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DeMoss Chiropractic

This site won a Highly Commended award in the 2020 Millenium Awards. The citation said:

Another chiropractor who doesn't need encouragement. Mr Billy DeMoss (he likes to be called "Dr" but he isn't one so I don't) has almost single-handedly set new levels of batshit craziness. One of the reasons that his site is Highly Commended is that he provides a reference point for anyone who wants to see the limits of what the chiropractic "profession" will accept as suitable behaviour for a representative of the industry. To his credit, Mr DeMoss doesn't try to hide his mental condition and can be easily triggered to produce a deluge of mouth foam by use of words like "vaccine".

The best part is that Mr DeMoss is actually a good representative of chiropractic, because he makes clear what the business is all about – anti vaccines, anti "germ theory", anti real medicine, anti science, anti common sense.

Chiropractors are not happy. This makes everyone else happy. (17/8/2019)
I had to wait until after Saturday to build this update because I had to wait until I could get a recording of Channel 7's Sunday program. The word on the street was that the show was going to look at some of the excesses of the "medical specialty" known as chiropractic, and my friend Mr (he's a surgeon) John Cunningham would be there to provide some sense.

The whinges and complaints were many. One of them was that the noise of cracking a baby's back had been added by the show's producers, but in reality the scenes at the start of the program came directly from a video made by a chiropractor and included the sounds of the torture. It was publicity raised by this video some months ago that drew the attention of authorities to chiropractors endangering babies with useless and potentially dangerous "manipulations". Of course, chiropractors mistreating children is not anything new and action was promised by the professions "regulatory body" back in 2013, but as could be reliably predicted at the time nothing was done, because regulation of the industry is done by the people who need regulating. I predict that there will be more smoke and murmurs of concern from the Chiropractic Board of Australia and in a few short years from now we will again be shocked by chiropractors doing things that have no science backing them to treat medical conditions which chiropractic has no plausible way of curing.

As a side note, how can any profession take itself seriously when Mr (he's a chiropractor, not a doctor) Billy DeMoss is lauded as a spokesman for the industry? The man is either barking mad or an actor in the Olivier class. Oh, and he sells cannabis oil to cure things, although this would seem to suggest that there are things that chiropractic can't cure and which need chemicals. Oh, wait – CBD oil is chemical free. Just ask an expert.

An anti-vax chiropractor lies, but is this really news? (25/4/2020)
One of the great mysteries about chiropractic (apart from the mystery of why anyone takes seriously the idea that it has anything to do with medicine or health) is the respect shown by practitioners of the scam to US resident Billy DeMoss. He obviously has more loose screws than a bulk bin at the hardware store but he seems to pop up at every chiro gathering, screeching incoherent nonsense, leaping about like an antelope on meth and generally behaving in a fashion that would embarrass any normal person. I wouldn't like him to be considered a representative of anything I did for a living, but then I made my living honestly, not by selling something useless and sometimes dangerous.

Dr DeMoss (as he likes to style himself despite not being a doctor) is a champion of the anti-vaccination liar community. (This should not come as a surprise to anyone because despite what they claim, chiropractic must be opposed to vaccination just on the basis of the theory underlying the practice.) He went Full Canvas Jacket this week with the story that a subject in a trial for a COVID-19 vaccine had died.

Why he uses the word "vaxscene" is another mystery, but maybe deliberately misspelling a word counts as a lie and therefore helps to fulfill his lie quota. You will note that he says that he doesn't care if it's "fake news". Well of course he doesn't. The most committed anti-vaccination liars know that they are lying, but the end justifies the means so they don't care if what they say is true or not.

So is it fake news? This is from the day after "Dr" DeMoss had his spittle-flecked rant.

I confidently predict that a month from now the "death" of Elisa Granato will be a solid part of anti-vaccination folklore, because once a lie is told it becomes true forever in their perverted verminous world.

Some light entertainment (23/5/2020)
I like to include a couple of jokes with each update to the site, but sometimes the targets of the site write the jokes themselves. Highly respected chiropractor Billy DeMoss fired up the Rantomatic™ this week and had a bit to say about how some establishments require people to wear face masks while the COVID-19 crisis continues. It is no surprise that Mr DeMoss should reject any attempt to make him behave responsibly towards other people in these circumstances because one of the principles of his job, chiropractic, is that bacteria and viruses don't cause dis-ease (that's how chiropractors like to spell "disease") so precautions are unnecessary.

There are many ways to describe Mr DeMoss and his behaviour – that wonderful and oblique Australian saying "As mad as a cut snake", the old favourite "Batshit crazy" and of course "a few bones short of a spinal column". Remember that he is well respected in his profession and gets to speak at conferences and gatherings of practitioners.



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