methods are promalgated and yet they are common sense.

Possibly because a foetus is larger than a prostate and in a more accessible position in the body? Also, detecting what's "inside" a cancerous prostate is something that ultrasound is not designed to do. When you say "B22" are you talking about the HLA-B22 test for HIV? Do you suspect that your husband might have HIV?

The gentleman Otto Warburg,who scientifically proved that Cancer thrives on 'sugar' i.e. glucose won not only ONE but TWO Nobel Prizes for his work in this field.

Did Darryl tell you that? Otto Warburg won one (1) Nobel Prize (in 1931) and his work that earned the prize had nothing to do with cancer. As evidence of that, his Nobel lecture did not contain the word "cancer" even once. I don't know how many times I have heard this lie about Otto Warburg but it doesn't get any truer just because people keep saying it.


As there is no possibility that Johns Hopkins University Hospital would ever had been stupid enough to say that chemotherapy was the only treatment for cancer in 2007 or any other year, I suspect that this is is something else you heard from Darryl. Of course there is always the possibility that some place called John (sic) Hopkins did say something like this, but that would not be a reputable place like Johns Hopkins.

By the way, you might like to go here to see where Johns Hopkins says:

Information falsely attributed to Johns Hopkins called, "CANCER UPDATE FROM JOHN HOPKINS" describes properties of cancer cells and suggests ways of preventing cancer. Johns Hopkins did not publish the information, which often is an email attachment, nor do we endorse its contents. The email also contains an incorrect spelling of our institution as "John" Hopkins; whereas, the correct spelling is "Johns" Hopkins. For more information about cancer, please read the information on our web site or visit the National Cancer Institute's web site at Please help combat the spread of this hoax by letting others know of this statement.

It is two years since that first episode in hospital for my husband. He is alive, active and very well and FOLLOWING THE INDIVIDUAL PROGRAM DESIGNED FOR HIM BY DARRYL JONES. I am very grateful that he was able to attend the Nambour premises, follow the Weston A. Price Food Program, and not being a gymnasium person has EMBRACED THE SPECIFIC FOR HIM EXERCISE PROGRAM, WITH DILLIGENCE AND COURAGE.

He delights to encourage anyone whom he hears is in dire straits or the initial stages of cancer. DO THEY LISTEN? NOOOOOO! – They DIE following THEIR SPECIALIST. THEIR ONCOLOGIST. THEIR DOCTOR because we have been brainwashed I believe to blindly take their advice and  NOT CHECK IT OUT FOR THEMSELVES AND THEY DIE.

I'm really glad that my mother didn't check it out for herself and go to see Darryl Jones. Instead she chose to take the advice of her specialist, her oncologist and her doctor, giving her many more years to spend with her children and grandchildren. She is one of the reasons that I despise quacks like Darryl Jones.

And regretfully, so it is.

Yours sincerely Pauline Kirby

Goodbye, cancer quack. You won't be missed. (5/2/2011)
Occasionally there is a win for the good guys. Unfortunately this crook will stay out of prison, but these types never give up so maybe the next time he gets caught he will end up where he belongs.

Here is the media release from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission:

Cancer treatment found to be misleading

The Federal Court, Brisbane has found that Darryl Jones, principal of the Darryl Jones Health Resolution Centre, engaged in misleading or deceptive conduct in relation to certain cancer prevention and treatment claims.

The representations were contained on the Darryl Jones Health Resolution Centre website ( and in an electronic book written by Mr Jones and sold through that site entitled The Truth About Overcoming Cancer.

Some of the claims included that the treatments offered by Mr Jones:

  • were effective in treating and preventing cancer
  • were proven to bring even the worst cancers under control, and
  • together with an exercise program, were more effective in treating cancer than pharmaceutical drugs, radium, surgery and chemotherapy.

Mr Jones' treatment program included reducing or eliminating glucose from the diet and ingesting high levels of Laetrile (also known as Amygdalin) that is sourced in such foodstuffs as apricot kernels.

The program cost $2,900 for the first three months and $1,500 for every three months thereafter.

The court found that Mr Jones' claims were untrue, that he had no reasonable basis for making the representations and possessed no reliable current scientific evidence or expert medical opinion to support them.

According to an expert oncologist engaged by the ACCC, whose evidence was accepted by the court, taking high levels of Laetrile can result in cyanide toxicity and glucose elimination can cause weight loss and imbalanced metabolism.

Justice Logan made final orders which included:

  • declarations that Mr Jones contravened sections 52 and 53(c) of the Trade Practices Act 1974
  • injunctions permanently restraining Mr Jones from making claims that his treatments can prevent or successfully treat any medical condition unless he first has obtained written advice from an appropriately qualified medical practitioner or academic certifying that the proposed treatment is, in the opinion of that person, supported by reliable current scientific evidence or expert medical opinion and is believed to be effective and safe
  • a requirement that Mr Jones take steps to cause third parties to cease representing themselves to be him or to be acting on his behalf and to cease making representations which are the subject of the court orders, should he become aware that this is occurring
  • the placing of a notice informing people of the court outcome on Mr Jones' website,, and any other website controlled by him within the next three months of the order, and
  • an order that Mr Jones is to pay the ACCC's costs of the proceedings.

In his judgment, Justice Logan found that: "the nature of the proven contraventions and the public interest tells decisively in favour of the granting of injunctive relief" and that such broad relief was appropriate as "Anything less would not offer adequate protection to the public in general and those suffering from or whose loved ones are suffering from cancer."

ACCC chairman Graeme Samuel said the ACCC acted in the public interest to protect vulnerable people who are fighting serious or terminal illnesses.

"The treatment promoted by Mr Jones was not only without a reliable current scientific or medical basis, but it was potentially dangerous as well. The ACCC urges anyone suffering from cancer to seek advice from a suitably qualified medical practitioner.

"The ACCC could not seek penalties in this case as the conduct occurred prior to the introduction of the civil penalty regime which began in April 2010," he said.
On 1 January 2011 as part of Australian Consumer Law amendments the Trade Practices Act 1974 was renamed the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

Release # NR 026/11
Issued: 7th February 2011

Why I do what I do (12/2/2011)
I don't usually publish the nice emails I get (I get a lot more of them than I do complaints and hate mail), but I thought I would make an exception in this case. Quacks aren't just a nuisance, they kill people and damage relationships.

May I congratulate you on your site. I have found such valuable information from your site that I would not have found otherwise.

My sister, whom we lost in 2008 aged 43 was a patient of Mr Darryl Jones.

I live in Brisbane and my sister lived in Sydney at the time. She was undergoing chemo for about 6 months but after encouragement from her husband and his "psychic healer" my sister decided to give Darryl Jones a go even though her chemo was working well. We knew that the cancer would not be cured but at least we knew that we would have her for an extra few months. Not so – once she started her treatment with Mr Darryl Jones we lost her some 8 weeks later!!!!! Our family was very skeptical and we were the ones who drove her up and down the highway to Nambour, helped her with her exercise regime, cook and prepare her food and watch our poor struggle with his treatment plan. She had to literally starve herself. It was cruel, cruel, cruel and very unfair. He gave her and us false hope.

Since we lost our sister her husband has cut our family from him and her three young children. Very upsetting considering we were a very close family. You see her husband was also "brainwashed" by his "psychic healer". His psychic healer actually referred us up to Nambour to see this dickhead Darryl Jones. Her husband believed that we did not push our sister far enough and helped in her demise because we did not "meditate" alongside our sister to help her.

What a sad situation it all was and so hard for someone on the other side to believe this can actually happen. Hard thing is is my sisters children will also be brainwashed. What respect did he have from my beautiful sister?? None.

I cannot thank you enough for your website and hopefully you will educate others and they will not have to experience what me and my family have.

Darryl and the dodo – both dead (5/11/2011)
Cancer "curing" liar Darryl Jones has finally been expunged from the memory of the web. His web site has looked like this since early last year, but now it has gone forever.

Unlike his victims, he will not be missed.


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