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CCRG Correspondence File – The Statistics

The 63 announcements of the closure of The Millenium Project

On many occasions, Mr O'Neill has announced that this site has been closed down. Some of the communications were sent to me privately, but others were made in Usenet newsgroups. So that the record is complete, similar announcements by other people have been included.

As Google seem to have irrevocably broken the Usenet archive service, links have been disabled. Maybe they will come back some day.

DateMr O'NeillGALWho's doing the closing
March 7, 2000 Telstra
March 9, 2000 Google Archive
April 4, 2000 "isp regulators" Google Archive
July 4, 2000
July 4, 2000
July 6, 2000
August 1, 2000 Search engine operators
August 23, 2000
September 10, 2000 "big pond flushed you" Google Archive
September 20, 2000 Google Archive
October 25, 2000 Google Archive
November 1, 2000 NSW Police Google Archive
November 3, 2000 Google Archive
November 11, 2000 NSW Police Google Archive
November 11, 2000 NSW Police Google Archive
November 15, 2000 "autralian government regulators" Google Archive
January 7, 2001 "BigPond Telstra" Google Archive
January 23, 2001 "no less than 8 isp's"
March 24, 2001 "AUStralIAn Staste hospital"
March 24, 2001
March 25, 2001 "Australian federral police"
March 25, 2001 Someone called "Mr Kyle"
March 29, 2001 "the proper authorities"
March 31, 2001 Announced by ME!!! Link
April 1, 2001 April Fools Day!!!
April 1, 2001 "Judge Jackson" of the "Australian High Court"
April 17, 2001
April 26, 2001 "your isp's isp has ordered your site to be shut down"
May 16, 2001
June 10, 2001
June 13, 2001 Dumb-Ditch has been "ordered" to tone down his site'
June 14, 2001 "barrett is coming down....polevoy is on his way....and we guarantee...repeat guarantee your next...."
June 14, 2001 "various individuals in your government"
June 22, 2001 "networksolutions has been most helpful!"
August 3, 2001
August 18, 2001 Some ISPs and the Australian Broadcasting Authority Google Archive
August 18, 2001 Google Archive
August 19, 2001 ISPs upon ISPs Google Archive
August 25, 2001 "Problems with your ISP?"
August 25, 2001 " and Webmail".com plus the ABA Google Archive
August 29, 2001 " who has been notified by" Google Archive
September 3, 2001 Google Archive
September 4, 2001 " and, with the reluctant support of" Google Archive
September 4, 2001 "Telstra, Comindico and Webmail" Google Archive
September 20, 2001 Optus Google Archive
September 22, 2001 Optus Google Archive
September 25, 2001 Google Archive
September 25, 2001,, and Google Archive
November 7, 2001 "It has been repeatedly shut down and is now hosted off-shore outside of the juridiction of the civilised world" Link
November 9, 2001 "tell the class how dropped your isp"
December 20, 2001 "Site goes goes down....different Ip addresses....mmmm....?" Google Archive
December 26, 2001 "found himself sans ISP, again" Google Archive
January 11, 2002 "telstra/bigpond has dunped mister complete-fucking-loser-ditch" Google Archive
January 30, 2002 "Seems disconnected mister smart-as-a-booger-ditch and pulled the plug on his ISP" Google Archive
February 16, 2002 "Your site is coming down?" Card
August 1, 2002 "The fact is pulled the plug on Bowditch's ISP" Google Archive
August 2, 2002 "site had been pulled by"
August 8, 2002 "about to be shut down by" Google Archive
August 15, 2002 "you'd like to lie about how many times your web site has been closed down" Google Archive
January 8, 2003 The hosting ISP is to be be shut down by its suppliers if this site is till running after 8/1/03.
December 14, 2003 "to shut down Bowdditchs sites and porno web cam service" Google Archive
April 15, 2007 Ratbags Dead Like Bowditch Google Archive

And one last thing … (4/5/2013)
I hoped it wasn't someone playing a cruel April Fool's joke when I saw this news in the Ottawa Citizen on April 1.

Yes, folks, the beloved William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group and its descendants has gone to the great cesspit in the sky, taking the Gutless Anonymous Liar with him. Sadly, he died quickly and not of cancer. I posted a message to his memorial guest book, but unfortunately some technical glitch prevented it from being published.

I will maintain my own memorial to him here by archiving his correspondence with me and also the wonderful messages he sent wearing his Gutless Anonymous Liar mask. It would be a tragedy for this valuable collection of literature to disappear.


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