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Mail about Alan Yurko

Alan Yurko spent several years in prison in Florida because he murdered a ten-week-old baby. Some people decided to exploit this murder because it suited their campaign against vaccination. You can read more here about this appalling example of belief in the principle that the ends justifies the means.

Here is some mail I have received about the murderer.

Alan needs help (3/2/2001)
On 30 January 2001, a request was issued to the Australian Vaccination Network's mailing list ( with the heading "Vaccines/Shaken Baby/ Alan Yurko, PLEASE WE NEED YOUR HELP", asking people to write to the Florida Corrections Department on behalf of convicted murderer Alan Yurko. Writers were asked to lie about their intentions, and the request contained the words:

> ********KEEP ALAN's name out of it
> DON'T be overly aggressive
> KEEP it generic – so they won't retaliate against Alan!!!

In her signature, the writer of the request quotes Edmund Burke's famous aphorism, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing", so, following that philosophy, I sent the following message to the suggested official in the Corrections Department, with copies to the person who had made the request and to someone who had suggested "Shaken Maybe Syndrome" as a catch-phrase to use in the media.

From: Peter Bowditch
Subject: Mail campaign on behalf of Alan Yurko
Copies to:
Date sent: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 17:19:02 +1100

Dear Ms Xxxx,

You may have received some emails or letters containing the following (or similar) content:

> Re: Proposed Rule Development / Routine Mail 33-210.101
> In regards to the proposed rule change on 3 page limits for
> additional written material, I want to object to this. This will
> seriously hinder my prisoner friend and me. I also want to object
> to the denial of Internet material. There may be certain reasons
> why certain rules are imposed to govern such matters however, there
> are many articles and reports etc. i.e. legal, scientific, medical,
> religious, consumer awareness� information that involves more than 3
> pages. Therefore, this causes much more mail and postage to
> correspond. I would think this would be less effective and
> productive on a time, efficiency and economical level for all
> parties involved (mail departments and corresponders). Please take
> this in to consideration and do not pass this ruling. Thank you for
> your time and consideration in this matter.

This is part of a letter-writing campaign on behalf of Alan Yurko, a prisoner convicted of killing his ten-week-old child. The instigators of the campaign have asked that people do not mention Yurko's name in their correspondence with you. The campaign comes out of a symbiotic relationship between Yurko and a group of people opposed to vaccination. Yurko's motivation is that he has people working to get him released or to have his case reconsidered, and he is perfectly entitled to do this and is only following in a long tradition of "Free Xyz" protests that have been part of the democratic process for a long time. The motivation of the anti-vaccinationists in choosing Yurko as a cause célèbre is less clear, but I suspect that they want to frighten parents into thinking that vaccinating their children may not only endanger the children's lives but may also put the parents at risk of wrongful arrest and imprisonment.

I have no desire to restrict the civil rights of prisoners, but I believe you should be in possession of the facts before making decisions about those rights. The fact that people were asked to deceive you by avoiding the mention of a particular prisoner's name could have led you to make a decision based on an apparent grassroots protest without knowing that this protest was in fact an orchestrated campaign on behalf of a single prisoner. I don't think you should be a pawn in a cynical plan to use a convicted criminal in an ideological and political campaign.

Thank you.

18 minutes later Meryl Dorey from the Australian Vaccination Network (the "Shaken Maybe Syndrome" person) wrote to me. You will notice that she says "I don't know who you are or who you think you are", but she does know who I am because she has written to me before and has publicly accused me of financial corruption.

Subject: RE: Mail campaign on behalf of Alan Yurko
Date sent: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 17:37:28 +1100

I don't know who you are or who you think you are, but it is obvious that you are completely ignorant of the circumstances of Alan Yurko's imprisonment. I know that those of us who were raised in democratic countries believe that justice means that innocent people will never be punished. Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that often times, they are.

Alan is just one such person. I can't speak for anyone else, but I must say that my support of Alan comes from a sincere wish to see an innocent man freed. Alan did not kill his child, and there but for the grace of a kind God go I. You see, my son almost died after his vaccination too. If he had, there is a very good chance that either myself or my husband would be in prison now facing murder charges or, as Alan has been, sentenced to life in prison for something I had not done. But instead of dying, my son was just permanently injured by the shots I gave him because I was told they would keep him safe.

There is no punishment greater than the loss of a beloved child. To then accuse a loving parent of causing that death is almost beyond the bounds of what is conceivable in man's cruelty to man. What you have done has compounded this cruelty 100 times.

Through your gross stupidity in sending this note, you have placed Alan Yurko in danger. I hope that the consequences are not what I fear they may be. May God forgive you for this heinous and spiteful act.

Then Sheri Nakken, the person who wrote the request which asked people to lie about their intentions, wrote to me:

Date sent: Fri, 02 Feb 2001 09:49:31 +0000
Subject: Re: Mail campaign on behalf of Alan Yurko

The only just reward for you is that you suffer the same fate of being accused of murdering your child when a vaccine actually did it. May you burn.

And then, the murderer's wife! Note that there is no mention of vaccination in this email. Mrs Yurko could not care less about what the anti-vaccination liars want, she just wants the murderer released. At least she was polite enough to use my name. You will also note that she refers to her husband as "Mr Yurko", just like the PR agency wrote it. I also like her saying "Best regards" just after suggesting that I kill myself.

Date sent: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 14:04:46 EST
Subject: Response to your email...

Hello Peter,

There are many people out there in the cyber world that you have managed to upset with your obvious cynical email regarding mailing rules to prisoners. I believe, we all have the right and freedom to feel, believe and express how we personal want to. However, there's a difference (morally and spiritually) when you express those opinions from a misconstrued, uneducated and deceitful way. We have a certain responsibility to uphold. That is what continues to bread hate and misery amongst other things in this world today.

What you may not realize is that this mail rule is not specifically for Alan Yurko, this is for all prisoners. Many people and organizations correspond with many different prisoner's, for many reasons, not just Mr. Yurko and his cause. Responding to this mail rule is for those people that correspond with prisoners. They will not be able to correspond properly nor will the inmates be able to be fully educated if this mail rule is passed. Obviously by your comments, you must believe that all prisoners are guilty and therefore unentitled to education and correspondence. Regardless of who you are and your situation, this is what makes living in America great, we have all, not just a select few.

If you so choose to inform people of such matters to make decisions about these rights YOU should first know the facts (educate yourself) and not distort them to deceive others into your own radical beliefs. The facts are the facts:

1. These mailing rules are not for one inmate alone, but for all. 2. These rules not only limit and hinder (effect) the inmate but, those who correspond with well as the prison staff. 3. This "campaign" as you call it is not that at all, it's the voices of the people that are effected by this rule, speaking out. These voices are not from that of one person or organization, these are from friends, families, etc., from all over. 4. There's no deception in not posting the name of the inmate(s) in a grievance. People correspond with many inmates for many reasons. There is no point to having to single out one from's for the good of all. 5. To speak out in disagreement of something is not a "cynical plan" or a "political campaign," it is our rights that our founding fathers gave us, the ability, that the good Lord has bestowed upon us and the beauty of living in the USA.

I hope that this has educated you more about the subject so you can move forward in a more positive and educational manner. Although, your mission in life may be to add yourself to that list of people who want to continue to bread hate, misery and destruction in the world today. If that is true, God help you, for it is not I or anyone else, that can stop you from eradicating yourself.

Best Regards, Mrs. Yurko.

Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 12:01:24 -0400
From: "James B. Roth"
Subject: Someone there is an ignorant, arrogant piece of lying garbage!!!

HOW DARE YOU?!!!.......... write such a pack of lies concerning Alan Yurko!!

There are at least 150 people and organizations from the medical and scientific community who can testify on Yurko's behalf, including Dr. Leonard Horowitz, author of five very respected books, but you're probably too damned ignorant to know who he is!!

You claim that Yurko murdered his girlfriend's baby, and has no remorse, but just wants to get out of prison, yet there's enough evidence by the medical and scientific community to prove that he did not murder the baby, while YOU have NO evidence to prove anything except your own ignorance, arrogance and total lack of integrity!!

You're the one who should have remorse for telling those dirty filthy lies about him. Maybe you're the one who should be in prison for slander, libel and defamation of character.

James Roth, Florida

Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 17:56:20 -0700 (PDT)
From: Murdoch Robert

In 1997 Dr. Shashi Gore performed an Autopsy on infant Alan Joseph Ream Yurko.

This child had been admitted to Princetown hospital with signs of respiratory failure, of liver failure and of coagulopathy (inability to clot blood)(bone calluses and small subdural hematoma).

The baby was placed on life support, then prepared for the donation of his organs with 20,000 units of heparin (an anticoagulant to prevent blood clots in the donated organs).

Baby Alan had his heart, liver, gallbladder, spleen, part of small intestines, and his pancreas removed and taken by the transplant team. During this process he died. The rest of the baby's body was then presented to Dr. Gore.

The baby had recently been given a dose of DTaP vaccine from the batch that killed and brain damaged more children than any other between 1980 and 1999, yet no toxicology analysis was performed. Blood work performed prior to the Heparin showed liver failure and coagulopathy, yet no blood work was analyzed by Dr. Gore.

In the autopsy report, Dr. Gore mentioned that the baby was a black male, he was white. That his head was 22cm in circumference, it was 37.5. That he examined the heart and that he prepared a slide of heart tissue. Yet the heart was taken by the transplant team, it was not present at the autopsy.

Because of all the bleeding from the heparin and surgical removal of organs, Dr. Gore stated that the cause of death was homicide by Shaken Baby Syndrome(SBS), yet in his report Dr. Gore specifically stated that there was no damage to the child's neck which is a necessary component of the SBS diagnosis.

Neither Heparin nor the vaccine were mentioned in the autopsy report.

It is upon the basis of Dr. Gore's report and testimony that baby Alan's father, Alan R. Yurko was convicted of murder and sentenced to life plus ten years without the possibility of parole.


hey ratbags, do you realize how transparent do your agenda looks? You talk about saving children. You have no idea what you're talking about. You wouldn't know how to, you know why? Because you're wrapped up in name calling and drama. Evidence and statistics are real helpful when you decide to get honest with yourself. It's clear you like to do exactly what you're told by the authority, because you believe they're always right. Have I got news for you.

From: "jbr"
Subject: Alan Yurko
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 15:06:30 -0500

It's you guys who are the arsoleles. You are all so dangerously ignorant and arrogant. While more and more doctors, scientist and other who are so very much more qualified to speak on the subject than you are joining the cause to free Alan Yurko, you ignorant idiots keep on spewing your inaccurate poisonous propaganda.

* Nationally known child abuse expert Howard Fishman, MSW, M.Ed has joined our rank and file. He is part of the PA-Governor's Task Force on Child Abuse Prevention and specializes in false allegations (inter alia).

* Recently, several lawyers and doctors as well as families have contacted us to thank all of you involved for the information and assistance we provide in that it was integral in winning/resolving their case and preventing miscarriages of justice... ... as we stress to all, this is not just about our family.

* Yurko supporter, Bill Winkler, will be running for The Senate in Delaware. Click here to check out his platforms and stance on vaccine issues: Winkler We support you Bill!

* Francine continues to do numerous radio programs. She did multiple shows with Joyce Riley and David VonKleist's The Power Hour which rocked open the autopsy issues. Joyce and Dave arranged then to have Francine flown to Connecticut for the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation Conference where she addressed the delegation. Francine's oratorialship is mesmerizing. She also appeared on The God and Country Club Show with Pastor Rick Strawcutter.

* About half dozen or so various publications did articles on the case these last two months to include Report Newsmagazine, The Idaho Observer, ICHF Magazine and The Bolen Report.

* Medical Defense Conspiracy, Ltd. of Australia and led by Cary Ooi, MBBS has joined our rank and file. MDC is a consortium of experts dedicated to exposing iatrogeny, medical negligence and procuring justice.

* Harold Buttram, MD, FAAEM did a radio interview on the case and vaxscene last month (9/11) with Dennis Courtney, MD out of Pittsburgh and has been invited back for a follow-up interview. Bravo Dr. B!


With all due disrespect,
I remain,
James Benjamin Roth,
Delray Beach, Florida

The following message was posted to the Alan Yurko Kidney Auction page.

you mother fuckers have no idea what its like to lose a child and if you had any sense youd think is all this shit really safe for our kids so fuck you and your kids i hope one of you looses a child then goes to prison over it
father_of_5 – February 16, 2003 14:19:03

He has a friend? (28/1/2006)
When I mentioned that child-killer and anti-vaccination hero Alan Yurko was again having trouble with the law the following came in:

From: "Caroline Stuard"
Subject: alan yurko
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 08:51:18 -0700

Mr. Bowditch: I am an old friend of Alan Yurko . you stated that Alan was detained for drug possession, and burglary. Do you have any proof to show me? I need to know. If it is not true you will be sued for slander. You caused that family enough pain. If you have the proof or numbers I can call, let me know�

Caroline Stuard

I see that you read about this on the Millenium Project Blog, which is often an abbreviated copy of what appears on the main site. Had you read the main site you would have seen that the Case Number in the Cuyahoga Common Pleas Court for the drug possession charge is CR-05-473467-G. The arrest took place on September 21, 2005.

By the way, it is usually considered unwise to threaten legal action in the first communication, especially if the wrong offence is mentioned (slander is spoken, the written form is libel), but as you did it the threat has been added to the collection of vacuous legal threats which I have received over the years.


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