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October 16, 2021

Why you don't "debate" anti-vaccination liars (16/10/2021)

Here is an example from a TV show which demonstrates why rational discussion with anti-vaccination liars is pointless. They say things that are not true and there is never time to explain why they are not true. Professor Booy never seems to learn that the same lies will appear every time so you have to be ready for them.

But the news isn't all bad … (16/10/2021)

Someone once said that the animal which has caused the deaths of the most people in history is the anopheles mosquito, the carrier of malaria. There have been attempts in the past to produce a malaria vaccine, with little success, but it looks like there might finally be a weapon to beat this dreadful disease.

In the long tradition of opposition to any new vaccine from those who feel that the deaths of children are a small price to pay to support their depraved agenda, the 800,000 children in the pilot study and trial will be disregarded and the vaccine will be labelled as "unproven" and "unsafe", or, like Viera Scheibner in the video above, they will claim that as they have never seen a case of malaria (I live in Australia and I can truthfully say that) it has magically disappeared on its own and any new cases can be blamed on the vaccine. The day when I start to care about what these creatures have to say or if I hurt their feelings by calling them liars is a long way off. Possibly just after the heat death of the universe.

You can read the good news at World Health Organization endorses first malaria vaccine, Mosquirix, for children in Africa

Photo credit: AP: Jerome Delay

How I feel about a lot of pretentiousness (cheese, wine, coffee, …) (16/10/2021)

See more from Sketchplanations here

An old "friend" is in a bit of trouble (16/10/2021)

I've been reminded lately of Hillsong, a pretend "Christian church" which is actually devoted to worship of money. I don't know if they still pretend to use the Bible, but the "church's" version of the book, if they have one, obviously doesn't contain the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6:24 - "Ye cannot serve God and mammon"), but what would Jesus know anyway? He didn't have a stage and a big theatre to preach from. Hillsong doesn't pay tax on its tens of millions of dollars of annual income, so Chapter 22 of Matthew's gospel is probably not there either. That's the one where Jesus tells people to pay taxes ("Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's").

Hillsong was created out of a church called Hills Christian Life Center which had been established by Frank Houston, father of the current owner of Hillsong. Brian got his father out of the way by revealing that Dad was a paedophile, giving Brian total control of turning what seemed to be a real Christian church into the money making corporation it is today.

Unfortunately, simply declaring your father to be a kiddy fiddler and then taking over his business wasn't enough. You are supposed to report this sort of behaviour to the relevant authorities. As was revealed at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, almost everything Hillsong did was the wrong thing to do. The law has finally caught up with Brian Houston, and he is facing criminal charges over the concealment of sexual offences. This has placed him in an invidious position because he probably has to stand aside from all involvement with Hillsong while the charges are being considered by a court, but he and his lawyers have cleverly constructed the documentation for the many and various commercial entities making up the Hillsong conglomerate to make his involvement permanent and mandatory - the business can't continue to operate without his direct and immediate occupation of some defined positions. It looks like he will have to make his wife into the Global Pastor to keep the income in the family.

You can read the story at Hillsong leader Brian Houston charged over the concealment of alleged child sex offences, and a followup article here..

Global Pastor Brian (Photo credit: AAP: Paul Miller)

See more Red Meat here

Quintessence Nook (16/102021)

September and October start the sequence of months with names ending in "ber", but they also have the distinction of having names that say which month of the year they are. September is the seventh month and October is the eighth. Is that clear?

Here are some memories from those months in 2001.

Lady Morgana Starsinger's Realm
I think I will have to create a Quintessence Book of Shadows. It will contain much magiqual stuff which will guide us as we bring the merry meat to the barbeque, as we mix magiqual potions by pouring spirits over water crystals, and as we allow the gods of hops and barley to take our minds to other places. I will have to be very careful with my spells, however, so that when I describe the procedure for forming a magiqu ellipse it says something like: "Remove all animals and samll children from the area and any furniture that you do not want to be inside your circle. Set up your alter before you cast your circle. Locate magntic North with a compass and holding the wand out from your body, go into alpha and see the wand's aura extending out from it, especially at the tip. Visualize the tipe of the wand creating a circle of light and energy, like a laser, as you walk clockwise three times around the area. The circumference drawn by the wand's tip will be the edge of your circle. Project white light out from the wand to create the circle as gemoetrically perfect and say to yourself that it is". How's that for spelling?

[Note: This site has a section showing the current phase of the moon. When I looked at it on 7 September 2001 it said the next full moon was on 2 September. They must be using a very old calendar.]

Please note that the site is best viewed using 800x600 resolution on your monitor. If you don't the spells might not work, so get that old CRT monitor out of the garage and plug it in.

The Full Moon Approach to the Hierarchy
It is a full moon in the next couple of days, so it is appropriate to think about what this means for humanity. After all, it is not every day that you see a full moon and it is a rare November when you get two of them. Once in a blue moon, really. We have all heard the stories about how crime increases at the full moon and how people in mental asylums go off the rails. That's off the rails even further than usual, of course. In fact, we know why they are called "lunatics". That is all very well, but curmudgeonly skeptics are always saying that this is all coincidence or that crime just goes up because burglars can see better when the moon is out. This site, however, gives us some more information about what really goes on when the moon is fat. Just read the first part, where it says "The time of the full moon is a period when spiritual energies are uniquely available, and facilitate a closer rapport between humanity and the Hierarchy. Each month the inflowing energies carry the specific qualities of the constellation influencing the particular month; these energies, playing sequentially upon humanity, establish the 'divine attributes" within human consciousness. As aspirants and disciples we seek to channel the spiritual inflow into the minds and hearts of men and women everywhere, and thus strengthen the link between the human kingdom and the Kingdom of God". If that doesn't convince you, then I don't know what would.

The Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Survivor Accounts
The experiments carried out in Philadelphia in 1943, in which the USS Eldridge was made invisible, are an undoubted fact. Let's look at the evidence. First, there is a web site which says that it happened. This web site mentions Einstein, Tesla and John Von Neumann, all men of great talent and credibility. There is a time line, showing that some things happen after other things. There is the incontrovertible evidence that the Cameron brothers were transported through time (how else could they have got the hyperspace friction burns?). The clincher is, however, that the US Navy denies that the USS Eldridge was ever in Philadelphia in 1943... Why would they deny it if it were not true? Ask yourself that!

Archaeoastronomy, Astrology & Ancient Egypt
There are some amazing facts about the great Pyramid of Khufu. For example, the top of it points to a place in the sky immediately above Egypt, and if you drop a perpendicular line from the top downwards it not only passes through the point of the intersection of the two diagonals of the pyramid's base but, if extended, it would pass approximately almost exactly somewhere near the centre of the earth. If you measure the diagonal between two corners on the base and divide by the length of one of the base sides, you get a number almost exactly equal to the square root of two. The south-eastern corner is in an exact straight line alignment with the south-eastern corner of the neighbouring Khafre's Pyramid. If you divide the four lines between the corners of the base and the top using the ratio 2/pi and mark points there, at least two of these points will be in direct sunlight during all daylight hours, and all four points will be touched by the sun each day. Amazing!

Alison thinks that I do not understand her site, and wrote to me about it. You can read her words here.

You would think that the government would be eternally grateful to the person who invented the inflatable space station. You would not expect a continuous program of mind control, even extending to people who look at this web site (there are instructions there on how to reset your browser), and, worse still, spreading out into a campaign to kill or experiment on everyone. At least, that's what I think is going on. It could be worse, because this site says "People are being exterminated. You have to read all of the site to truly grasp that it is true. The site IS a nationwide investigation. The author himself is under life threatening attack as well. If you dare to step out of the box and rise to the occassion so be it. Men,Women and Children are being experimented on and tortured in PUBLIC, its obvious from viewing history in hindsight that we are being attacked in public on purpose because they are about to do something big to the public at large (that means you and everybody else too). Hold on its going to get intense; with some surprise it appears that the next step is to be nationwide/worldwide sterilization of women using spraying, such a test was apparently covertly done on Kentucky throughbred horses with extrodinary effacy just a few days ago from May 15 2001". But wait until you come to the really scary part - at the bottom of the long page there is a link to, wait for it, a second page!/p>

For lovers of Internet history, this site is a wonderful example of what web sites used to look like

You'll never think the same way again. . . The Revelation
TThere are 11 members in a soccer team. 2 to the 11th power is 2048, the real "2K" in geekspeak, and therefore the year in which the Y2K prophecies will all come true. 1 to the 11th power is still 1, something which cannot be a coincidence. Nostradamus died in 1566. Add the first two numbers and you get 666, which has all the same digits in it, just like 11. A 767 aircraft has one engine each side, just like 11 has 1 each side. I was born on the 22nd day of the month, which is not only a multiple of 11 but also 11 days after the 11th. The first job I had in the computer industry was on the 11th floor of a building next to the tallest building in the city. If you order a dozen donuts and only get 11 you will be annoyed. There are 11 months in a year which are not September. I could go on, but someone has just pointed out that there are 11 letters in "It's bullshit".

Something new that's actually something old

I've written a lot of short articles and news items here over the last two decades. Each week a couple of these pieces will be randomly selected and displayed at the bottom of the week's update. They might not always still be relevant, but that's the way history works.

Some random pieces of history

Good news week. (13/9/2014)
The remnants of the band Queen are currently touring Australia (with the replacement for Freddie Mercury getting a surprisingly good reception from fans – he really is excellent) although I wasn't able to see them in Sydney. My disappointment has been heightened, because I would have loved to sing along with "Another One Bites The Dust". The reason for this is that my link check showed that the web site for the Canadian Cancer Research Group is no more. It is dead, has fallen off the perch, and has gone to join the sewer invisible. For those unfamiliar with CCRG, it was the web site of Mr William P O'Neill who did the world a favour by dying in March 2013. Here is the condolence message I posted on his family's memorial site.

For thirteen years this vile creature published lies about me and my family, using the foulest language known to man. He contacted businesses and organisations I could be connected to and lied to them about me. He used to pop up on almost any blog or forum where my name was mentioned and say disgusting things about me. The fact that he caused the early deaths of at least two people but used them in advertising (and at one stage pretended to be the husband of one of them when he emailed me) shows the depth of his vileness. You can see the record of his interaction with me here, including the mass of email and Usenet messages he created (many of them with a transparent anonymity).

I fully expected that the site would just wither away after he died or that someone would take over his quackery business and continue with his work of deceiving the desperate, but not only has the site gone but the domain name "ccrg.com" now points nowhere at all. In technical terms, it is no longer delegated. This is the result of a trace from my computer to the CCRG site:

But the news might not all be good. Here is the current Whois record for the domain name:

The registration was updated in February this year and is current until the end of January, 2015. The registrant has the email address goneill@aminomics.com and the web site associated with that domain name appears to be a retread of the CCRG site using the name "Immune System Management" that Mr O'Neill had been moving towards just before his timely death. It looks like the family is continuing the tradition of lying in order to steal money from desperate people. I wonder if I can get the current owners to also continue the tradition of stalking me. Perhaps I should send an email to "goneill" asking whether I should archive all the CCRG material here or expect to be able to expand it in the future.

See everything that appeared in 2014 here.

Here comes de judge! There go the anti-vaccination liars (13/3/2010)
In January I reported that Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine (dis)Information Center had sued Dr Paul Offit, journalist Amy Wallace and publisher Condé Nast because an article in Wired magazine had hurt her feelings by suggesting that when she tells lies she is not telling the truth. To make her point more forcibly she followed up three weeks later by calling for a free discussion of vaccination issues in an apparent attempt to redefine the meaning of the word "free" in the context of free speech. These actions led directly to NVIC and her sharing the Anus Maximus Award in the 2009 Millenium Awards. She was ably assisted in her attempt to stifle Dr Offit's and Ms Wallace's freedom of speech by absolute free speech advocate Jonathon Emord, who also picked up a Millenium Award for his efforts.

Well, here it is only half-way through March and the legal system has moved with unusual alacrity and tossed Ms Fisher's suit into the garbage where it belongs. You can read the full opinion of the Judge here, and note that the case was dismissed because Fisher and her powerful lawyer were not able to even establish that any cause for the suit existed. In lawyer speak they "Failed to make a claim". As I had suggested to Ms Fisher that she might like to produce some proof that she wasn't lying, such as some science, I particularly liked the final paragraph in the opinion:

Plaintiff may wish to defend in court the credibility of her conclusions about the dangers of vaccines, the validity of the evidence she offers in support of those theories, and the policy choices that flow from those views – as well as her own credibility for having advanced those positions. These, however, are academic questions that are not the sort of thing that courts or juries resolve in the context of a defamation action. Rather, an actual statement of fact that is capable of being proven true or false is required as a matter of law. In this context, Plaintiff has not alleged such a statement and has therefore failed to state a claim upon which relief may be granted. An appropriate Order shall issue.

She couldn't produce a "statement of fact that is capable of being proven true or false". Perhaps she needs to get a new lawyer.

In the sprit of generosity that I like to show even to people with whom I disagree, I sent the following Kind and Gentle email to Ms Fisher and Mr Emord.

Dear Ms Fisher and Mr Emord,

I was teaching a class today and the matter of people suing other people to shut them up arose. I immediately thought of the frivolous action that Ms Fisher had brought against Dr Paul Offit, Amy Wallace and Condé Nast. You can imagine my surprise when I got home and checked my email to find that Judge Hilton had thrown the suit into the rubbish bin where it belonged. People often say that the legal system moves at glacial speed, but in this case the court obviously felt that having a case as transparently silly as this one on the active list was an embarrassment to the law.

I assume that the judge's opinion will be given prominence on the web sites of both the NVIC and Mr Emord's law firm, as it will be on my site. Perhaps the opinion could be featured next to the awards that both of you won in the 2009 Millenium Awards.

As is my normal policy, this email and any reply will be published on my web site at www.ratbags.com.

Thank you.

See everything that appeared in 2010 here.

Book of the Week

Flim Flam! Psychics, ESP, Unicorns, and Other Delusions Flim Flam! Psychics, ESP, Unicorns, and Other Delusions by James Randi. I am constantly amazed by the things that people will believe in. This book is a classic exposure of nonsense, much of which has somehow survived into the twenty-first century.

New and featured books

October 2, 2021

I'm Back! Sort of. (2/10/2021)

Now that I'm not working every day to help count Australia's population I'm gradually easing back into a more normal life. I hope to be back to top speed with this site next week (when yet another car rally has been cancelled because od COVID travel restrictions) but today there's just a bit of nostalgia. While I wait for the results of my latest COVID test to come back (a Typhoid Mary visited a couple of places in my town shortly before I was there) I'll be checking for broken and changed links.

Really back soon.

But The Bear's back! (2/10/2021)

To increase the nostalgia quotient I've brought back The Bear's Progress, the story of SkeptoBear's 2004 trip to the bottom left corner of the USA and the top left corner of Mexico, with a trip to James Randi's Amaz!ng Meeting as the excuse for being there.

You can follow along with the journey by starting here.

The Amaz!ng Meeting 2

See more from SMBC here

September, 2021

Well, as far as this site goes September 2021 didn't really exist. The work on the census became a 7-days-a-week thing. Because of a shortage of staff I had to cover the area that had been allocated for two field officers. One of these areas included a lot of farms and a lot of driving. Here's a picture of my car bogged up to the axles in a farmer's front yard. I was eventually winched out but I was glad that it was a day when I'd packed a lunch and a Thermos to make tea because I had to sit there for several hours until a tow truck could get to me. (Murphy's Law dictated that the farm was unoccupied that day so there was nobody there to pull me out with a tractor.)

Not all farmers welcomed visitors, even visitors carrying official and legally enforceable authorisation to enter properties.

On another day I was caught up in a wild and unforecast weather pattern. Not only did I get caught up in a rather heavy snowstorm (with 70-90 kilometre/hour winds to blow me over) while trying to put census forms in letterboxes or tie them to farm gates, but nobody had told me about the extremely heavy rainfall the night before. Five flooded roads told me about this as I spent most of the day doing detours. I made it back home just before all the roads around my town (including the streets within the town) were closed for a couple of days because of heavy snow.

The flooded river is in the background, but I couldn't drive through the bog to get to it.

It didn't really matter that I couldn't get my car out of the steep lane behind my place the next day, because the road at the end of the lane was closed.

A few days later I was back in the area, but the boggy piece of road in the photo above was still impassable. I had to go to a farm on the other side of it. The photos below show the farm gate from one side of the bog and river and from the road outside (both taken with the same 55mm lens on the camera). The map shows the 30 kilometre drive (mostly on dirt roads) between the two shots. Good times.

Have I mentioned the COVID19 plague that made it impossible to talk to farmers when doing the followup on people who hadn't submitted census returns (participation in the census was mandatory, with quite heavy fines possible for refusers), but also restricted where I could go and when I could go there?

But it's all over for the next five years and my bank account is looking healthy, so I don't have anything to complain about.

You can click here to see everything that has appeared on the front page over the last 22 years.

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