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This is not a pyramid!Multi-Level Mail

I occasionally get mail from people concerned about my views on pyramid schemes. I'm sorry, I meant to say "multi-level marketing". Of course, most of the mail I receive about MLM is spam.

The Green Light
See some answers to MLM scams here.

This collection of mail about multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes covers correspondence received since January 1, 2006.


See more about Mannatech here.


See more about Omegatrend here.

I examined some advertisements for business opportunities in my local newspaper. Most of them at least had something to sell, but one was a pyramid scheme which only offered more instances of the same scam as products. Someone offered to help me by offering the same scam.


Is he talking about gay pride? You can see more about the Mannatech scam here.


You can see what I had to say about Dr Blobel and Mannatech here. Perhaps it's not me who is the "idiiot".


I didn't bother to reply, because I have said it all before and they either don't listen or don't hear. I love the bit about bumble bees. I bet that bit of long-refuted nonsense is offered by uplines as a guaranteed objection-stopper. It's a pity that there is nothing in physics which suggests that a bee can't fly once you know how it actually moves its wings. Still, why should facts interfere with a sales pitch.

Andrew was not happy that I didn't reply. I was right, though - replying would have been a waste of time because it has all been said before.



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