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Health & Wisdom (Mr Rebello's web site disappeared in the middle of 2012)

How mad can it get? (12/11/2011)
I've been dealing with anti-vaccination liars for a long time so you would think that I couldn't be surprised by how disgusting they could be, but this week I had to revise my opinion. First, there were the books by New Zealander Hilary Butler (see below), but that wasn't enough. I have to thank Meryl Dorey, erstwhile (yet perhaps current) president of the Australian Vaccination Network, for reminding me of what I had considered up to now to be the craziest anti-vaccination liar that hadn't actually been officially declared insane (ex-Dr Rebecca Carley is insane, but it's official). This is Mark Sircus, and this is a sample of his latest work:

String the Bastards Up

Posted by Mark Sircus – Director on 12 November 2011 | Filed under World Affairs

In general I am against the death penalty as I am against killing of any kind. Though the Bible sanctions death and killing, it is clearly against murder and the taking of innocent life. We could argue all day about what some people clearly seem to deserve and we could argue about the legitimacy of many things from the Old Testament or anything else written that the elites of the world have had their dirty fingers in.

For all those who are for the death penalty, my message will be clear. I am calling for the conviction and the worst possible punishment under the law for certain people in government who are in the medical field. There seems to be no limit to what our present society will accept. We are letting the bankers and the shysters on Wall Street destroy western civilization, allowing them the fattest paychecks on earth as a reward. And we are letting doctors in white coats inject poisonous heavy metals into babies and paying them well for it.

They say there is a sucker born every minute but I think things have gotten out of hand. Before I go into detail about what has been clear to many of us for years I want to bring the image of the case of a monster who commits mass murder and torments children and their parents. In this case we have a group of them who deserve to be lynched and they work for the federal government at the Centers of Disease Control (CDC).

Most people would have no contention with lining up mass tormentors of children against a wall with the punishment of life imprisonment in solitary confinement. It certainly looks like we have solid evidence that there are people who have conspired to mislead doctors so they continue to inject highly dangerous chemicals into children.

So here we have someone making death threats against government officials. This is supposed to be rational discussion of medical issues but wouldn't sound out of place at a Klan lynch party. Mr Sircus then went on to cite a woman who exploited the SIDS death of her child to try to blackmail a large amount of money out of a pharmaceutical company. I know she didn't succeed because if she had we would never have heard the end of it.

Mrs Dorey apparently supports Mr Sircus's calls for the deaths of doctors and scientists, because she linked to his ravings on her blog.

The other lunatic introduced to the sane world by Ms Dorey is Indian presidential candidate Leo Rebello. She showed her support for him by retweeting his messages to Twitter. Here are some examples:

I'm not surprised that Ms Dorey agrees with Mr Rebello, because in January she also made the rape analogy when talking about vaccinations. I can only assume she also supports his call for the deaths of doctors.

There is an old saying that you are known by the company you keep. Ms Dorey seems quite happy to be in the company of and offer full support to people who lie about hospital births, who want to kill doctors and scientists and who trivialise rape by equating it with vaccination.

Contempt is not a strong enough word.


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