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Mark Geier is a doctor. His son David is not. Together they occupy spaces in the anti-vaccination liar pantheon, which means they can do no wrong. They are champions of the discredited idea that vaccines cause autism, and back this up by treating autistic children with a drug usually used to chemically castrate sex offenders. Like most, if not all, of the leading lights in the anti-vaccination movement they have no morals and don't care what lies are told or what damage is done by their crazed ideology.

Goodbye Geier. Maybe. (7/5/2011)
One of the experts beloved of the anti-vaccination liars is Mark Geier. He is cited everywhere as if he knows what he is talking about and treated with the reverence usually only bestowed on contemptible charlatans and crooks like Andrew Wakefield and Boyd Haley. Now he can be expected to take a rise in his position in the pantheon because he has been struck off as a doctor. His sin against Big Pharma was to run an autism cure service where he injected children with a drug usually reserved for the chemical castration of rapists and other sex offenders.


The Maryland State Board of Physicians (the "Board") hereby SUMMARILY SUSPENDS the license of Mark R. Geier, M.D., (the "Respondent") (D.O.B. 05/03/1948), license number 024250, to practice medicine in the State of Maryland. The Board takes such action pursuant to its authority under Md. State Govt Code Ann. � 10-226(c)(2009 Repl. Vol.) concluding that the public health, safety or welfare imperatively requires emergency action.

The drug Lupron costs about $5,000-$6,000 a month when prescribed for the only condition for which it is approved for use on children – precocious puberty. Geier was using it to "treat" autism, so I will let you guess what he was putting on the insurance claim forms.

So let's look at a list of some the things that Mark Geier did which caused the authorities to finally decide that the public had to be protected from him:

But why go on? You can read the Board's report here.

One thing is certain. This will cause no reduction in Mark Geier's status in the anti-vaccination liar community. Like Andrew Wakefield, Geier will be touted as a martyr and a victim of Big Pharma persecution. This will come as no surprise to anyone who realises that truth, honesty and facts do not matter to these people. Any lie or any dishonest action is justified if it leads to a reduction in the rate of vaccination. That some children might have to be sacrificed on the way is a nuisance, but the end justifies the means. And if you think I'm exaggerating when I talk about sacrifice, remember that a few years ago when a child was killed by chelation (and that case involved insurance fraud too) someone described the dead boy as a "true soldier in the struggle". Go ahead, vomit. I did.

Schadenfreude! What a lovely feeling it is. (21/5/2011)
I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that autism-doctor-to-the-quacks Mark Geier had had his medical licence taken away because he had been acting in a manner not acceptable for members of the medical profession. Out here, beyond the walls of the anti-vaccination liar virtual asylum, we wondered what took the authorities so long to shut down a quack who was giving castration medicine to children. This week there were two pieces of good news about his son, David Geier, who ably assisted his father in the deception of and theft from parents and insurance companies. Here are two headlines from the Baltimore Sun. Click. Laugh. Enjoy.

Will this finally stop anti-vaccination liars from lionising the Geiers and citing them at every opportunity? Of course not. Remember, in the alternative universe inhabited by believers in alternative medicine nothing that is believed to be true can ever be replaced by other facts or beliefs. Any challenge is just Big Pharma trying to maintain its profits and hegemony.

Paging ex-Dr Geier (13/10/2012)
I've been hearing a lot recently, mainly from supersleuth Tim Bolen, about how the father and son Geier team of autism curers and anti-vaccination liars were about to destroy the medical establishment by defeating all the charges made against them for their despicable conduct in prescribing and supplying (at enormous expense) a drug used for chemically castrating sex offenders. The patients they were supplying it to were children with autism. Yes, you read that right. They were giving a castration drug to children. And they were lying to insurance companies about the medical conditions of the children (Lupron is allowed in certain cases of hormonal disorders).

Here are the last two sections of a ruling by the Maryland Sate Board of Physicians on August 22, 2012:


The ALJ commented that Dr. Geier abused the trust that these patients' families placed in him. "By dissembling, misrepresenting, failing to see his patients for months and years before treating them, applying a protocol-based treatment to children who do not fit the protocol, using non-FDA-approved drugs without fully informed consent, and for all of the other violations found and discussed in this Proposed Decision, he abused that trust. I agree with the State that these actions betray the relationship of a physician to a vulnerable child and his desperate parents." The Board agrees.

The ALJ proposed that the Board revoke Dr. Geier's license. Dr. Geier has displayed in this case an almost total disregard of basic medical and ethical standards by treating patients without properly examining or diagnosing them, continuing treatment without properly evaluating its effectiveness, and providing "informed consent" forms that were misleading and in at least one case blatantly false. He provided treatments supposedly according to an investigational protocol, but the investigation was approved only by a sham Institutional Review Board, and he applied protocols to patients who did not fit his own profile. He provided treatment by a drug not approved for use in this country while informing parents that a different drug would be used. His actions toward his patients were not those of an honest and competent physician, nor do they appear to be those of an objective and ethical researcher. Dr. Geier made little use of those methodologies that distinguish the practice of medicine as a profession. At the same time, he profited greatly from the minimal efforts he made for these patients. In plain words, Dr. Geier exploited these patients under the guise of providing competent medical treatment. Such a use of a medical license is anathema to the Board. The Board has no hesitation in revoking his medicallicense.37


It is therefore ORDERED that the medical license of Mark R. Geier, M.D., No. D24250, be, and it hereby is, REVOKED; and it is further

ORDERED that the summary suspension of Dr. Mark R. Geier imposed by the Board in its Final Decision and Order of March 22, 2012 under Md. State Gov't Code Ann.� 10-226(c) (2) is TERMINATED as moot.

Or, put another way:

And here is a media release from the Washington State Department of Health, issued on October 12, 2012.

Doctor's license permanently revoked for not cooperating with investigation

Redmond autism clinic medical director's license now permanently revoked

OLYMPIA – The medical license of physician Mark Geier (MD60041602) has been permanently revoked by the Medical Quality Assurance Commission and the state Department of Health. Although Geier has been living and practicing in Silver Spring, Maryland, he was the medical director of an autism clinic in Redmond.

In January this year, the medical commission indefinitely suspended Geier's Washington license after his Maryland license was suspended by state officials there. The commission's January order allowed Geier to request reinstatement of his Washington license only if his Maryland were reinstated; however, last month, Maryland revoked Geier's license for, among other reasons, failing to meet the standard of care in his treatment of children with autism.

Geier promotes a theory that autism is caused by elevated levels of testosterone. Maryland health officials found he had injected children with Lupron, a long-acting medication used to treat advanced prostate cancer in men and endometriosis in women by reducing hormone levels.

In late 2010 or early 2011 Geier set up a branch of his autism clinics in Redmond, and served as the clinic's medical director. Geier refused to respond to the commission's questions about the clinic and wouldn't provide patient or billing records for the commission's review.

Geier did not respond to the statement of charges issued against him for failing to cooperate with the commission's investigation, so the commission revoked his Washington license. He has 10 days to file a petition for reconsideration with the commission, and 30 days to appeal his license revocation to Thurston County Superior Court.

So things are really going well for the Geiers. All of this is certainly raising the level of respect that quack believers have for the pair of crooks. When the Big Pharma conspiracy shuts you down it proves how right you are. Just ask ex-Dr Andrew Wakefield.

Oh, dear ... (29/6/2013)
In another massive victory for Mark Geier (seller of castration drugs to children) over the medical establishment, his licence to practice medicine in the state of Hawaii was revoked on March 14, 2013. This follows his victories in having his licence cancelled in all of the other states where he had one.

The man is a winner and conventional medicine is quaking at the way he is attacking its very foundations and causing it to collapse like the controlled demolition of a New York skyscraper.

Having succeeded in Hawaii, the last US holdout, Mark Geier is looking for more challenges. There are rumours that he is going to apply for medical registration in both Canada and Australia, where local state and province registration procedures will give him many more opportunities to be either refused registration or to have it granted and then revoked.

See the good news here.

When will Tim Bolen announce this news?


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