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Tim O'Ranter

Tim Bolen, spokesrectum for medical quacks, sends out an occasional email newsletter to "millions of health freedom fighters". These messages are a form of condensed mouth-foam and are usually quite entertaining. There was a rumour once that one of them contained something which was actually true, but it only turned out to be the publication date. Supporters of Bolen were able to prove that such a date existed, but this wasn't considered to be a real truth as there is only a limited set of possibilities.

Here are some chapters in the epic story of Patrick Timothy Bolen. (Other insane pieces by Tim can be found here, and here..) Don't forget to put on your raincoat before proceeding. You would not want to get drenched with that mouth foam.

Date: 8 Jul 2003 05:22:52 -0000br>From: "Medical/Dental Groups 2" <>
Subject: The Quackbuster's Newest Scam - "Operation Cure-All"...

The Quackbuster's Newest Scam - "Operation Cure-All"...
Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen
July 7th, 2003

Millions of Health Freedom fighters - Newsletter

I need to make something clear. DO NOT, for a minute, think that the quackpot soldiers you see, like Stephen Barrett, and Robert Baratz, are running the whole quackbuster operation. They are not bright enough. They are the ones the quackbuster paymasters want us all to see. They're the front men. They've got their function, but it's only part of the game.

I think the whole "Quackbuster"conspiracy, and I have documents that back up my thinking, is being run out of a conference room at a pharmaceutical advertising agency in New York City. It's there that all the decisions, and plans are made, about where to focus the campaign, who to attack, and what cards to play in each attack. It's there that the checks are written.

Want some proof? It's coming. I'm working with P. J. (Joe) Lisa to re-publish his 1995 book "Assault on Medical Freedom." The new book will have, some changes, and four new chapters, bringing the conspiracy up to date. The information Joe, I, and some others are gathering, although for the book, will be also for delivery to Attorney General John Ashcroft and some others. Joe Lisa has thousands of pages of documents. We think there's enough for a Justice Department RICO (racketeering) complaint.

The quackbuster operation in North America is simply a scam devised around the time the American Medical Association lost a Federal Court Case to the Chiropractors in 1987. It's function is to eliminate, suppress, or hamper with, anything that competes with the sale of drugs and surgery. It's here to make sure that "treatment," rather than "prevention," or "a cure," stays the "standard of care" in North American Health Care.

The quackbusters have shifted focus. Today, I'm going to tell you what the new focus is, how it's being organized and run, and who has, and is going to be attacked, and why. In another newsletter I'm going to tell you how we, in the North American Health Freedom Movement are going to crush it.

For them, it's all about pharmaceuticals controlling the North American Health market. For us, it's about getting real health care, right now.

For years, quackbusting centered around the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) operation. State Medical Board Members, Prosecutors, Investigators, Management, etc., were propagandized to believe that anything new in health care that wasn't drugs, or surgery, oriented, was health fraud. Their assignment, should they choose to take it (and not many of them did), was to terrorize MDs who embraced new things, and to attack non-MDs with "practicing medicine without a license."

But the North American Health Freedom Movement woke up one morning and decided to kick the crap out of them. Health Freedom Bills, defenses of practitioners, exposes, you-name-it tactics, all began to work. EVERYTHING we did worked very well. We're winning everywhere.

The focus has been shifted since the quackbuster paymasters discovered that (1) Barrett, and company, just can't deliver the goods, anymore. And (2) Robert Baratz, the current President of the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF). who was brought up from the minor leagues with high hopes, is turning out to be an amusing (for us) embarrassment (for them).

Now, the quackbusters are using the FTC/FDA "Operation Cure-All" as their platform. Herein, I'll detail how I think they're doing it. In another newsletter I'll tell you how simple it will be to thwart them - one more time.

What's this "Operation Cure-All" thing?
Upper management at the FTC and the FDA think they put this plan together to stop internet health fraud. I'm sure they had the best of intentions. But don't be fooled, it's a quackbuster operation. Not one run by the stooges, like Barrett, or Baratz, or Sampson, this is an exercise of the REAL quackbusters - those funding the whole anti-health care, preserve the drug/surgery status quo, operation. The whole plan was, no doubt, written in the back room of a pharmaceutical advertising agency, for a fee that would stagger the imagination. It reeks of big Pharma thinking. Barrett, et al, are Keystone Kops in this venue.

Timothy Muris, at the FTC, and Mark McClellan, at FDA, are the targets of a drug company funded scam to use their agencies to kill off upstart competitors of the drug industry. So far, they're unaware of this - so let's fix that.

The majority of employees of the FTC, FDA and Operation Cure-All apparently don't know, either, they are being USED to attack the very upstart competition the drug companies fear the most - supplements (that keep people healthy - so they don't need drug "treatment"), electro-medicine (that replaces drugs, without side effects), chelation (detoxification eliminates need for drugs), natural antibiotics (Like Colloidal Silver, Frankincense, Oregano Oil), and scientists and authors (like Hulda Regehr Clark PhD, Naturopath) who advocate a change in the way America delivers health care.

What we'll probably have to do is to get a RICO/Civil rights, and Conspiracy to Violate Civil Rights, action, going against those controlling and manipulating it, and those FTC, FDA, and Operation Cure-All employees involved in the scam. We'll need to get Attorney General John Ashcroft involved in this, as well as FDA Internal Affairs, and the Inspector General at the FTC.

[Hey, Tim. Will that be like the "RICO/Civil Rights, and Conspiracy to Violate Civil Rights action" that you took against me and others recently. You know the one I mean. The one where the great lawyer requested a dismissal, even though he is not honest enough to publish that fact on his web site. Remember that suit? If you don't you can read about it here, and relive the fun of losing here.]

 So, what's "Operation Cure-All" up to? You can go to the self-promoting website "://" and read the sanctimonious words:

"Operation Cure-All"Wages New Battle in Ongoing War Against Internet Health Fraud
FTC, FDA and other law enforcement agencies move to stop Internet scams for supplements and other products that purport to cure cancer, HIV/AIDS and countless other life-threatening diseases. FTC also warns of risks associated with some supplements, including drug interactions."

Sounds good, but the worm in the apple is that the definition of "health fraud" is the one written in a conference room of a pharmaceutical advertising agency. They might as well have come out openly, and said "if it competes with big Pharma, it's health fraud, and we're against it."

The other REALLY bad thing about the FTC and the FDA is the huge amount of INTERNAL influence big pharma has on FTC and FDA thinking. When Dwight Eisenhower left the Presidency, one of the last things he did was to stop the revolving door between the Defense Department and Defense contractors. That has to happen with the FTC/FDA and big pharma - right now. Before America dies of a drug overdose.

Here's how the scam works...
Fact #1: The FTC/FDA system requires that claims about products must be based on "scientific proof." In translation, that means that every claim, or suggested claim, must be double-blind studied in 30 to 50 cities (usually on the inner city poor), and the "studies" will cost somewhere between 200 to 400 million dollars each. Since herbals, and natural supplements, can't be patented, the FTC/FDA system has effectively given big Pharma a monopoly on approvals - since only big Pharma can afford the testing procedure.

Gee, I wonder how that happened? Sarcasm intended.

Fact #2: The FTC won't allow "testimonials." To them, someone saying "I, and 300 of my friends did this thing, and all of us were cured of cancer, and here's our medical records to prove it," is inadequate information. The reality of a "cure" is not in their vocabulary. It's still "unproven," and, according to them, you can't tell anyone about it. Saving lives, by passing around information, is to them, a criminal act.

The FTC/FDA' Operation Cure-All, doesn't want anything to do with reality. It gets in the way.

So, when big Pharma sees that somebody is cutting a little too deep into, or just threatening the future of, their drug market, checks are written, and a meeting takes place in New York City. There a plan (a standard format plan) is made. And the execution begins on Monday.

Here's how they do it.

The quackbusters decide who they're going to hit. The advertising agency (which controls major drug advertising placement) writes up the stories that are going to be distributed to their "letter writing brigade." The letter writers, following the guidelines, then write to the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All, to set a basis for the complaint. Then the ad agency writes stories, getting quotes from the likes of Barrett, Baratz, etc., on the victim. The stories are sent out to the media in which the advertising agency's drug clients advertise. The stories are printed in the media as though they were true.

Once the stories hit the press, a second wave of letters goes out to the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All, to put pressure on upper management to act. Then more media is generated, this time with quotes from the quackbuster insider FTC employees to make it sound official that the FTC is interested. Once this happens, letters and phone calls go out from supposedly "irate consumers (quackbusters)," once again to the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All upper management, demanding to know why they aren't doing something.

Then, letters and phone calls go out from supposedly "irate consumers (quackbusters)" to certain members of Congress demanding to know why the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All, aren't doing something.

Within days, upper management of the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All, are deluged with questions from more media, and Congress. They see the issue as important, and act against the victim - even if their is little or no evidence.

After this, some poor bastard is fighting for his life, while the plotters pop open a case of $1,000 a bottle champagne, congratulating themselves for another hit against their competitor.... And, more checks are written.

This is, I believe, how the attack was organized against the Rife equipment manufacturers, Bob Barefoot Coral Calcium, SeaSilver, the Colloidal Silver proponents, etc... I have good reason to believe that EVERY ONE of the Operation Cure-All targets, right from the beginning, was arranged this way.

For a sample of how it's done, click here for the petition, and here for the signers where the quackpots were attempting to stop the whole science of Homeopathy. They failed... So, why this new assault? Because the quackbusters are, basically, floundering. The old plan wasn't working.

[Floundering, Tim? They are behaving like fish? You, on the other hand, are foundering.]

Why are the quackbusters floundering?
The quackbuster operation in North America is floundering for a number of reasons.

The number (1) reason is that the quackbusters underestimated the intelligence of the North American health consumer. Those consumers don't trust conventional medicine, anymore. Americans can sense when they are being lied to.

(2) Americans have discovered "health," and they've worked out for themselves that "health" and "medicine" aren't the same thing.

(3) Americans have worked out that that expensive "health plan" is a big waste of money - because all it pays for is "medicine." It doesn't pay for "health care." Insurance companies, and the US Government have caught on - and are adding new billing codes (ABC Codes) to deal with reality and demand. The American consumer, right now, is buying "health" out of their discretionary income - and the total amount of that is more than half of the total US health dollar.

(4) The North American Health Freedom Movement is kicking the crap out of the quackbusters whenever, and wherever, they meet on a battlefield.

(5) The whole idea of restricting American's health care offering to drugs and surgery is un-American. Even conventional MDs are getting fed up with the idea that "nothing new should be used in medicine unless it's been approved by a failed MD working out of his basement in Pennsylvania."

(6) The people of New York State are waking up to the fact that right there, in their midst, is a cesspool of quackbuster activity. Not only New York City, but Buffalo. Plans are being made. Targets are being selected.

[Buffalo? Is this CSICOP he is dreaming about? I must call them using my secret encoder ring and warn them.]

(7) In the end, GOOD always triumphs over EVIL. We, in the North American Health Freedom Movement, need to destroy the quackbuster operation. For, Americans are suffering and dying. Nobody is going to fix this problem but us. We are the ones who understand what's happening. We also know what to do, and how to do it. So, let's do it.

Stay tuned...

Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate

Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 11:23:44 -0700
From: Tim Bolen <>
Subject: Quackpot Baratz goes on trial in Wisconsin July 14th, 2003...
To: "Quackbusters@yahoogroups. Com"

Quackpot Baratz goes on trial in Wisconsin July 14th, 2003...
Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen
June 28th, 2003

It won't be long now...

Soon we'll get to see the President of the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) crying his eyes out in a courtroom again. Whimpering, and stuttering, his way through "expert testimony" (I have a video tape) last October 2002 in Wisconsin, Robert S. Baratz MD, DDS. PhD., broke into crocodile tears, snuffling out "I was a paper boy at eight and a half years old. Then I was a boy scout (sniff, sniff). Then I got the order of the arrow (snuffle, snort)," Baratz did everything but wet his pants when confronted about his expertise, and his credibility.

Baratz, who can't seem to hold a job, has been trying to make a living as an "expert witness." Most days he runs a hair removal salon. His testifying skills are pathetic, and he's been hammered in court. He rambled on so badly, and so pointlessly, for so many days, in the Wisconsin (Kadile) case that the Judge refused to let him continue oral testimony, and sent him home to WRITE DOWN his testimony.

Honest to God. Go ahead and laugh... No wonder he can't hold a job.

It Gets Funnier...
About a week ago, finally, Baratz submitted 187 pages of written testimony. He took SEVEN MONTHS to write 187 pages of double spaced "testimony." Last January, Wisconsin DORL prosecutor Arthur Thexton had to fly to Massachusetts to help Baratz construct his testimony. From 7:00 am until 7:00 pm, in Baratz's attic, Thexton "interviewed" Baratz, in the presence of a court reporter. Baratz was so bad at answering the questions that Thexton kept ordering the court reporter to "strike that" and would then tell Baratz the answer he wanted to hear. Can you imagine how many "revisions" the Baratz/Thexton dynamic duo did of that 187 pages between January and July? Testimony?

The court reporter was so appalled at this handling of "testimony" that she wouldn't certify the document. You can bet the court reporter is being subpoenaed...

The attorney for Kadile in the Wisconsin case, Frank Recker, is prepared. He's had the use of a Private Investigator, expert researchers, competent Doctors and Scientists, other attorneys who have defeated Baratz, other cases and depositions, mental health professionals, and MY files. On July 14th, 15th, and 16th, little Bobbie gets cross-examined ONLY on his credibility. Believe me, his mental health will be an issue.

Baratz is dead meat. Law enforcement will be in the audience, Fraud and Perjury will be in the air. And I, Tim Bolen, and our strategy team, will be sitting right next to Frank Recker, handing him notes.

If this were a screenplay, I'd be inserting the ratcheting sound of stainless-steel handcuffs, right about now. We'll be making a video tape - and the public is welcome. 1400 East Washington (DORL headquarters), Madison, WA. There will be a lot of people there to see this, including TV.

Bobbie Will Try Tricks...
A couple years back, in a Florida courthouse, little Bobbie, just before it was his turn to testify, went down to the sheriff's station and complained that he was " terrified for his life." He got a cordon of seven sheriff's deputies to accompany him to the courtroom, where they then questioned members of the audience. The audience was amused. Baratz was particularly interested in getting me, Tim Bolen, out of the building, since I was there to advise the attorney on Baratz and his games. It didn't work - I stayed. So did the audience.

Six minutes into Bobbie's cross-examination he began to twitch. Ten minutes into it, he was fidgeting. Thirteen minutes into it, and he changed colors rapidly.

At fifteen minutes, his pores erupted. And, at eighteen minutes he fled the room. I guess Bobbie was uncomfortable with the questions I provided the attorney.

Wisconsin is going to be fun. There's going to be three days of Bobbie on the stand, answering questions about his credibility on video tape.

I'd say there's a 50/50 chance Bobbie will run... That's the way quackbusters are. And, Bobbie is the best they have...

Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate

Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 21:24:14 -0700
From: Tim Bolen <>
Subject: Quackpot Barrett Crushed in Federal Court - Again...
To: Millions of Health Freedom Fighters - Newsletter

Quackpot Barrett Crushed in Federal Court - Again...
Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen
June 25th, 2003

Some people never learn. Stephen Barrett ( seems to be one of those.

Despite loss after loss, and humiliation on top of humiliation, self styled "quackbuster" Stephen Barrett trudges on to the next embarrassment.

Like a bug in the fast lane, Barrett is doomed to be wiped off the windshield of the North American Health Freedom Movement time after time, I guess.

This time, Barrett, apparently stung from defeats in other arenas, and perhaps trying to reclaim some dignity from a world becoming accustomed to laughing at his anti-health antics, sued the attorney, Carlos Negrete, he's come to associate with his steady downfall in the politics of health care.

I'm not sure what the subject of Barrett's suit against Negrete in Federal Court in San Diego was all about. Barrett submits volumes of whiney material in his court actions, none of which, to me, seems to be acquainted with reality. But what I do know, is that Barrett used as his own attorney, one Morse Mehrban, listed as the general counsel of the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF). It was Mehrban who was quoted in the LA Law Journal as saying "I consider suicide daily."

"Suicide daily?"

Negrete flattened them both - without breaking a sweat. Another victory for GOOD, in the battle against EVIL.

Of course, Barrett also sued, in the same lawsuit, world renowned health-humanitarian Hulda Regehr Clark PhD, N.D. Barrett can't seem to talk, or write, these days, without bringing up Clark's name in some way. So, I'm not surprised he put Clark's name in the lawsuit. He describes her as "Unlicensed Naturopath Hulda Clark," in his writing. His hatred and resentment of her accomplishments, compared to his, are obvious. He lost to Clark, too...

Barrett had to allegedly "retire" from the medical profession, giving up his license in 1993, when he was in his mid-50's. He admits that he didn't have enough medical practice income in 1993 to even pay the required malpractice insurance premiums. Barrett, who claims to be a retired Psychiatrist, was forced to admit in court documents (forced by Negrete) that he only had nine patients all year, each year, for several years, before he supposedly "retired." Psychiatrists get their patients from referrals from other MDs. Doctors in the LeHigh Valley of Pennsylvania just weren't sending him any business. Anybody wonder why?

And now Barrett is failing as a "quackbuster."

By the way - Barrett lost in an anti-SLAPP motion, which means he gets to pay Negrete, and Clark's, attorney fees...

Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate

This "Millions of Health Freedom Fighters - Newsletter" is about the battle between "Health and Medicine" on Planet Earth. Tim Bolen is an op/ed writer with extensive knowledge of the activities of a subversive organization calling itself the "quackbusters," and that organization's attempts to suppress, and discredit, any, and all health modalities that compete with the allopathic (MD) paradigm for consumer health dollars. The focus of the newsletter is on the ongoing activities, battles, politics, and the victories won by members of the "Health Freedom Movement" against the "quackbusters" It details "who the quackbusters are, what they are, where they are operating, when they appear, and how they operate - and how easy it is to beat them..."

And here's what Tim has to say when someone objects to being added to the "millions of health freedom fighters" who receive Bolen's bilge (more about this can be found in Google Groups):

Subject: RE: [Fwd: Millions of Health Freedom Fighters - Newsletter message]
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 11:32:55 -0800

Mr. Holland:

Let it make it clear to you that the attached communication, by you, is legal evidence of YOU intending damage against my business. I am operating according to the laws of the State of California. You have filed a FALSE complaint against me. You have also defamed me with these agencies.

Unless you take action IMMEDIATELY to correct that situation YOU WILL BE SUED in California. Should any person or entity, because of your communication cause me the least bit of effort - YOU will be sued.

Make it easy for me, and send your address for legal service, by return e-mail. I will see that you get a certified letter detailing my intent.

Tim Bolen

From: "Tim Bolen" <>
To: "Quackbusters@yahoogroups. Com"
Subject: California Appeals Court BLUDGEONS Quackbusters...
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 13:19:29 -0700

California Appeals Court BLUDGEONS Quackbusters...
Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen
April 23, 2003

A California Appeals Court, yesterday, April 22, 2003, bludgeoned the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF), and their whole argument about what constitutes good and bad health care. The quackbuster's operating theme, the argument they use against alternative proponents, came under a major American Court's scrutiny. The Court, basically, in their decision, said the the quackbuster's arguments were hogwash, and they had no business meddling in California's system.

The Court also declared that top quackbusters Stephen Barrett (, and Wallace Sampson MD (Scientific Review of Alternative and Aberrant Medicine) "were found to be biased and unworthy of credibility."

The quackbusters lost in a PUBLISHED case. The quackbuster premise failed. Not some of it, not most of it - but all of it. The "quackbuster" measuring stick for how to evaluate health care has been completely discredited. Official quackbuster credibility is now ZERO.

In a minute I'm going to give you a link to the Appeals Court decision. But first let me give you a road map.

Here's what happened...

The quackbuster's flagship, the self-proclaimed National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) decided, one day, to sue about 43 "Alternative Medicine proponents" in California, basically claiming that all of them were engaging in health fraud "because what they were doing wasn't scientifically proven."

Their argument was that "the defendant has to PROVE their products work, or it's health fraud."

California was the wrong place for them to try this stunt. Here, health freedom bills tend to pass through the legislature UNANIMOUSLY. We like to be healthy. It's our life style.

The very first case that came to trial was called NCAHF vs, King Bio (a manufacturer of about 50 homeopathic products). The NCAHF lost badly. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Haley Fromholz wrote a long decision, virtually battering the quackbusters for wasting the court's time with their silly case. The quackbusters had accused King Bio of false advertising. At issue was the credibility of the NCAHF's witnesses, Stephen Barrett, and Wallace Sampson MD. The Judge thrashed their arguments. You can read the Judge's words in this original case decision by clicking here. You can find out who King Bio is by going to their website

The NCAHF appealed. And, boy did it cost them. You need to read the decision. It is written in plain language, not legalese, and is clearly understandable. Read the footnotes also. Pass this around to anyone under attack by the quackbusters. Their attorneys will love this precedent setting case.

To me one of the more important statements is the last footnote in the Appeal Court's decision, for it attacks the whole quackbuster operation It says, "The trial court concluded NCAHF failed to prove a false or misleading statement. King Bio's expert testified the products were safe and effective. The products were included in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia and complied with FDA guidelines. NCAHF presented no evidence that King Bio's products were not safe and effective, relying instead on a general attack on homeopathy, made by witnesses who had no knowledge of, or experience with, King Bio's products, and who were found to be biased and unworthy of credibility."

But more occurred. "At trial, NCAHF proceeded on the theory that there is no scientific basis for the advertised efficacy of King Bio's products. NCAHF performed no tests to determine the efficacy of King Bio's products and presented no anecdotal evidence. NCAHF instead argued that King Bio's products were drugs, and the scientific community required representations regarding the efficacy of drugs to be supported by acceptable scientific evidence. NCAHF asserted that the burden of proof should be shifted to King Bio to prove its products' efficacy. On appeal, NCAHF acknowledges that, under current California law, a false advertising plaintiff bears the burden of proving the defendant's advertising claim is false or misleading. NCAHF contends, however, that we should shift the burden of proof to the defendant to facilitate the campaign against health fraud. NCAHF argues that federal law shifts the burden to the defendant in false advertising actions."

In response to the NCAHF's demands, the Court said: "We conclude there is no basis in California law to shift the burden of proof to a defendant in a representative false advertising and unlawful competition action. We conclude further that the Legislature has indicated an intent to place the burden of proof on the plaintiff in such cases. Finally, we conclude federal authority is not apposite."

[You can see my comment about this ludicrous case here. Note that the insane judge has ruled that there is no such thing as false advertising in California. Anyone can say whatever they want in an advertisement and it is up to other people to prove that things are not as claimed. This is freedom for criminals, not freedom for consumers, but as Bolen is in favour of criminals being able to do anything to their victims without any possibility of retribution, I can see why he likes it. PB] (If you don't like me calling you a liar and a scumbag, Tim, feel free to sue me.)

What this means to the North American Health Freedom Movement...

This is a PUBLISHED case. It is PRECEDENT setting. It can (and should) be used in any case in the US where quackbusters are involved. The quackbusters have been court tested - and they lost. Their whole argument against alternative medicine has been thrown in the trash. Their credibility is zero.

The case was handled, on our side, by famous California litigator, Carlos Negrete. You can read his comments on the case at

[This is the same Carlos Negrete who has forgotten so much of the law he learned in school that he felt compelled to refer to me as a "bottom feeding parasite" when discussing a law suit against me. PB]

You can read the whole case decision by clicking here.

What I want to know is "Who funded the quackbuster's lawsuits?"

My advice to you: If you are the subject of derogatory remarks on top quackbuster Stephen Barrett's website, or Robert Baratz's website, you might want to consider showing this newsletter, and the court decision papers, to your attorney. This might be a good time for your attorney to send them a letter pointing out their new legal problems - and demanding removal of the information from their website within 24 hours... Your attorney might want to ask for compensation...

Stay tuned...
Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate

[My advice to anyone getting a threat from Bolen of his lawyer is to laugh heartily and tell them to copulate somewhere else.]

From: "Tim Bolen"
To: "Millions of Health Freedom Fighters - Newsletter"
Subject: Hell Hath No Fury Like a Quackbuster Scorned...
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2003 20:24:37 -0800

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Quackbuster Scorned...

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

March 22, 2003

It's tough being a quackbuster these days. They get no respect. Why should they?

The North American public has identified the true intent of the stumbling, bumbling mini-cult that years ago, pompously paraded itself across North America as "The Quackbusters." Now, most places, they're a joke. And, they don't seem to like that...

North American health care is in disarray. The drugs/surgery paradigm has failed. Conventional health care is rated as the third largest killer of Americans - all by itself. Some think that the only thing that can improve the North American hospital system is a good fire.

I'm one of those. To me there is no excuse for an American going into a hospital for surgery, and then dying of an infection picked up in the Operating Room. Don't surgeons wash their hands anymore? Where do they store their instruments? In a sewer?

Officially, North America is in a health disaster. In Canada, official health care is approved, and administered, by the government. In the U.S., official health care is approved, and administered, by Medicare and medical insurance - which means that North Americans "officially" are restricted to 10 to 15 year old medical offerings.

That doesn't sit well with Americans, and action is being taken across the continent to fix that problem. What's happening is a natural thing for Americans. They're deciding on their own, what's good and bad in health care. And, the decisions they make are driving a new industry into the forefront - the "Health Industry." So, unofficially, or outside the system, we're doing fine.

Don't misconstrue the "Health Industry" as a spin-off of the old drugs/surgery paradigm. It is completely different - typically American - and is driving the drugs/surgery mendicants into panic mode. And, it should...

What's really happening is that a specific difference is appearing between the new "Health" paradigm and the old "Medicine." The new "Health" proponents want to make you, and keep you, healthy. If something is wrong with you, then you find the cause, get rid of it, restore your health, and go on to bigger and better things. Typical American thinking.

"Medicine," however, is an entirely different story. It's a story of mega-greed, sleaze, predatory acts, payoffs, backroom deals, manipulations - and suffering and death for it's victims. One of those victim groups are American Seniors, who have been convinced that they need to have an average 18 prescription drugs in their bodies, at any one time. Another are American children who are ruthlessly injected with poisonous vaccines now, at birth, and then if the survive that, they can look forward to "the school nurse" jamming them on Ritalin, etc., if they giggle in class once too often. A drug-dependent society. They don't want to "cure" you, they want to "treat" you - endlessly.

Nope. Not for Americans. We've got better things to do.

And this action on the part of Americans, of course, upsets the quackbusters. In their minds, we're supposed to do what we're told. After all, doesn't Stephen Barrett tell us all how to properly think, on his website How dare we defy him?

Insert rude noise here...

If you're not up to speed on who these quackbusters actually are - then click on this "Who are these quackbusters?..." and all will be revealed.


A couple years back, top quackbuster propagandist Stephen Barrett, a failed MD who describes himself as "a retired Psychiatrist," took it upon himself to attack the age-old Chiropractic profession. He began to talk as though he knew something about it - drawing, I guess, on his life experiences as a part-time MD, full-time quackpot.

Barrett, particularly took in interest in one Tedd Koren, a well known Chiropractic advocate, author, and seminar leader. Barrett, of course, did the usual "sliming" of Koren on his dubious website But more. When Koren was unimpressed with Barrett's churlish sliming, Barrett, apparently then contacted an ally of his in the offices of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Then the fun began.

The FTC, or at least Barrett's buddy, began to send Koren letters demanding that he (Koren) stop publishing criticisms of vaccines, etc.

Huh? Since when did the FTC acquire the right to tell people what they could, or couldn't, say in America?

The assault against Koren went on for a couple years, and Koren withstood. Then two things changed: (1) Washington attorney, and my friend, Jim Turner, jumped into the fray. (2) The Bush administration began to take a hard look at Federal agencies, and what they were up to.

That combination was the end for Barrett's ally at FTC. FTC dropped the action against Koren, and transferred the offending employee to Federal Siberia. So much for quackbuster influence...

But apparently Barrett was livid that Koren was able to slap down his FTC flunky so easily, and so thoroughly. Now Barrett has filed a suit against Koren. So now, I guess, Tedd Koren, and his attorney Jim Turner, are going to get to slap Barrett himself around.

Barrett's going to get stomped, one more time...

You can find Tedd Koren's ongoing commentary at

Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate

From: "Tim Bolen" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 05:26:25 -0700
Subject: [Quackbusters] Helicopter Gunships are Inappropriate at a Medical Board Meeting...

Helicopter Gunships are Inappropriate at a Medical Board Meeting...

Opinion by consumer advocate Tim Bolen

A large segment of California's general public woke up last Sunday morning to find that their very own Medical Board of California (MBC) seemed to be "suddenly" under investigation by both houses of the State Legislature, and the Governor's office, with the intention of forcing them to clean up their act. The Orange County Register, California's third largest newspaper, on that date, began the first of a series, dedicated to exposing the sheer corruption, the rank incompetence, and the bumbling pompous-ass-ity of the Medical Board of California (MBC).

The truth is, there was no "suddenly." Elements of the Health Freedom Movement have been working on this problem, literally, for years. It just, finally, came together. The Register is only documenting our concerns - and they've ONLY BEGUN to do that - as we, in the Health Freedom Movement, have only just begun to unfold the problem, and present it for solution. To read the Register articles (there are now ten articles), go to and press the "search" button. In the title bar, type in the words "medical board."

For years, we've tried to get the MBC to revise it's operation, and do the right thing for the people of California. The MBC staff consciously, and intentionally, blocked our efforts to identify, and resolve problems. When we tried to tell the appointed Board Members about the problems, they, the staff, LITERALLY, threatened ARREST of our people at public meetings, if we spoke to the board during the public comments period. To reinforce their orders, the MBC staff lined the walls with nightstick-wielding, HEAVILY ARMED State Police Officers - there for the express purpose of stopping us from speaking to the Board members on subjects the MBC staff didn't want entered into the public record. They simply didn't want members of the Health Freedom Movement to record the fact that they, the MBC staff, were the REAL problem. The message, with all those cops present, was clear - "Speak out here, and you'll be arrested..."

At one MBC meeting in San Francisco a while back, the MBC actually employed a police "Command Center," with all that implies, supposedly to deal with our "unruly mob."

In case you're unfamiliar with the police "Command Center" concept, I'll explain it to you. "Command Centers" are activated during times of riot, or civil insurrection. "Command Centers" are used for major events (like the Pasadena New Years Rose Parade, the Winter Olympics, or the Super Bowl) where special kinds of problems need to be dealt with. They are a SERIOUS THING. "Command Centers" can, by simply picking up "the red phone," call in National Guard Riot Troops, SWAT teams, and military assistance - including helicopter gunships.

Helicopter gunships? For a Medical Board of California meeting?


So, of course, we INSTEAD went to the Legislature, the Governor, the State Auditor, and the media. And, here we are.

The Legislature, overwhelmed with citizen complaints, has been holding "Sunset Review" hearings on the status of the MBC. "Sunset Review" is a process whereby the Legislature evaluates the performance of an agency, and decides it's future. The review committee, appalled with the tenor of recent complaints about the MBC, has scheduled another hearing date on May 1, 2002. So far they've only seen the tip of the iceberg...

I love it when a plan comes together. Stay tuned...

Tim Bolen Consumer Advocate

From: "Tim Bolen" <>
To: "Millions of Health Freedom Fighters - Newsletter" <>
Subject: The Medical Board of California (MBC) is in BIG trouble...
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 11:04:32 -0700

The Medical Board of California (MBC) is in BIG trouble...

Opinion by consumer advocate Tim Bolen

Health Freedom activists are once again joining forces with State Legislators to solve a problem. This time it's the Medical Board of California (MBC). California is the fifth largest stand-alone economy in the world. We here, want first rate health care - and we want it right now - and we'll do what it takes to get it.

In California, there is a formula you can use to compute the IQ of a Medical Board Investigator. Take their sleeve length, add it to their neck size - then, deduct one point for every bullet they carry on their person. They say that in Southern California, there is one woman Investigator who has a calculated IQ of -34. Her 9mm Berretta has a fifteen shot clip - and she has four more loaded clips in her purse. I guess the idea is that if she should come upon some MD giving out vitamins, or nutritional advice to a family, she can deal with the situation right away...

Firing off seventy-five (75) rounds of 9mm 187 grain copper-jackets in a waiting room of a medical clinic ought to get those lawbreakers attention. I'm sure glad to know, frankly, that Medical Board of California Investigators are required to have the FULL six weeks of police science training at their local Community College to qualify for the job. Otherwise, I'd be worried. Sarcasm intended.

Of course, the training for the Investigative staff doesn't stop at the community college. I mean, after all, running down errant MDs has to be a very specialized investigative process. Those investigators obviously must have more training - and that training is provided on the job. There are training manuals, operations manuals, etc. There are people to call for advice. No one, of course, outside of the Investigative staff is allowed to SEE those manuals, or critique them. The information, and the process, provided to those "Investigators" is secret.

And there's the rub...

The Orange County Register, California's third largest newspaper has begun an "expose" of the MBC. They are not only getting the help of the Health Freedom Movement, but the help of California's MAJOR legislators of BOTH political parties, and the Governor. I predict dire consequences for the MBC. And, it's about time. Legislators are demanding not only a legislative inquiry, but are asking the State Auditor to step in. The State Auditor has police power over state agencies - and are not kindly towards errant employees. I've put the Register's web address down at the bottom of this article, so you can read those articles.

It was only a few months ago, here in California, when Health Freedom leaders joined with State legislators, and Governor Gray Davis, to throw the entire appointed membership of the California Dental Board out on the street, for their arrogant refusal to issue adequate warnings about mercury amalgams. We, here in California, are not going to put up with any more crap.

Now, we are focused on the Medical Board. It is not a time to be nice.

This time, though, we are not interested in the appointed members. The STAFF IS THE PROBLEM. Personally, I'm for firing everyone in the building - fumigating the place - and starting over completely. We've told them, and told them, and told them.. They simply didn't listen.

It's not the first time the MBC has been officially investigated. Previous Governor Pete Wilson called in the California Highway Patrol (CHP) during his administration to investigate board problems. The CHP actually raided the board, seized records, and wrote an eight-and-one-half inch thick report SCALDING the board's operation.

Apparently MBC management didn't get the message. I PROMISE THEY'LL GET IT THIS TIME.


A lot. In short, the "bad" doctors aren't being disciplined, and the "good" doctors are. The California public is getting very angry about this. Every year, in California, about 10,000 complaints against MDs are taken in at the MBC. After processing, about 500 go to the "Task Force" for the next step - "Accusation." It is the decision process itself, that leads to "accusation," that creates the problem. (1) The decision process is a total SECRET. The board won't tell anyone who makes the decisions, what the parameters are, what the steps are, etc. (2) There is evidence of inappropriate "outside influence" on decision makers. (3) There is reason to believe that there is "profiling" going on of who gets prosecuted, and who doesn't. (4) There appears to be way too much influence on staff activities from the notorious Federation of States Medical Board (FSMB) questionable policy directives. (5) The "mushrooming" of appointed Board members. Board members are not involved in, and information is withheld from them about, the disciplinary process itself, and cases within the process, until the very last step - and then only to rubber stamp staff decisions.

Over the last few years I've watched the MBC staff do what I call the "control dance." To me, they tried to diminish the effect public complaint was having on the board members. It's been clear the staff didn't want citizen input. I got tired of the staff bringing the biggest cops they could find to "guard" the board against citizens expressing their views. That was done to intimidate us - and to create the false impression that the Health Freedom Movement was somehow dangerous. So, for me, the answer is simple. It is time to get an MBC staff that treats Californians with respect.

To read the Register articles (there are now three), go to and press the "search" button. In the title bar, type in the words "medical board."

Tim Bolen Consumer Advocate

This "Millions of Health Freedom Fighters - Newsletter" is about the battle between "Health and Medicine" on Planet Earth. Tim Bolen is an op/ed writer with extensive knowledge of the activities of a subversive organization calling itself the "quackbusters," and that organization's attempts to suppress, and discredit, any, and all health modalities that compete with the allopathic (MD) paradigm for consumer health dollars. The focus of the newsletter is on the ongoing activities, battles, politics, and the victories won by members of the "Health Freedom Movement" against the "quackbusters" It details "who the quackbusters are, what they are, where they are operating, when they appear, and how they operate - and how easy it is to beat them..."

For background information on the "Battle between Health and Medicine" go to:

Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 09:42:54 -0800
From: Grinnen Barrett <>
Subject: California Judge Lambastes Quackpots...
To: Millions of Health Freedom Fighters - Newsletter <>

California Judge Lambastes Quackpots...

Opinion by consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Good wins again, in the war against Evil.

Judge Haley Fromholz of the Los Angeles Superior Court (Hill Street) came to work one day last October, 2001 to find a case on his desk called "The National Council Against Health Fraud vs. King Bio Pharmaceuticals." Little did Judge Fromholz know that this case, and his decision in this case, would be driving one more nail into the "quackbuster" coffin. An important nail.

On December 17th, 2001 Judge Fromholz delivered his signed decision in the case. And, he didn't say ANYTHING good about the quackbusters. You can read his decision, word for word, by going to the front page of, and clicking on "A Judge's View of the Quackbusters." I've taken the liberty of highlighting important parts of the Judges's decision in blue.

In fact, after reading this, you'll have to wonder how Barrett can even keep his website up. The sheer PUBLIC humiliation of this judgment would put most people into severe depression. The Judge's words put into correct perspective everything Barrett, and his minions, proclaim. The Judge's words are ABSOLUTELY QUOTABLE.

We're starting out the new year right.

Tim Bolen Consumer Advocate

Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001 12:54:54 -0800
From: Grinnen Barrett <>
Subject: Quackbuster Bobbie Baratz is Hiding Under the Bed...
To: Millions of Health Freedom Fighters - Newsletter <>

Quackbuster Bobbie Baratz is Hiding Under the Bed...

Opinion by consumer advocate Tim Bolen

When it was time to testify in front of the Senate committee on anti-aging a few months ago, Mrs. Baratz's little boy Bobbie rose to his full 4' 9" stature, and pranced and preened his way into the hearing room proclaiming his new appointment as "President and Executive Director of the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF)." He literally had "diarrhea of the mouth" proclaiming his expertise in all things health-wise. THEN, he had a lot to say...

But that was THEN, this is now...

Now, Bobbie is hiding under the bed. It's "deposition" time in California. And, famed California civil litigator Carlos Negrete is beckoning. The NCAHF representative has some things to explain - under oath. And apparently, Bobbie doesn't want to do it. He wants to send somebody else. It's no surprise to me, considering his performance under deposition cross-examination in Florida.

Looks to me like Bobbie, again, has intestinal problems - as in "intestinal fortitude."

The NCAHF, as you may recall, is involved in a few legal actions they can't get out of in California. I'd guess Bobbie may be having second thoughts, right about now, about pushing Stephen Barrett aside as the quackbuster front man.

It's five moves to "checkmate" for the quackbusters. They are exactly where they didn't EVER want to be. The end is nigh.

The quackbusters can't avoid deposition. No judge will allow them to escape. Coming soon - on videotape.

Tim Bolen Consumer Advocate

This "Millions of Health Freedom Fighters - Newsletter" is about the battle between "Health and Medicine" on Planet Earth. Tim Bolen is an op/ed writer with extensive knowledge of the activities of a subversive organization calling itself the "quackbusters," and that organization's attempts to suppress, and discredit, any, and all health modalities that compete with the allopathic (MD) paradigm for consumer health dollars. The focus of the newsletter is on the ongoing activities, battles, politics, and the victories won by members of the "Health Freedom Movement" against the the "quackbusters" It details "who the quackbusters are, what they are, where they are operating, when they appear, and how they operate - and how easy it is to beat them..."

For background information on the "Battle between Health and Medicine" go to:

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Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001 10:25:28 -0800
From: Grinnen Barrett <>
Subject: "Quackbuster" INFIGHTING, for Barrett's Throne, HEATS Up...
To: Millions of Health Freedom Fighters - Newsletter <>

"Quackbuster" INFIGHTING, for Barrett's Throne, HEATS Up...

Opinion by consumer advocate Tim Bolen

December 14th, 2001

There was a day, I'm sure, when NOBODY could have pushed delicensed MD Stephen Barrett ( aside as the undisputed king of the "quackbuster" crazies. But that day is GONE.

Even though the old boy still lives, his stooges are already dividing up his clothes. And, there isn't a thing he can do about it. He's powerless. His hairpiece is askew - and he doesn't even notice.

The fight to succeed Stevie on the QUACKPOT thone is bitter and vicious. The one slightly ahead of the pack is the infamous Bobbie Baratz - the one who made up a life on his resume so he could testify as an "expert witness" on the circuit.

Barrett's "end" has been coming for a long time. For, Barrett has been screwing-up for a long time. He's had one loss after another, after another, etc., for years. Barrett's protection was that he didn't allow anyone close to the throne. He kept the power close. He made sure none of his minions had enough of the picture, enough influence with the rank and file, to challenge him. He managed that by controlling the "quackbuster" communications network -, and the healthfraud discussion list. Anyone who questioned his authority was simply banned from the communications network. A simple and effective control mechanism.

But Barrett DID get challenged - and not from within, but from the Health Freedom Movement. In that confrontation, he's getting mangled; slapped around, bloodied, his face-pushed-in-the-dirt, etc. The whole enchilada.

Because he's getting beat up by very the group that he, and his minions, have so long held in low regard, Barrett is losing face BIG TIME within quackpot ranks. In a rat pack it's not good for "king rat" to get caught out by a junkyard dog. Even if he survives the incident, and bloodily slinks back to the nest, he won't fare well after that. Rats, after all, are rats...

Barrett has found several junkyard dogs. In California, where Barrett had thought to regain his stature by attacking Homeopathy, etc., in a Los Angeles Superior court, he got chewed into hamburger by a no-nonsense Judge. I'm told, "It was a pleasure to observe." Barrett was so unnerved, and LITERALLY shaking, he asked the Judge of he could go home a day early.

And now bloodied, limping back to the rat's nest, Stevie is learning rat reality...


The "quackbuster" paymasters aren't backing Barrett any more. The sent Bobbie Baratz, and Timothy Gorski, to the Senate hearings on anti-aging instead of Stephen Barrett. And, somebody (not one of us) sand-bagged Gorski's appearance by complaining to a Senator that Gorski's resume was puffed up. Sound familiar? The Senator wrote a letter to the Chairman of the committee complaining. Here's the letter:

Dear Mr. Chairman: It has come to my attention that Dr. Timothy N., Gorski, a witness at the Senate Special Committee on Aging's September 10, 2001 hearing on anti-aging products, may have misrepresented his credentials. Specifically, in his written testimony, Dr. Gorski claimed to be an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of North Texas Health Sciences Center (UNTHSC). Dr. Gorski is not currently a member of the UNTHSC faculty, and the University does not appear to have approved his testimony. Since Dr. Gorski was not sworn in, as were witnesses on two previous panels, his misstatement does not constitute perjury, but may be a false statement governed by 18 U.S.C. §1001.

At the very least, the record of the September 10, 2001 hearing should be corrected to accurately reflect the credentials of Dr. Gorski. Additionally, should you decide to refer this matter to a U.S. attorney, I will join you in a bipartisan referral. Thank you for your consideration of this matter. Senator Craig's letter - (September 25, 2001).

Frankly, I suspect Bobbie Baratz did this - thinking Gorski might be a threat to his takeover of the "quackbusters." After all, Baratz's resume itself is FANTASYLAND. Baratz is well aware how much EXPOSURE can damage one...

The knives are out... We'll see who survives. Am I hearing Stevie croak "Et tu Brute'?"

Tim Bolen
JuriMed - Public Relations and Research Group

From: "Tim & Jan Bolen"
To: "Millions of Health Freedom Fighters"
Subject: Homeopath Smashes "Quackpot Menace" in California...
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 17:33:51 -0800

Homeopath Smashes "Quackpot Menace" in California...

Opinion by "Consumer Advocate" Tim Bolen

Failed MD Stephen Barrett ran home to Pennsylvania last Friday with his tail lodged FIRMLY between his legs (so to speak).

In probably his MOST HUMILIATING defeat to date, Barrett and his toadies at the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) were handed an unvarnished, unsophisticated kick in their privates (again, so to speak) by a California Superior Court Judge who had no sympathy, or appreciation, what-so-ever, for Barrett, et al's, claim to "expertise" in what makes up "quackery" in North America.

It was a belly laugh to watch.


Hill Street, in downtown Los Angeles, is the location of the Los Angeles County Main Superior Court. And, I'll bet Stephen Barrett wishes, right now, he'd, not only, never heard of that Superior Court, but had never even set foot in California at all. California has not been good for arrogant Barrett and his band of medical misfits he grandiosely self-labels as "the quackbusters."


Wallace Sampson MD(?) showed up, trying to make it appear that California's Stanford University couldn't function without his presence on the staff - and that he, Wallace Sampson, was Stanford's "leading expert" on Alternative Medicine. As that "expert," Sampson tried to convince the Hill Street Judge that "Homeopathy" was a fraud because he (Wallace Sampson) said so....

Hah, ha, hah, heh, hee, hee, ho, ho, har, har, hargh, hargh, (cough, cough)... etc., etc....

Sampson, who I first heard speak at a Federation of States Medical Board (FSMB) meeting in San Diego in 1997, doesn't come across, to me, as convincing (to say the least). In fact, I'd characterize him as a "weasel," but I'm afraid the weasels would sue me for defamation (and win)... The first time I heard Sampson speak was the incident that convinced me that "the quackbusters" were a "looney-toons" operation. Sampson's lectures on quackery give meaning to the word "pompous-ass-ity."


I have to hand it to the Hill Street Judge. He maintained a straight face the whole time. Not even a smile. I guess Judges see it all...

And, apparently this one DID SEE IT ALL, BECAUSE, even before the end of the case he declared Barrett's, and the NCAHF's assertions about homeopathy as bald-faced bunk. He stopped the case - even before the "defense" presentation, and declared the case as a NON-SUIT...

Insert laughter here...


Delicensed MD Barrett, running his "testifying business" out of his basement in Allentown PA, through his questionable website, had bragged (in a Texas newspaper article) that he had "thirty lawsuits going on in California."

Does that means that Barrett's cronies (and paymasters) are going to be handed the pleasure(?) of watching "washed-up Stevie" stumble through twenty-nine more NON-SUITS?

Barrett, right there on Hill Street, under oath, was forced to admit that he was testifying for money...

It is not known, at this time, whether the homeopath that so soundly defeated Barrett, et al, in the Hill Street Courtroom will file a "Malicious Prosecution" suit against Barrett, the NCAHF, it's board members, and members, etc...

Stay tuned... the story just keeps getting better, and better, and better...

Tim Bolen JuriMed - Public Relations and Research Group

From: "Tim & Jan Bolen"
To: "Millions of Health Freedom Fighters"
Subject: Quackpot Barrett to go on trial in Illinois...
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 10:33:39 -0700

Quackpot Barrett to go on trial in Illinois...

Opinion by "Consumer Advocate" Tim Bolen

October 21, 2001

IT'S TIME TO LAUGH OUT LOUD, once again, at the antics (stupidity?) of North America's top quackpot...

Delicensed MD Stephen Barrett, operating his internet business out of his basement in Allentown, PA got another shock in his life (like, from a cattle prod?) in a small county in Illinois. Barrett, a failed MD, who for reasons he doesn't satisfactorily explain, turned in his medical license in 1993.

Barrett, who couldn't make it as an MD, had earlier in his career, made an attempt to become a "Psychiatrist," but couldn't become Board Certified as such. After these "life failures," Barrett developed a website, and an association called NCAHF, into a personal income source, for his declining(?) years. Barrett is now a "testifier for hire" who will, realistically, testify to anything anyone wants, so long as there is CASH at the end of the day. Barrett offers himself as an "expert witness" against leading edge health disciplines - where he lashes out at his betters..

All is not well for Barrett's business, though, as attorneys nationwide have discovered that Barrett simply misrepresents himself, and is easy to beat in court. Barrett is now a "joke" on the "testifying" circuit. Smart attorneys, representing those Barrett attacks, now eagerly await Barrett's arrival in the courtroom - so that (figuratively speaking) they can bend him over and appropriately insert a sharp stick.

Barrett, who apparently can't personally withstand having his own tactics turned against him, has been lashing out against those that openly laugh at him - those he thinks he can overpower.. He simply sues those them - knowing that most people are afraid of the legal process - and avoid stressful situations. Barrett uses simple bullying techniques - and he's had some success, until recently.

But now Barrett's world is coming apart - and the whole "quackbuster" phenomena is crashing down with him.

Hecky darn...


Stevie sued the wrong guy in Illinois.

Owen Fonorow, a proponent of Linus Pauling, has long taken issue with Barrett's commentary about two-time Noble prize winner Linus Pauling. Last year, Fonorow republished some of my opinion pieces pointing out the finer points of Barrett's sleaze operation. Barrett threatened Fonorow, and when Fonorow told Barrett to "stuff it," Barrett filed a lawsuit in Dupage County, Illinois against Fonorow.

That's where it gets interesting...

In the legal world - when you know you are not telling the truth about someone, and do it anyway, it's called "malice." Because Barrett filed the case in Illinois AFTER he'd already lost almost exactly the same case, against Ilena Rosenthal in California - Barrett IS IN BIG TROUBLE. Barrett KNEW (from California court documents) he had no case against Fonorow - but filed against him anyway. So Owen SMILED when Barrett had him served with the case - and began to sharpen his own stick (so to speak)...

And now Barrett has a long, expensive haul through the Illinois court system he can't get out of. He can't just drop his suit against Fonorow - because Fonorow countersued him with a case that, unlike Barrett's poorly thought out assault, DOES HAVE MERIT. Superior Court Documents in Dupage County Illinois, charge Barrett with serious things.

I predict that Barrett is going to have to get in the habit of writing out checks several times a week - to his Illinois attorneys, the Illinois courts - and in the end, Owen Fonorow.

Dupage County court documents declare "Plaintiff (Stephen Barrett) filed his suit in bad faith and without clean hands for purposes of intimidation, harassment, retaliation, to create economic and corporate financial hardship, to destroy Defendant's business reputation, and to chill Defendant's exercise of its Rights to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the press."

Does this mean that Barrett's "paymasters" are going to have to come up with another $200k, maybe $300k, in legal fees just for Illinois, because Stevie can't take a little criticism?

Being a bully can be VERY expensive...

Stay tuned...

Tim Bolen JuriMed - Public Relations and Research Group

From: "Tim & Jan Bolen"
To: "Millions of Health Freedom Fighters"
Subject: Hulda Clark puts "the Quackbusters" ON TRIAL in North America...
Date sent: Tue, 2 Oct 2001 20:26:37 -0700

Hulda Clark puts "the Quackbusters" ON TRIAL in North America...

Opinion by "Consumer Advocate" Tim Bolen

October 2, 2001

Note: Attached to this writing is a Letter from Hulda Regehr Clark, PhD, ND., to the "North American Health Freedom Movement."

It is time to turn the tables on the quackbusters.

All of you are aware that an organization calling itself "the quackbusters" has organized attacks against thousands of caring, concerned health professionals - those that disdain expensive (and mostly useless) allopathic modalities, in favor of remedies that actually work. Hulda Clark PhD, ND is one of those under attack - And, the quackbusters flay at her with madness: the obvious intent of stopping her research, discrediting her, and stopping publication of her books about self health.

In this, Clark is like those thousands of other caring, concerned health professionals, who have been ruthlessly attacked, trying to find answers. But also in this, Clark is UNLIKE those thousands of other caring health professionals, in that Clark is fighting back - and the quackbusters are running for cover...

Clark, and her team, and certain leaders in the "Health Freedom Movement," have drawn the line in the sand...

And that is very bad thing for the quackbusters - for the Health Freedom Movement outnumbers them 100,000 to 1.

The organized attack, against Clark, has been ongoing since mid -1998. It is carefully explained on the pages of the website Unfortunately, it is a familiar story - as it's happened time, after time, to others.

It is not enough to just defend against the quackbusters - they must be stopped from constantly attacking us. And, it is for that purpose, that we need ,and can use, your help.

Our strategy, is not just to defend Clark, but to expose, for all time, the tactics of the attackers and make the information we gather about the quackbusters available to EVERYONE in the Health Freedom Movement. That means that we must "put the quackbusters on trial" in North America, both in court, and in the minds of the American public.

The information we gather will be considerable because of the INVESTIGATORY POWER our legal and research teams have, using the COURT PROCESS. Among other benefits, we get to "depose" their leaders (a COURT ORDERED interview). We get to demand, and receive, full disclosure of their financial records (THIS MEANS WE'LL FIND OUT who IS FUNDING THEM).

We need four things: (1) Emotional and Moral Support - as the quackbusters are as vicious an organization as humanity has ever faced. (2) Informational Support - we need to know the enemy - and know him well. (3) Financial Support - unraveling the quackbuster operation in the courts will be expensive - but it must be done. (4). Consumer action - this will be a long, hard campaign. It will take determination.

Fund Raising is one of the most important things we need to do in the "Health Freedom Movement."Since we "outnumber" the quackbusters 100,000 to 1, it really isn't that difficult to raise the money we need to to defeat them. Just think, if just 10,000 of us contributed only $10 per month each, we'd have $100,000 a month to spend across America, saving the world from Stephen Barrett, and his minions of evil.

America needs to know this horror story - and react to it in the same way it is reacting to the September 11th, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center...

Want to know how you can help? Go to "How You Can Help" on the website, and all will be explained...

Click here for Clark's Letter to the Health Freedom Movement...

For the whole, interesting, story go to

Stay tuned...

Tim Bolen JuriMed - Public Relations and Research Group

This was issued after Tim had been served with a libel writ arising from his previous rantings (the writ was actually served at the Florida trial that is mentioned in the diatribe). It shows a certain courage to continue defaming after the writs start. (By the way - Phillips is no longer allowed to practice dentistry in Florida. It seems that Tim's client lost. You might even say he was flogged.)

From: "Tim & Jan Bolen"
To: "Millions of Health Freedom Fighters 2"
Date sent: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 15:24:51 -0800

Opinion by Tim Bolen

The "Quackpot Menace" in the United States is floundering. Chief quackpot Stephen Barrett ( has been lashing out in desperation, trying to save the remains of his internet business. Hate-mongering, in the new millenium, apparently, has a limited appeal. Barrett's internet business consists primarily of painting American leading-edge health humanitarians with the brush of "quackery." I believe him to be funded by some of the sleazier operators within the Medical-Industrial Complex.

Florida, I believe, is one of the last strongholds of "quackpottery" in the United States. The battle in Florida over the "Florida Dental Board vs. America (Phillips)" case is an important one... Barrett, and his minions can't afford to lose too many more battles in the US before their whole house of cards implodes. They are desperate to win Florida.

Florida could be their Waterloo. And, they are not winning...

The official Administrative Law Hearing in the case is over. All that's left now is the final presentations and summations to the judge. Then, of course, the judge makes his recommended decision to the Board.

That's where it's going to get interesting...

I think that, under the current policy administration, no matter what the judge recommends, or what the facts are, the Florida Dental Board will vote to revoke world-renowned leading-edge Dentist Doug Phillips' license. The people of Florida, at this time, have no control over Dental Board decisions.

I think so, because I believe that the decisions on whom to prosecute, and for what, by the Florida Dental Board, are being made by quackbuster king-pin; de-licensed MD Stephen Barrett, in his basement in Allentown, PA.

Phillips' support network is ready for such an action. Such an action on the part of the board is just exactly what Health Freedom Fighters throughout the US want this board to do - so they can use the case to remove ALL trials of leading-edge health practitioners from the hands of the quackbuster manipulated licensing boards - permanently - and, perhaps, demonstrate a RICO conspiracy.

Duplicating what's already happening, right now, in New York...


Establishing a legal precedent is an important social issue tool. And, this is the case to do it. Barrett's dirty little fingerprints are all over the Phillips' case. More so since the final prosecution "rebuttal" came to pass.

With the Prosecution floundering in the case, to the amazement (and amusement) of Phillips' support team, Barrett sent one of his top guns (Robert S. Baratz - MD, DDS, PhD) to Florida as a last minute "Emergency" rebuttal witness.

Boy, was that a hoot...

Baratz was so inept, and made such a total ass out of himself during testimony, that the Prosecutor leaped to her feet, screaming "this deposition is over!!!" while slamming books and papers all over the courtroom. I think, too, she was trying to save the remains of her prosecutorial career.

If there was any doubt in anyone's mind about a "quackbuster conspiracy" being behind the attack on Phillips, Robert S. Baratz, in a wild-eyed sweaty display, left no doubt in observer's minds. I wish we'd videotaped it. We did, however, audio-tape it, and there will soon be a transcript of Bobbie Baratz's demise on the witness stand.

What's unbelievable to me, is that people like Baratz were EVER given any credence in a courtroom ANYWHERE in this country.

Phillips' lawyer wiped up the floor with Baratz. So much so that Baratz, looking like he might be ready for a heart attack, shrieked to the courtroom "I'm not going to answer any more of your questions!"

Phillips' supporters, seated in the courtroom, got a belly laugh out of that. So did I...

Phillips attorney is insisting that the judge listen to every word of Baratz's deposition... Baratz, besides showing up as a fool, made Phillips' case.


Here is a litle bit of news you won't find on Stevie Barrett definitely doesn't want anyone to know this is happening.

In New York State, attorneys for leading-edge health professionals are targeting the relationship between New York quackpots and a notorious State Attorney General Prosecutor. Formal complaints have been filed, and the quackpot menace, in shock, is reeling under the assault.

We'll keep you posted...


Douglas Phillips DDS holds a unique position in American society. He has been brought to trial on charges for something he did not do, and the prosecution knows he didn't do it, but they're prosecuting him anyway.

Not only that, but the prosecution knows who really did do the deed, and has no jurisdiction over the person that did do it. Even more, the person who did do what Phillips is accused of, did it legally in the State where it was actually done.

Confused? Don't be. It's just another "quackpot menace" persecution directed out of a basement in Allentown PA. It isn't supposed to make sense...

Monday, January 22, 2001 was the continuation of a trial (Florida Dental Board vs. Douglas Phillips DDS) that can be considered a landmark for consumer choice issues in Dentistry. Phillips is accused of using unorthodox methods on his patients. Phillip's worldwide patient support network replies, "It's because of those unorthodox (specialized) methods we travel this far." Phillips handles unusual dental problems.

The case against Phillips is in itself "unorthodox." He was selected for prosecution by the Florida Dental board during a ten-minute Probable Cause Hearing, of which he was not aware of, and did not attend, on the basis of a description of "an unorthodox test" that Phillips was accused of doing. Phillips never did this test, and has no idea of how to perform it. Nor does he understand how the case ever got this far.

Neither Phillips, nor his attorney, were ever informed of the specifics of the complaint until a trial date to consider removal of Phillips' license to practice Dentistry had been set. During the discovery phase of the case, Phillips found out that accusations had been brought against him for conducting a test ACTUALLY PERFORMED BY A NATUROPATHIC DOCTOR IN CALIFORNIA, on a patient; two years after the patient had left his care, and moved to California.

The Florida State Prosecutor came to court, last October, (1) unaware that Phillips had never conducted the test described in the Probable Cause Hearings, and (2) began her case against Phillips by claiming that a test that Phillips DOES DO (Autonomic Response Testing) was quackery - because an internet website says so.

The prosecutor's case is apparently based on the dubious claims of one Stephen Barrett, a de-licensed MD who operates an Internet website called out of his basement in Allentown, PA. Barrett claims that Autonomic Response Testing is "Quackery." Other Internet sites, like the Mayo Clinic, and the University Hospitals of Cleveland, plus other world experts, laud the benefits of these tests as a diagnostic tool.

It is no surprise to me that de-licensed MD Stephen Barrett claims to know more than the Mayo Clinic, or the University Hospitals of Cleveland. His lies, misrepresentations, and distorted reality views are his source of income.

A Florida State Attorney, in the original Probable Cause Hearing (which Phillips was not invited to) had downloaded Barrett's writings on Autonomic Response Testing, and submitted them as evidence. Barrett has no professional qualifications that would make him an expert on this subject. In fact, Barrett, who claims to be a retired Psychiatrist, in a recent a court case, was forced to admit under oath, that he had never completed the requirements to become Board Certified as a Psychiatrist.

Phillips support group is looking into the process to file formal complaints against the Florida State employees involved in this colossal blunder. Supporters are angry about the legal costs incurred, the damage the unwarranted accusations have caused against Phillips, and the use of as an expert resource. owner Barrett, deluged with lawsuits nationwide, is scrambling to protect his Internet business. He has already lost four cases in actions with well-known health leaders, and a social activist, who questioned his actions. Florida State employees, apparently, made no investigation of Barrett's credibility before presenting downloads from his site as "evidence."

INTERESTING SIDENOTE: The test that Phillips did not do, that was actually done by a Naturopath in California, is also known worldwide, and has its basis in Oriental Medicine.

REFERENCES: -"What's New" - Type in the words "Autonomic Response Testing." - Phillips' support group website html - The University Hospitals of Cleveland gives, I think, the simplest explanation of the science at the web address. It is written for the layman. - The Mayo Clinic article, written by Paola Sandroni, MD, PhD, at their website is much more detailed, and is written for the scientist. - Search this website to find Barrett's claims at expertise in areas he has no training or qualifications to discuss. When Barrett's writings were presented to the government of New Zealand in a discussion of Chiropractic, the Investigatory committee found Barrett's writings to be "propaganda, and of no evidentiary value."


Stay Tuned...

Tim Bolen JuriMed - Public Relations and Research Group

From: "Tim & Jan Bolen"
To: "Millions of Health Freedom Fighters"
Subject: "Quackpot Menace" CLUBBED in Canada...
Date sent: Fri, 5 Jan 2001 14:48:03 -0800

Opinion by Tim Bolen

Stephen Barrett ( may want to re-think his personal choice to succeed him on the North American "quackbuster" throne.

His heir-apparent, US draft dodger turned Canadian, Terry Polevoy MD (, the pimple doctor making claims as an "altenative medicine critic" (sarcasm intended), has "blown it" big time in Canada's Ontario Province.

Polevoy, who operates Canada's version of Barrett's "," a propaganda website aimed at discrediting leading-edge health practitioners, and health philosophies Barrett doesn't agree with, was dealt the biggest blow the "quackbuster conspiracy" has ever been given. Barrett, and his minions, label leading edge health professionals "quacks."

The Ontario government, in an official action, has formally declared the quackbuster philosophy as "bunk." Ontario holds one-third of Canada's entire population.

Polevoy's website, "" is even more strident than Barrett's in its efforts to discredit and belittle health humanitarians who embrace natural approaches to health.

The "quackbuster" organization, is sort of an organized idiocy, an attempt to legitimize medical backwardness. It is epitomized by the writings of "chief quackpot" Stephen Barrett. The government of New Zealand officially labeled Barrett's writings as "propaganda, and of no evidentiary value."

Health leaders call Barrett, and company, "quackpots," and their organization "The Quackpot Menace."

Both Barrett and Polevoy have been besieged with problems of late. Draft dodging Polevoy was under investigation by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario over charges filed against him raising issueS of professional misconduct due to his website activities, and his "stalking" of Canadian Radio personality Christine McPhee, and other females.

Barrett's credibility has suffered a major downturn when certain facts were brought to light about his alleged qualifications. It turns out that Barrett has been de-licensed, and has not had a license to practice medicine in any State since 1993. Also, Barrett made claims to being "a retired Psychiatrist,' without benefit of ever having been board certified as a Pyschiatrist in the first place.


Health Freedom activists, feeling their power in North American politics, have begun to treat the organized, and self-named, "quackbuster" conspiracy with the respect they feel that organization justly deserves. They have, belittlingly, renamed it "The Quackpot Menace." Reasonable estimates show that "Health Freedom Activists" outnumber "Quackpots" 100,000 to 1.

The name, "The Quackpot Menace," although clearly derisive in nature, recognizes the organizational structure responsible for attacks on leading-edge health practices that compete with the status quo for North American health dollars - but belittles it's leadership, efforts, and effectiveness, in the year 2001.

That "belittling" is warranted. It has been recently uncovered that the "Quackbusters" aren't everything they'd like polite society to believe they are. And, health activists are having a field day telling the world about it.

The acknowledged "quackbuster" kingpin, Stephen Barrett, a de-licensed MD operating out of his basement in Allentown, PA, has had a very embarrassing time over the last year, or so. Major questions have come to light about Barrett's credibility, honesty, integrity, and his ability to lead.

For instance, Barrett, it has been revealed, claims to be a retired Psychiatrist without ever having been qualified to claim board certification in that specialty. He has not had a license to practice medicine, in any State, since 1993. A recently uncovered study compiled by the government of New Zealand shows that the government there officially declared Barrett's writings "propaganda, and of no evidentiary value." A glimpse at Barrett's Curriculum Vitae (publIshed on his website) leaves one with the distinct impression that Barrett, over his entire career, was unable to hold a job for any length of time.

But the biggest blow to Barrett's professional status as a leader in the "quackbuster" movement is an unconfirmed rumor circulating about Barrett's status as an "expert witness." It is already known that Barrett was officially disqualified as an "expert witness" in a case in New York when he was forced to admit, under oath, that he was never board certified as a Psychiatrist. But the "rumor," is even more devastating, and if true, will shut down Barrett for all time.

If the rumor is true, and I believe that it probably is, using Barrett as an "expert witness" could be VERY HAZARDOUS to someone's financial health.

The rumor, which I reiterate, is un-confirmed, is that Barrett was engaged as an "expert witness" to defend in a lawsuit against a major diet/nutrition organization which had allegedly defamed a major "nutrition author." Barrett was shown in deposition "not to be an expert" (in much of anything), and the organization decided to settle the case prior to trial, in a confidential settlement. Rumor also has it that Barrett is (or was) on the board of that organization, and may have guided their act, or was responsible for the actual act, of defamation. Speculators who watched the situation from it's inception are guessing that the settlement was probably around seven million dollars.

The bottom line is that "The Quackpot Menace" is losing the battle EVERYWHERE. And, it is only getting worse for them - especially considering what just happened in Ontario, Canada.

Again, I suggest that Barrett ( may want to re-think his choice to succeed him on the quackbuster throne. His current choice, Polevoy, may, with his strange activities, have "blown it" big-time for the quackbuster plotters.


It is probable that Polevoy, and his "hate" website ( of alternative health practices, may have UNWITTINGLY WORKED FOR the passage of Ontario's new health freedom Bill. It is known that health freedom fighters throughout Canada POINTED OUT to the Canadian government Polevoy's website, and his "stalking" activities, as TYPICAL BEHAVIOR of the quackbuster conspiracy. Whatever, Ontario's Health Bill passed UNANIMOUSLY through the Ontario parliament.

Health Freedom Fighters say "Good job, Terry! Keep up the good work!"

Supporters of Hulda Regehr Clark PhD, author of four best-selling health books, felt it neccesary to put a defensive cordon around Clark when she was the keynote speaker at an event in Toronto, Ontario last year because of Polevoy's activities. The supporters had concerns about Polevoy's mental state because of his virulent internet attacks on 72 year-old American research scientist Clark.


Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario, enacts as follows:

1. The Medicine Act, 1991 is amended by adding the following section:

Non­traditional practice

5.1 A member shall not be found guilty of professional misconduct or of incompetence under section 51 or 52 of the Health Professions Procedural Code solely on the basis that the member practises a therapy that is non­traditional or that departs from the prevailing medical practice unless there is evidence that proves that the therapy poses a greater risk to a patient's health than the traditional or prevailing practice.


2. This Act comes into force on the day it receives Royal Assent.

Short title

3. The short title of this Act is the Medicine Amendment Act, 1999.


The Bill ensures that physicians who provide non-traditional therapies or alternative forms of medicine are not found guilty of professional misconduct or incompetence unless there is evidence that proves that the therapy poses a greater risk to a patient's health than the traditional or prevailing practice.


Tim Bolen JuriMed - Public Relations and Research Group

p.s. "Good job, Terry! Keep up the good work!"

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