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George Mamouzellos

By George, I think he's got it (31/10/2009)
George Mamouzellos, who claims to be a pharmacist, achieved his fifteen minutes of fame with a widely distributed email telling lies about the dangers of the swine flu vaccine. George also runs a Facebook group called "Australians against the swine flu vaccine" where anybody offering the slightest amount of common sense (or any sense at all if my latest perusal of the page is any indication) is immediately banned.

George became unhappy with me when I questioned his statement that thimerosal and squalene were both vaccine adjuvants, as anybody saying this must have slept through his classes in pharmacy school. As an aside, a friend of mine questioned George's status as a registered pharmacist in the Northern Territory where he lives and was told that the local Pharmacy Board had never heard of him but would be mentioning his name at the next Board meeting. Here is a statement from George's MySpace page which seems to suggest that he is dispensing pharmaceuticals, perhaps without benefit of registration. It also gives an insight into his attitude towards women. George was not happy that I posted it to his Facebook page.

You know what really pisses me off? The Pill. Everytime I give out the pill, I imagine shagging that girl (not always a good thing btw, theres some UGLY people out there having sex...brrrrrr ech yuk bleh) and it makes me realise that no matter how many chicks im shagging, theres yet another one I havnt shagged, and I get all insecure. wtf is up with that? I dont know.

George immediately banned me from the Facebook group and then proceeded to engage me in a private conversation within Facebook. He should have read what it says on the About page of this site before he started expecting that the correspondence would remain private.

Episode 1

GM: if you cannot read then please, do not post. i states that thimerosol was a "merely a preservative". you then asserted that i said it was an adjuvant. please dont use cheap tactics like that. its irresponsible, and silly. and yes, that is me on myspace. does it annoy you that some people out there actually have a laugh, and perhaps a bunch of sex? :)

PB: You said that squalene and thimerosal are adjuvants. Of course it now looks like you have killed the group to hide your ignorance and lies. Also, I have found from long experience that people who have to talk about how much sex they are getting are usually getting none at all.

GM: squalene is an adjuvant. thimerosol is not. the group is currently growing at a hundred members a day. not sure where you got your info, my misinformed friend

GM: peter, not to be a cunt, but youre 50+ years old, and are having a go at a dude who runs amok. good luck with that lol

PB: I know that squalene is an adjuvant, and I know that thimerosal is not.

Now, where can I find the group, because a search at Facebook says:

No results found for Australians against the swine flu vaccine.
Check your spelling or try another term.

GM: as with your reading, i agree with facebook. check your spelling, or try another term :)

PB: I see that I have been blocked from the group. That's a bit cowardly of you, isn't it, George?

GM: not really. its like spraying RID on mosquitoes.

PB: You're going to love this George. See the screen shot. See where it says "as should every single adjuvant added to them (particularly the more controversial ones, like squalene and thimerosol (sic)).

I realise that you didn't actually say thimerosal is an adjuvant because in your apparent ignorance of pharmacy you called it "thimerosol", but that excuse will look a little weak when a few thousand people see you exposed on my web site next weekend.

By the way, George – are you really a pharmacist? Yes or no will do.

George displays his ignorance

GM: a few things:

anyone on your mailing list isnt really going to give a shit about me anyway, so ill instead focus on the 22 million in this country minus your few thousand. which kinda leaves 21 million, 99 thousand and change. ill live.

also, if the best you can do to disprove your opponent is to show them a literary oversight, then you have problems.

good luck, peter. my group grew by 10 while you were typing out your awesome reply.

you can jump and scream and yell about how awesome you are, but alas, itll be a storm in a teacup. as it should be.

george mamouzellos
B Pharm

PB: Did I mention a mailing list?

You said that thimerosal is an adjuvant. Then you said that you didn't say that. Seems like a simple case of lying to me, but what else should I expect? And you weren't brave enough to say it in front of your group but had to go to private email.

And you didn't answer my question – are you a registered pharmacist?

GM: no, in this case my use of profanity is a choice. i express myself articularly to articulate beings. animals, on the other hand, understand only fire and pain. you fit somewhere in between. good day, mr bowditch :)

PB: When discussing how articulate you are it helps to use correct punctuation. It also helps to spell "particularly" correctly. You seem to have a real problem with the English language - what university let you get a degree in pharmacy, a field where spelling matters?

GM: the university of south australia. sponsored by the northern territory government, for academic excellence. i shoose to use my skills where i see fit. you sir, do not qualify.

GM: shoose? LOL how you goin peter. all good? how ya feelin?

PB: And where are you actually registered as a pharmacist?

Episode 2 – George told a friend of mine that he had infinite time available to destroy him.

PB: You have infinite time to destroy people? Gosh, you're a joker, George. Keep up the good and funny work.

GM: i work in my recreational time. the rest is mine. for all intents and purposes, fuckface, that means infinite :)


whats your number. your adress. we should have a chat. the internet...aaah. silliness. face to face debate...nice :) who are you, mr bowditch? lets chat. i have spare time. i have spare money. lets condense our discussion :)

PB: I am very easy to find. Surely researchers with the skill to find all the dangers of vaccines can find me.

GM: lets cut to the chase, shall we? adress? telephone number?

PB: Find me, George. Find me.

GM: you old saggy balled gutless paper tiger bastard

PB: Can't use a phonebook, George? How about Google? I feel sorry for you.

GM: no, just chosen not to escalate, because it wouldnt serve my purpose. i found out what i wanted to find out about you, and your ilk.

PB: What have you found, George? My ilk is waiting for the amusement to arrive.

You were saying, George? (13/11/2010)
In October 2009 the world was warned of the dangers of swine flu vaccine in a widely publicised piece of work by an illiterate moron named George Mamouzellos. You might think I am being unkind in calling him an illiterate moron, but my only worry is that I might be offending morons by linking them with George. George claimed to be a pharmacist with the authority to dispense drugs, and even made this comment about his thoughts while at work.

You know what really pisses me off? The Pill. Everytime I give out the pill, I imagine shagging that girl (not always a good thing btw, theres some UGLY people out there having sex...brrrrrr ech yuk bleh) and it makes me realise that no matter how many chicks im shagging, theres yet another one I havnt shagged, and I get all insecure. wtf is up with that? I dont know.

If the above isn't enough to convince you of George's illiteracy and moronicity then you can see an email exchange I had with him here. The only reason I or anybody else bothered with George is that his lies about the swine flu vaccine went viral and were being quoted and cited across the world. (I had a client ask me about it when I was in his office to talk about computers, not vaccination.)

An interesting addition appeared on George's Facebook page this week and I reproduce it here in the spirit of completeness and Schadenfreude.

Oh, George!!


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