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Anus Maximus Award  2019Comment and Opinion

Tay's Way Movement
(Sadly , or maybe not, Tay didn't bother keeping up payments to her web site host and this site died in the early part of 2022. The link goes to what it looked like in 2019.)

Tay's Way won the highly prestigious Anus Maximus Award in the 2019 Millenium Awards. The citation read:

Unfortunately there seems to be a never-ending supply of anti-vaccination liars. The latest one to appear like an enormous pimple on your nose on the morning of your wedding day is Taylor Winterstein. Taylor, who likes to be called Tay, has a very impressive web site designed to catch the eye and open the wallet. Like all the others of her ilk she has lots of worthless things to sell. She first rose to prominence selling small jars of very expensive rice. This rice had magical healing and wellness powers and was so rare and precious that supermarkets were charging up to $2 per kilogram for it and hiding it on shelves near other products with exotic names like "basmati" and "jasmine". Following some adverse publicity she decided to branch out and run some very expensive seminars and even private consultations advising people of the dangers of vaccines. Unlike some of her anti-vaccination peers who get very upset at criticism, she appears to be totally self-absorbed, almost to the point of narcissism. Did I say "almost"? Sorry! I don't really have to say that any critical comments are immediately deleted from any social media site she has, but that's in the instruction manual for anti-vaccination liars. Tay apparently has Samoan ancestry, but this didn't stop her from promoting her lies to the citizens of that country and then taking no responsibility for (or even notice of, it seemed) the subsequent measles epidemic which killed many children there. She was too busy "poppin" on Instagram, and one has to get one's priorities right.

Taylor ticks all the boxes – no medical training, hand out for money, blocks any criticism, no concern for the collateral damage her lies cause, exploits her family (although to her credit I haven't seen her claim that her children have been damaged by vaccines), hero worship of major figures in the liar community, lies without remorse. She calls her business "Tay's Way Movement" as if she is tapping a groundswell of something and leading a revolution. The name reminds me of another movement, the bowel movement, but unfortunately it's probably going to take more than a wipe and a flush to get rid of her.

Anti-vaccination liar web sites are like toadstools after rain – they pop up everywhere from something rotting underground. This is the latest, and a very professional site it is too, with lots of lies, bad advice and, of course, things to sell.

Tay planned a series of seminars about vaccination to be held across Australia (and Samoa?). As is usual for the sort of people who organise this sort of liefest, the venues are kept secret in case sane people turn up and ask questions. You will note the usual list of lies that the liars tell, and I have marked an obvious lie with the traditional yellow marker.

'Making Informed Choices' Workshop: SYDNEY


WHEN: Sunday 3rd of March, 2019

TIME: 10am – 2pm Sharp!

LOCATION: Sydney CBD (the exact venue location will be emailed through to you 3 hours before the event starts)

A half day workshop to spark your mind, inspire you into action, connect with other like-minded people and empower you to take back control of your family's health.

It will be a completely referenced and thorough presentation showcasing the latest science and medical literature, to help you feel informed and confident in your choices.

What will be covered in the workshop:

  • The history of the Australian vaccine schedule and the changes made over the last 3 decades
  • Understanding the vaccine schedule and the combination vaccines injected at each visit
  • Vaccine package inserts straight from the box
  • Vaccine ingredients and known biological effects on the human body
  • Long term health outcomes – Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated study?
  • Looking at the evidence on "vaccine-preventable" diseases
  • Aluminum adjuvants and autoimmune diseases – is there a connection?
  • Vaccine-induced herd immunity
  • Adverse event reporting system
  • Vaccine injury as listed by the manufacturers and how to report it
  • Fear culture around childhood infections
  • Understanding our options for daycare and preschool
  • Ways to strengthen a healthy immune system
  • Why preconception care is important
  • Prevention or cure, where should our focus be?

..and so MUCH MORE!!

You will also be given nourishing refreshments, exclusive access to the online 'Tay's Way Movement' community and a special information pack filled with resources, new science and medical literature to take home with you so that you can continue your vaccine research – as we should never stop learning.

I kindly and gently ask a question (4/2/2019)
Tay's Way is running some vaccination seminars. I was concerned about balance.

[Sent through a form on the web site because no email address was available]

Making Informed Choices

Will there be any medical vaccination experts or immunologists presenting at this event, or just anti-vaccination propaganda? I ask because the promotional material says "It will be a completely referenced and thorough presentation showcasing the latest science and medical literature".

Thank you

The response was, as expected, not really a response at all.

Where did you come up with "anti-vaccination propaganda" as that is not what is listed on the promotional material at all? You're welcome to purchase a ticket, that way you will be able to find out for yourself first hand what this workshop is about.


As Ms Winterstein doesn't know what the word "propaganda" means further correspondence would be pointless.

More from poTAYto (16/11/2019)
Back in February I mentioned that a Tay Winterstein, famous across the world as the handbag for a professional footballer who can't get a job playing football in Australia, was running a scam to extract money from gullible people. One of the places where she peddled her anti-vaccination lies was Samoa, which is currently in the midst of a measles epidemic that has resulted in the deaths of several children. It almost goes without saying that she is denying any responsibility (or even concern) and anyone who suggests that she might take a look at the consequences of her actions is quickly blocked and their comments deleted.

She claims to be part of a "movement" that is going to change the world, and this movement does not take negativism lightly. (She has probably read The Secret and believes what it says.) She decided to make her position clear.

Have I mentioned that a few weeks ago she said she was leaving all social media immediately and wouldn't be coming back? I guess she made an exception for Facebook. Or maybe she hadn't told enough lies that week and needed to get to her quota.

I thought I'd make a Kind & Gentle reply to that in a humorous fashion, so I posted the following response to that message:

When I summon myself you'll know all about it. There will be smoke and the smell of sulphur and music by Modest Mussorgsky. (Nobody ever called ME modest!)

And added a link to this excellent video.

No, I won't tell you the name of the film where this appeared.

Obviously my attempt at humour was too subtle (or maybe neither Tay nor any members of her "fam" recognised the source of the video or possibly even the music in it) so my comment was soon deleted, along with anything else even mildly critical of Tay and her activities. Any mention of Samoa and measles brought very swift action.

So there you have it – no amount of positive thinking can survive even the smallest fragment of negativity. It must be very scary to have to live your life in a bubble of praise, frightened that the tiniest flaw in the bubble will destroy you.

Oh, and while I usually don't approve of making fun of people's names (you can see an expert working on my name here, but they just made me laugh), I'm just following a long tradition going back to when she first appeared of calling her poTAYto. I don't know if it upsets her, but she probably stays well away from anywhere where she might see it. Those places are all outside the bubble.

And while we're here – Tay has said several times how much she hates censorship. Of course she does, but only when done by other people. That's what bubbles are for.

And is she feeling even the least bit sorry about the epidemic in Samoa, which has caused the government there to declare a state of emergency? I'll leave you to judge for yourself.

Some more good news (7/12/2019)
High-profile celebrities can often help a good cause, just as high-profile celebrities can do a lot of damage. The difference between the two groups could not be made clearer than by the news this week that the nurse who recently won the Miss Pacific Islands beauty contest, Fonoifafo Nancy McFarland-Seumanu, has put her official pageant winner's duties on hold for a while and will be spending her time administering vaccines across the country. Meanwhile total waste of oxygen Taylor Winterstein is spewing out more lies about vaccines and measles every day.

A friend of mine made a meme about this.

And one last thing (24/7/2021)
Unfortunately we can't seem to get rid of anti-vaccination liar Taylor Winterstein. She took off to France for a while because her husband was moving his professional football career there. It seems that the footballing career fell through and they have been back in Australia for some time, grifting for money from gullible donors and running seminars on relationships that look a lot like monogamous orgies (that's the sort of orgy where pairs of participants don't change partners).

Tay is of course opposed to anything that anyone can do to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, and she took part in an illegal gathering to protest against masks, lockdowns, vaccines and anything else she could think of. She even posted a picture on social media of her and her husband defying the law.

$1,000 fine. Each. She videoed the cops telling her about the fine and lied about telling them to go away. But lying is what she does for a living.

At the same protest a clown was photographed (and videoed by news cameramen) taking a swing at a police horse. The police were not amused. The version from the liar community was that he was just protecting himself from the horse, but news coverage from a helicopter showed that he had plenty of room behind him to get away from the horse. He was arrested.

Oh, and just to increase the lie count, Tay posted a photo to Instagram showing the enormous crowd that turned out for the protest. It would have been more convincing if it hadn't been a photo taken at the Black Lives Matter gathering earlier in the year. But liars just have to keep lying to meet their quotas.

But she doesn't like fake news. No, sireee!!!


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