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Make Australia Healthy Again

It's deja vu all over again (22/2/2020)
Back in 2003 I reported on what might have been seen as the silliest and most useless waste of the time and resources of the High Court of Australia that anyone could imagine, but all these years later there is a new contender.

A loon wants to sue the Commonwealth of Australia and has applied to the High Court to try to get it to rule that vaccination is both unconstitutional and illegal under international law. Anti-vaccination liars are wetting their pants about this, even going so far as to claim that the High Court has endorsed their insanity. Those of us of sound mind realise that asking a court to look at something is not the same as the court looking and agreeing. At the time I'm writing this the Court has not even agreed to read the writ let alone empanelled some expensive judges to consider its worth, but facts have never bothered the opponents of vaccines. If the Court does decide to amuse themselves by actually having a hearing I might have to take a trip to Canberra to watch the fun, although I imagine that eating popcorn in the courtroom is probably discouraged.

I could go though the thing line by line offering criticism and comments, but there are only so many hours in a week. You can read the masterpiece here,, but I will extract some parts to give the flavour.

It would be sad if it wasn't so funny.

That High Court writ (21/3/2020)
Back in February I mentioned that someone was asking the High Court of Australia to rule on the legality and constitutional validity of vaccines. Actually, he was asking the High Court if they would consider doing this. At the time I predicted that the Court would not bother wasting its time on such nonsense. Was I right?

I'm sure this loon really believes that the High Court convenes a full bench to look at applications to appear, but out here in the real world we know that the Court has a filter to prevent it wasting its time. I can confidently predict that if Sol does actually apply to appeal, his application will receive the same treatment as his original writ. I also predict that the anti-vaccination liars who were wetting themselves a month ago about how the High Court was giving legitimacy to their delusions by hearing his claim will now be saying that it has obviously changed its mind about rejecting the writ and has accepted his appeal.

I do like the irony of someone who demands that the Court does things it can't and won't do warning people about the offence of Contempt of Court. What could be more contemptuous than wasting the Court's time and resources on trivial idiocy?

As I said at the time: 'It would be sad if it wasn't so funny".

Sol suddenly supersizes the silliness (9/5/2020)
February I mentioned that some kook was asking the High Court of Australia to rule that vaccination is unconstitutional. One thing you have to give anti-vaccination liars credit for is their optimism and faith in the impossible. The kook, Solihil Millin, has resurfaced with a plan to disrupt Australia's major cities with protests the likes of which we haven't seen since the anti-war assemblies in the streets in the 1970s. Tens, or maybe even elevens of protestors are expected to gather outside parliamentary buildings to express their concerns about the restrictions on personal rights and freedoms dictated by governments in their attempts to control the (fictional) COVID-19 pandemic. Protestors will gain extra credit for carrying signs about 5G telephone masts and expressing their disappointment at the continued staying alive of Bill Gates. (Look at Bill Gates' initials and remember that the song "Stayin' Alive" was performed by the Bee Gees. Coincidence? There's no such thing.)

Here is just the beginning of Sol's latest rant.

You can read this in its full unhinged glory by clicking on the picture.
I couldn't fit it on the page here

I checked with University Microfilms and found Sol's qualifications.

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