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January 16, 2021

Happy New Year.
Well, it's got to be a happier year than the last one.

Keep wearing masks in public, please.

Happy New Year (16/1/2021)

See more Cyanide and Happiness here

The 2020 Millenium Awards (16/1/2021)

But first, just to get you in the mood for the announcements.

Because of the ongoing COVID emergency I had to cancel this year's celebration event with its Red Carpet and legendary Afterparty. As with cancellation of other award ceremonies such as the Oscars and BAFTAs couturiers and cocaine dealers are devastated, but It's not just tourist spots and CBD sandwich shops who have had to suffer the pain.

You can read all about it at the 2020 Awards page.

  • Anus Maximus Award - "Chef" Pete Evans
  • Quote of the Year - Milo Yiannopoulos
  • Highly Commended
    • Innate Life Chiropractic
    • "Dr" Billy DeMoss
    • Solihin Millin
  • Encouragement Awards
    • Joint award to Andrew Wakefield and Del Bigtree
    • Pentagon Space Aliens
    • Tom Heneghan and Stewart Webb
    • Conspiracy believers - all of them

Oh, noes!!! AVN does a flight to fantasy. (16/1/2021)

Free speech champion, Meryl Dorey from the Australian Vaccination-[lies, lies, lies] Network, has announced that following some crackdowns by various social media sites, the AV-[fu]N is leaving Facebook and heading for the cesspits occupied by other examples of human filth. Of course, Ms Dorey's total commitment to free speech has seen her block me from Facebook pages, remove me from mailing lists, block me on Twitter and spend a year trying to get a court to remove my freedom of speech but if you took away her hypocrisy there would be a massive hole in her personality.

You can read the whole announcement by clicking on the picture over there on the right, but I thought I would quote a couple of pieces of it.

The AVN Committee has made the decision not to remain on Facebook where we are already shadow-banned and suppressed for sharing factual, referenced information on the harms and ineffectiveness inherent in our one-size-fits-all vaccination program. We cannot support a platform that is so blatant about silencing us and so many others.

But later

We will, however, no longer be responding to any messages sent to the FaceBook page nor will we be replying to comments except for the rare FaceBook Lives we put up and of course, Under the Wire every Saturday morning at 10 AM AEST

So they are leaving, except when they are not leaving. To misquote Paul Simon "I am leaving, I am leaving but the liar still remains".

Maybe I should quote that first paragraph again, but this time apply The Yellow Marker of Lying.

The AVN Committee has made the decision not to remain on Facebook where we are already shadow-banned and suppressed for sharing factual, referenced information on the harms and ineffectiveness inherent in our one-size-fits-all vaccination program. We cannot support a platform that is so blatant about silencing us and so many others.

Ms Dorey and her ilk just can't help themselves. There is a theory that they have to include lies in everything they say just to meet the daily quota.

Homeopaths diluted and succussed (16/1/2021)

With great sadness I have to report that the UK Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care has suspended the accreditation of the Society of Homeopaths. Oh, sorry, did I say "sadness"? I meant "joy".

From the media release:

In February 2020 accreditation was renewed, subject to a Condition that included making its position statements clear that registrants must not practise CEASE, practise or advertise adjunctive therapies that are incompatible with Society registration, or provide advice on vaccination.

But ...

We found the Conditions were not met and that the SoH did not fully meet a number of our Standards. In view of the recurrent nature of the concerns, and that several Conditions had already been imposed on the SoH since February 2020, we decided to suspend accreditation.

Unfortunately the suspension is only for a year, and I doubt that it will be announced to the customers of homeopaths or will make any difference to what homeopaths do or say. As many (a majority? most) of them are quite aware that what they do is both medical and financial fraud they don't need accreditation to carry on as usual.

There is a reasonable argument that instead of suspending the quacks for a year the suspension should have been for a nanosecond (or whatever short period of time they are measuring at CERN these days). Applying the Law of Infinitesimals would make this a much more powerful penalty. Well, it "works" for homeopathic "medicines".

And speaking of CERN ... (16/1/2021)

Not really a joke, but hilarious anyway.
(CERN is an acronym of Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire,
or European Council for Nuclear Research in English.)

Are they barking mad? (Rhetorical question) (16/1/2021)

Back in August last year I mentioned how kooks decided that "5G" as used to describe acceleration forces was the same thing as "5G" when talking about telecommunications. They have now gone one better and have proved that 5G and Covid-19 are intimately connected, something long suspected in Conspiracy World.. To support this the circuit diagram for the nanochips to be included in the COVID-19 vaccine has been discovered. "5G FREQ" is right there, so nothing can be denied.

The image is a bit blurry because the photo had to be taken with one of those tiny Minolta cameras that spies use in movies and this camera was missing that chain that hangs down so that you can get the correct focussing distance by letting the end of the chain just touch the document being photographed.

Oh, and one other thing - it's actually a schematic for a pedal used to switch on a particular effect for an electric guitar. Or so the "skeptics" say. They point to the footswitch and ask why one of those would be necessary on a tiny chip floating around the body, but that's just camouflage. The guitar effect is supposedly called "metal" and everyone knows that "metal rock" is the invention of Satan and therefore fits in easily with the Gates conspiracy to control the world through 5G and vaccines. And you can't deny that "5G" must relate to the five points of a pentagram. (I'm practising making things up.)

I know this might be something planted in relevant places to confuse and excite loons, but I've been around long enough to know that they will believe anything.

See more from Dan Piraro here

Facebook Fouls Up (are you sure you meant to type "Fouls"?) (16/1/2021)

In December 2013 and again in January 2014 anti-vaccination liars and associated vermin went on a rampage of complaining to Facebook. The complaints relied on Facebook's opaque yet flexible interpretation of their "community standards". Several people, myself included, had their accounts temporarily suspended.

It looks like it's started again. I was typing something into Facebook on January 2 and this popped up.

There is always the possibility that this attracted the attention of the famous Facebook "algorithm" and wasn't triggered by a complaint, but I know that in the past the kooks have resorted to trawling history to look for things to whinge about. Happily, the post was restored after I disagreed with its removal, but November 2016?

Now consider this image of a Facebook thread from January 2, 2021 (is the date a coincidence?).

You might notice that it seems that "Carol Thompson" has twice replied to something that I said, but in neither case are my words there. That's because she was stabbed in the feels and had to complain. Here is my first comment in a different context

And the second comment to which she replied before complaining:

My objections to both complaints were rejected and I was then banned from posting anything for 24 hours.

And by the way, someone (not me) reported "Carol Thompson's" two messages mentioning me to Facebook for harassment and her objections were upheld and her comments stayed there for public viewing.

"Community standards". Yeah, right.

See more from Joe Dator here

Something new that's actually something old

I've written a lot of short articles and news items here over the last two decades. Each week a couple of these pieces will be randomly selected and displayed at the bottom of the week's update. They might not always still be relevant, but that's they way history works.

Some random pieces of history

Deniers gonna deny (25/1/2014)
On a fairly regular basis people post messages to Internet forums with a specific agenda challenging the residents to justify why they should not be outed as hypocrites because the interloper is more whatever than they are. Anti-vaccination liars, for example, are champions at this, claiming that they have the truth and everyone else is either in the pay of Big Pharma or are just unthinking sheeple. Climate change deniers do the same, usually by trying to claim the term "skeptic" for themselves. (See above for the AVN trying to do the same thing.) One appeared on the Facebook group "Skeptics in Australia" during the week and instantly launched an attack on everyone. Any attempt to discuss anything with him soon escalated into insults and non sequitur, so the group administrators deleted the thread. I discovered this the next time I logged in, so I wrote this.

I gather from several notifications mentioning me that led to a deleted thread that someone challenged me to or about something. I like a challenge, especially when it comes from someone using an idiosyncratic definition of "skepticism".

Skepticism is about being open to evidence, the more of it the better. There will always be "mavericks" who go against scientific consensus. Sometimes these people are correct, but most often they are not. When you have a body of knowledge built up over a long period and countless confirming observations and which can be explained by a coherent set of theories (such as climate change, the role of bacteria in infection, the efficacy of vaccination, the horror of Nazi death camps, ...) the chances of the mavericks being right diminishes. When they can't offer anything except "You are wrong" it is safe to call them "deniers".

Deniers often like to talk about paradigm shifts without understanding what Kuhn meant by the term. He didn't mean that somebody comes along and throws over all established knowledge - he meant that a point can be reached where a theory simply cannot explain some anomalies and a new theory is needed to fill the gaps. Einstein didn't overthrow Newton, he stood on Newton's shoulders to see a little further into the way the universe works. There is a reason that science-based Nobel Prizes are usually awarded long after what they are awarded for happened, and, remember, they are usually for some breakthrough which adds explanation to or extends an existing body of knowledge. The delay is there to allow others to incorporate the new discoveries and use them to explain what we don't know a little better. And to make sure that the new ideas are correct.

It takes time and a lot of work to find out what reality is doing and even though science isn't a democracy where the majority rules, the majority is far more likely to be right than a tiny minority who don't try to fill the gaps in knowledge but use a crowbar to widen them.

Nobody laughed at Galileo, but even if they did he was right and he got there by extending the work of others using methods and equipment that weren't available to his predecessors. He could demonstrate his theory to anyone prepared to look through his telescope. If someone came along today and claimed that he had proof that the Sun went around a fixed Earth we would want some pretty convincing evidence before we would say that the consensus had been overthrown.

But if the evidence was good enough ...

I was informed that in the deleted messages he had told me that I was lying and had challenged me to comprehensively prove that the climate was changing. I referred him to the IPCC web site and asked him to provide his thoughts on all the papers that had been used to build the various reports that the organisation had made over the years. He ran away and hasn't been heard of since. Which is typical behaviour for deniers.

I had something to say along these lines a little while ago in "Give me my word back".

See everything that appeared in 2014 here.

The Who sang "Won't get fooled again" but the WHO did (11/5/2019)
One of the problems that sane people have is that there is so much misinformation out there that it is easy to get confused about what is truth and what is lies, what is a good source of information and what is a cesspit. One of the cesspits full of lies is an organisation named VINE (Vaccine Information Network). Like the similarly named National Vaccination Information Center, there is very little information there that isn't a lie. It used to be run by one of the vilest anti-vaccination liars around, a thing named Erwin Alber. Alber did the world a favour by dying in 2018, but the putrescence survives.

My Facebook feed went berserk when it was revealed that the World Health Organisation had posted a link to VINE. While the error was soon corrected, it showed that even a group as au fait with vaccine safety and efficacy as the WHO could be fooled if they didn't read closely enough. Unlike the WHO, VINE is resolutely committed to the spread of measles, no matter how many children it kills or blinds or how many get meningitis or other sequelae of the disease.

Oh, and I mentioned conspiracies above. Alber dropped dead outside his house in Thailand. Almost immediately there was speculation that he must have been murdered because of his anti-vaccination stance. Just as anti-vaccination liars can't believe that anyone can oppose them without being paid to do so, they just know that when anyone on their side of the fence dies it must be murder. I suppose that's the sort of thing you think when you don't have a working brain or conscience.

See everything that appeared in 2019 here.

December 19, 2020

It's the season to be jolly. So do it!! (19/12/2020)

The reason for the seasonThe stores are packed with shoppers stocking up on groceries because supermarkets are going to be closed for a day. Plans are being made to stay at home because those panic buyers ignored the advice to only go out when necessary and wear a mask when you do, so there are some COVID breakouts in popular Christmas visiting locations (including the area where most of my family live - we'll be partying like it's 1919). Radio stations are playing Christmas songs and we are all hoping to avoid Whamageddon. Shopping centres are also playing Christmas music, possibly to keep people away unless shopping is absolutely essential.

This time last year there were massive bush fires all over my state and my little country town was almost cut off from the rest of the world (we weren't at risk from fires, but the roads in and out were). We all thought that things couldn't get worse, but of course they did. We are hoping for a better 2021 (even though it seems to say "2020 won").

I would like to thank all the visitors to this site over the year and wish you a very Merry Christmas, and I hope you all have a better year next year than this one. With more than 600,000 visitors during the year I can't complain too much about the work I put in to what is just a hobby. People who attach a religious meaning to the season are quite welcome to do so, but Christmas is a secular event around my place centred on friends and family. Fundamentalist atheists who want to complain about me using "Christmas" instead of the anonymous "Xmas" should direct their ire to devnull@ratbags.com where their complaints will be comprehensively ignored. Christians who object to the depersonalisation of Jesus by the use of "Xmas" need to check out the Greek word Χριστού and notice the first letter of the Greek word for "Christ". if you want to tell me it's really Isaac Newton's birthday on December 25 I already know that.

To avoid offending anyone I'll just say that if your particular Solstice celebration or anything else you celebrate around this time falls on a different date then take this one as a bonus. And Happy Festivus to all.

I'll be taking a break, and hopefully will be back on or about January 16 with the annual Millenium Awards. As I say every year - drink sensibly, drive safely and do them on different days.

Be careful what you ask for (19/12/2020)

Thank you to the anonymous artist.

Get ready for the lies (19/12/2020)

One of the very few things that anti-vaccination liars are good at is lying about vaccines. With the arrival of vaccines against the current COVID-19 plague we can expect a ramping up of the lying and the distortion of facts. I was once told by a supporter of non-medicine that any death from any cause during a clinical trial means that the drug, vaccine or whatever is too dangerous to be used. This applies even if the deaths are in the placebo group, and we all know that vaccines are never tested against an inert placebo if they are even tested at all. In response to one of those "they are never tested for safety" claims I once pointed someone to more than 7,000 papers in medical journals reporting on vaccine safety tests and was asked to prove that they weren't all just reports of the same test, and also challenged to read them all. Of course, no clinical trials are ever carried out unless you count the >400,000 subjects in the trials of the Salk polio vaccine or the >30,000 in trials of Gardasil HPV vaccine. But what are facts when you are talking about vaccines except propaganda from Big Pharma?

The liars are having trouble convincing people that there are no trials of any COVID vaccine because news of the trials is everywhere, although they have transferred their "too many too soon" idiocy to "too quick too soon", ignoring the fact that the vaccine manufacturers have had a lot of experience with fast development (they do it every year for influenza) even if they haven't had to work with this sort of disease since the SARS epidemic of 2003. (SARS was caused by a coronavirus, SARS-CoV-1 The current version is SARS-CoV-2.)

If such a thing could be funny, I think the funniest anti-vaccination lie I've heard so far is a retread of the old "Catholics can't use vaccines" nonsense that was hit on the head by the Vatican in 2005. (Meryl Dorey from the Australian Vaccination Network lied about this under the headline "Vatican says, "Parents must oppose vaccines from human foetal remains".) And of course the earlier "Muslim Babies -- MMR Jabs have traces of Pork" lie spread by morons in Britain in 2004. The new one is that because the vaccine uses an animal or even maybe human cell line in its manufacture it can't be taken by vegans without violating their principles. Anti-vaccination liars test the concept of "nadir" and the size of the universe, because even if you go down as far as seems possible you still wouldn't have reached the depths of their depravity.

However, but and another "however". The FDA has admitted that people suffered Severe Adverse Events in the COVID-19 trials. An official document released on December 17 contains the following paragraph:

As of December 6, 2020, there were 3 SAEs reported in the vaccine group: a 65-year-old participant with community acquired pneumonia 25 days after vaccination, a 72-year-old participant with arrhythmia after being struck by lightning 28 days after vaccination, and an 87-year-old participant with worsening of chronic bradycardia 45 days after vaccination. On FDA review of the narratives, none of these SAEs are assessed as related. There were no cases of severe COVID-19 reported in the study.

So, if you get the vaccine be sure to stay indoors during thunderstorms or your heart might start to beat irregularly. And don't get old. Who knows where these things might lead?

A perfect commentary on 2020 (19/12/2020)

See more Tree Lobsters here

December 12, 2020

Advances in Chiropractic. (OK, I'm joking.) (12/12/2020)

Back in March 2019 I invented the cliché "As useless as the Chiropractic Board of Australia" and 21 months later it's probably time to see if anything has changed.

About 1,800 years ago the number zero was recognised. It can probably be defined as the average of -1 and 1, but up until that time it was only used as a placeholder in numbers like 10 and 100. We have to thank the Italian mathematician Fibonacci (aka Leonardo of Pisa), who brought it to Europe along with the rest of the Arabic numerals. I am of course reminded of Fibonacci by the several billion pine cones in the forests around where I live, but I digress ... .

What connects the cliché and the number is that the change in the CBA's policies, powers, control of the chiropractic "profession" and concern for patient welfare is exactly equal to zero. As it was zero before anyway I suppose we could say that it has increased greatly, and maybe even exponentially (that word loved by people who don't know what it means - in this case that y=0 for all values of x in the equation y=0x).

Periodically some nonsensical or dangerous procedure by chiropractors (isn't that everything?) comes to the attention of the relevant health authorities and action is promised to wipe out the offending practice. In 2013 it was cracking the spines of babies and young children; in 2019 it was internal adjustment of the coccyx bone in children (something which many (most?) of us would consider to be sexual abuse). Have chiropractors stopped doing these things? We'll never know because the advice from the CBA was to maintain a low profile until the publicity blew over.

A recent investigation of chiropractors' web sites in Australia revealed large numbers of them promoting the Webster Technique, a procedure to assist in realigning the foetus in the case of possible breech birth. How the uterus is related to "spinal health" is a mystery known only to chiropractors, but nobody is supposed to do it any more because it is against the rules. You might notice that I had no difficulty finding a definition on the web site of a supposedly "professional" chiropractic oversight group. Other sites promoted turmeric as a treatment for cancer, "cupping therapy" to "activate the immune system", manipulation to treat plagiocephaly ("flat head"), fixing subluxations to "boost the immune system" and to treat asthma and constipation. Even members of the board of the CBA offer untested and unlikely treatments. But why go on? Chiropractic can treat anything that a "patient" might have, and it all depends on the imagination and mendacity of the practitioner.

When the current situation was pointed out to the CBA and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency there was agreement that Something Had To Be Done, and done it has. AHPRA have issued new guidelines about what chiropractors can advertise. Note that this isn't placing any restrictions on what chiropractors can do, only on what they publicly say they can do.

So here's my prediction, and it's the same one I've made in the past.

Three years from now chiropractors will still be advertising that they offer supposedly banned treatments. They will still be talking about subluxations as if they exist. They will still be offering to boost the immune system, cure asthma and other medical conditions, still massaging the abdomens of pregnant women to turn babies the right way up, still pretending to be real medical practitioners (and insisting on being addressed as "Doctor"), still doing all the things they do today. Not one chiropractor will have been deregistered or have had any action taken against him by the Chiropractic Board of Australia (unless convicted of an unrelated crime resulting in imprisonment, and maybe not even then). It will be business as usual, just as it has been since DD Palmer invented the scam in 1895.

There is only one way to correct the excesses of chiropractic, and that is to close it down and stop pretending that it has anything to do with health or medicine. There is no Blood Letting Board of Australia because the world has moved on from that dangerous and useless practice. It's about time we moved on from the quackery of 1895 as well.

Stolen from Facebook

Quintessence Nook (12/12/2020)

December 2000 provided much debate about the coming year. Were we to call it "two thousand and one", "two thousand one" or the awful "twenty one"? Pedants who had been silent since the previous December reemerged with their arguments about when millennia, centuries and decades began, again pointing out that we start counting from one, not zero. A general agreement was reached that following the tradition of "eighties" and "nineties" we should continue to say that we were living in the "naughties". It was hot in Sydney and cold in Utqiagvik. (This was no surprise, it's always cold in Utqiagvik.)

Here's some quintessence from December 2000.

Life after death ~ Is Heaven Real?
It's perfectly reasonable to worry about what is going to happen to you in the afterlife. Here in the earthly plane we think about our investments and our pension plans, we buy insurance to cover us in case of accident or illness, we send our kids to good schools so they can get good jobs, we exercise and eat right so bits don't wear out or fall off us too soon. All of this is understandable, but there is more. We all like to think we lead good lives and don't sin too much. We all want to go to Heaven. Now there is a place where you can remove all doubt. Here you can take a quiz to see if you are eligible. I took the test. Unfortunately the news was not good, and I hope it is not too late for me to change my ways.

Nostalgia! There is a Hit Counter!!! It doesn't work any more, but it's the thought that counts.

The Language of Light
People often ask me what Quintessence of the Loon is about and I find it difficult to answer. Not any more, because I can now describe it in the language of light. The symbol at the right is the Quintessence of the Loon tone, and is made up of Tone Number 8, "Divine Union" which "creates the understanding that the active and passive modes of knowledge, awareness and beingness must join in purpose for a whole or complete consciousness to be created. All aspects are to be seen, understood and blended into completion" and Tone Number 44, "Unspoken Worlds" to "allow for truth beyond current boundaries in expanded awareness of self. Providing an actively changing creational environment, unspoken worlds create greater and greater opportunity for truth to expand. In blending with and surrendering to unspoken worlds, truth has the opportunity to become what it did not know itself to be". Is that clear now?

Or is it? This site has now turned itself into a Japanese pornography site, with a collection of photographs. Or maybe it's a gynecology site. I can't read Japanese so I guess I'll never know.

Dreams of the Great Earth Changes
Crop circles are called that because some of them are circles. The Sun appears as a circle in the sky. This would be enough to hint at a connection, but then you find that, just as there has been more than one crop circle, there is more than one Sun. This cannot be a coincidence. There must be meaning in it. Further examples of things that cannot be coincidences occur with the number 11. First there is the obvious fact that it contains two of the same numeral. A coincidence? I think not! Then there is the time 11:11 which occurs twice each day, the 11/11 date which occurs once each year (and yet is the same day in both mm/dd and dd/mm formats). Then there is the verse 11, chapter 11 which occurs in so many of the books of the Bible. It could not be a coincidence that there is a Revelation 11:11 and the eleventh character to be named in Hamlet is called "Voltimand". Lock up your lampstands.

Alien Bases on Earth
I know that's a picture of Mars, not Earth, but there are bases there too. It's a nice picture but, in any case, as I am a resident of Earth I don't want to give any more clues about here to the aliens by showing them pictures of the place. Let them get their own pictures. As it says on this site, we can find out "The places where the Aliens live and from where they operate. Also from where most Space Ships come and return after missions are accommplished (sic)". This is pretty exciting stuff, and I was pleased to find that there is an alien base doing agricultural research only about one day's drive from my house. I might go there for my next holiday. It's only a small town and grey people with big eyes should be easy to pick out as they accommplish things in the fields. I will have to go in winter because it's very hot there this time of year and they will all be sitting in the shade of the saucer and not accommplishing much at all.

The contents of this site have disappeared, leaving only an empty web page. I can only assume some form of abduction. Perhaps the aliens were annoyed at the spelling of "accomplished". PB January 2003

Wayne Manzo's AMERICA'S LINE: The Truth is Here!
I haven't seen the guest list, but I don't suppose Wayne had an invitation to the recent wedding of popular music diva, Louise Veronica Ciccone, better known to her millions of fans as "Madonna". You see, Wayne is suing Madonna and several other people, including his own brother, because they have been causing government instrumentalities to conspire to harass Wayne. I can't quite figure out how Madonna fits into all this, but maybe there are hidden messages in her songs. Perhaps the brother passes on information about Wayne's whereabouts to Madonna, she codes up the coordinates and puts them into songs, the songs get played on the radio and the CIA's testicle-kickers go round to Wayne's place with their rubber hoses. The only problem with this is that every time the local greatest hits station plays Like a Virgin, the FBI kicks down the door at wherever Wayne lived in 1984. (Wayne is looking for someone to share his life. Madonna will not be singing at the wedding.)

This site won Loon of the Month. The citation read:

Loon of the Month
Loon of the Month was a lay-down misère. I know that means you don't win a trick, but that describes Wayne Manzo perfectly. It is really not fair to other potential monthly loons to include Wayne here, but now that he has won the field opens up again in future months. I feel sorry for the other sites that came up against him this month, but his arrival here was inevitable once Madonna said she was getting married in December. That announcement focussed the attention of the world on Wayne, and his garland is the result.

Wayne's site disappeared in one of the regular purges at Tripod but I thought it was too good to lose so I grabbed a copy from the Web Archive. Also it has flames, rotating crosses and a Webring.

The Theory of Evolutionary Process as a Unifying Paradigm
I like a good philosophical argument. There's no sport quite like a team of Cartesian Absolutists lining up against some Euthanastic Ethicists, with teams of Moralistic Relativists, Kuhnian Popperists and Aristotelian Nihilists waiting on the sidelines to take on the victors. I'm not sure which side Frank would be playing for, but he would be the player to watch with material like "The first level is "point-like" or zero-dimensional in character, is "outside/beyond" space and time, and has complete (three degrees) freedom. Level I projects the "firelike" Ground of Being--the teleological impulse of potential/realization. The second level is "linear" or one-dimensional in character, "subsists" in time, and has two degrees of freedom and one degree of constraint. Level II precipitates and persists as the "watery" realm of becoming--the continuous charged flow of substance/force".

Cold Fusion and Plasmoids
Every now and then some scientist says that cold fusion is dead. Just to show that these orthodoxists fail to see what is really going on, here is just one of the many sites revealing that research into cold fusion is not only going on but is going strong. That's the trouble with scientists, you see. They keep asking for things like evidence and experiments that work and can be repeated. Is it any wonder that research in vital areas like free and unlimited energy are hampered when researchers have to comply with hide-bound rules made up by philosophers? Don't get me started on the conspiracy to prevent research. That's another can of worms entirely. A couple of other good points about this site are how easy it is to read and how it lists some bands. You don't find that on the Nature or Science sites, do you?

The orthodoxy has suppressed another pioneer, and this site has cooled to absolute zero. PB January 2003

Every writer's perennial problem (12/12/2020)

See more from Judy Horacek here

Missing in action (16/1/2021)

I've temporarily removed the part at the bottom of the page that showed the Book of the Week and a list of some selected books. Something seems to have changed at Amazon and a large number of message interchanges between the web site host and Amazon were slowing down the time it took for this page to load.

We have our best people working on it and hope to find an answer sometime soon. Or whenever.

You can click here to see everything that has appeared on the front page over the last 22 years.

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