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August 21, 2021

Still missing (21/8/2021)

I might have mentioned that I'm employed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics to work on the 2021 census. This has been a full-time, seven days a week job for the last few weeks and will continue for the next few weeks so I won't have time (or the energy) to do much else, let alone write stuff for a hobby web site, until probably the middle of September. Like General Macarthur and The Terminator I will both return and be back. Eventually.

Meanwhile here's some nostalgia to keep everyone occupied and amused.

Quintessence Nook (21/82021)

June, July and August all combined, appropriate for the only three months of the year with "u" as the second letter (and they are all together on the calendar too).

Here are some memories from JJ&A 2001.

In a long tradition going all the way back to 1999, Quintessence of the Loon spent the month of June 2001 looking at conspiracies. This was done to honour the memory of Earl Gordon Curley who held the dual distinctions of being the world's greatest psychic and the net's nuttiest loon. Earl died on 26 June, 1998, having confidently predicted that the Pope would die during that year (he didn't). Earl did not, however, predict the death of Earl. It is people like Earl who make sites like QotL possible, and we all owe him a great debt of gratitude.

Dealey Plaza Cam
Here's something you don't see every day – a sniper's viewpoint. See real pictures from the place where Oswald would have been when he shot Kennedy, if he had shot Kennedy. Really, this site is a scam because it shows the view from the sixth floor of the book repository and everyone knows that Jackie shot John from across the car using a gun hidden in her garter. John had just had a haircut and Jackie was reading Catcher in the Rye while she waited. Hang on, that was someone else …

Freemasonry is… Corruption is… Injustice is… Freemasonry
What would a conspiracy collection be without something about the Masons? From the look of this page, everyone in England is a Mason except the author of the site and a couple of people at the top of the Catholic Church (the archbishops probably are closet Masons but they can't admit it because their job descriptions say they have to oppose Masonishism). This site also has a bonus, because not only does it demonstrate the ubiquity of Freemasonry, but it manages to get in the fluoride conspiracy as well. Of course, this is not news to all of us. I was at a Royal garden party once and shook hands with the Queen. Our eyes met and as I looked into those reptilian eyes above the strong, fillingless teeth I felt her thumb press on a certain knuckle …

True story – a week or so after this appeared in QotL I received an email from the top man at the Masons in the UK expressing his delight at the garden party story.

The Majestic Documents
Things were a lot better in Washington in the old days. Today, a President can't even share a cigar with an office worker without the story getting into the papers, but 50 years ago you could have committees with large numbers of people on them and they could discuss the truth about UFOs and nobody ever knew what went on. I put it down to the way smoking has fallen out of favour. Back then, a man could come home with a cigar in his pocket and his wife just assumed he had been smoking the things. But I digress … I notice that this site features one of my favourite scientists, Stanton Friedman Nuclear Physicist, who proved the existence of UFOs by the simple method of asking people to vote on it.

For those who doubt the power and reach of conspiracy, I assembled the photo of the committee from two pictures on the site. When I finished, the joined image was 666 pixels wide! A coincidence. I think not! Click here to see for yourself.

Math, Science, Education, Ancient Egypt, and Atlantis
I like a bit of mathematics. I don't always understand it, though. For example, how is it that no matter how much I add to my bank account, there's never enough in there? This site has been a great help, because it has introduced me to the number 360. It's very handy to know that this is almost exactly the number of days in a year, although I feel that if I built this number into my plywood and string SpaceHenge calendar I might miss some birthdays. It's also exactly the number of half-degrees between freezing and boiling points on the Fahrenheit scale, one fifth the number of cubic centimetres in my car's engine and the number of notes in 45 octaves. And this site has Atlantis, too! Between Darwin and Singapore! How convenient is that?

The passage of 20 years seems to have removed the mentions of Atlantis from this site, but as it now a frontrunner for "Most Self Congratulatory Web Site In Existence" it is still relevant. SpaceHenge is still there.

Astronumology Mathematics Syntax
It fascinates me how people can be so lucid when explaining complicated things. There are some areas of knowledge which are so complex that you wonder how anyone can understand them, let alone talk about them, but then an example comes along that shows that there really are people out there who not only know what they are talking about but can actually talk about it. Consider this: "An instance of a XORS Pomtudel Operator,in figure 3, is the classical astrological sextile relationship. The XORS Pomstruct operator is what an Astronumologist analysts does when considering these equations to produce a Result Attribute ; where a Result Attribute is the "meaning" that has been assigned to a given set of aspect equations. The subscripts of the letter R, which stands for the Result Attributes, is a particular Result Attribute. The superscript of the Result Attribute (R) indicates the philosophy of the analysis. In this way one can compare more than one "interpretation" of a given equation by different Astronumological phylosophies". And to think that some people wouldn't know a pomtudel if it bit them.

It looks like the result attribute of this site is now "null". PB October 2003

Planetary Headquarters
It's good to know that there is a headquarters for this planet. If you look in the paper or watch the TV news, you would think that nobody is running the place, so it is quite exciting to find that Caligastia, the Planetary Prince of Earth/Urantia, is out there with his hands on the levers. Of course, when I say that nobody is running the place I realise that this is only an illusion because there are any number of secret societies actually pulling the strings, but Caligastia has a focus and a single-mindedness that the Illuminati, the Masons or the Salvation Army can only wish for. When it comes to the final showdown, he will thwart the pretenders. He has the angels on his side.

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - John W. Keely's Sacred Science
John Keely is famous for inventing perpetual motion, although nasty people pointed out things like the fact that his machines did not move perpetually and even needed a bit of hidden help at times. All that is forgotten in the excitement of Keely's discovery about the nature of music. It seems that music has something to do with vibrations. I am not sure why nobody else has noticed this, but as it says on this site "This complex and dynamic STATE of energy is really a neutral state which manifests with bipolar (positive/negative) characteristics. Motion or liberated force comes from the interplay of these three states all of which originate from the Full Harmonic Chord or what I call the Grand or Prime Neutral. This is also the so-called Zero-Point energy state, again a poor descriptive. The word vacuum is good as long as one does not forget there is no such thing a no-thing. This Prime Neutral State, manifesting bi-polarly, is superconductivity in essence brought about by the dynamical characteristics of sympathetic vibration which of course is a result of harmonized propagated vibrational phenomena". Got that?

Hermetic Alchemical Order of the QBLH
I enjoyed studying alchemy at university (yes, I went to school a long time ago, which is why I need some of Alex Chiu's Immortality Rings), but I never made it into the Hermetic Order because I was always a little outside the mainstream. For example, while my teachers were concentrating on finding a way to transmute lead into gold I went off on a tangent and used a machine (called a "shotgun") to turn lead into duck. There were good times and bad times, of course. There were disasters like the time I left the lid off the phlogiston barrel and the lab's pet rook fell in and was bleached to an unattractive shade of yellow, and great times like the day that Philosopher Stone and I got drunk and painted the dean's horse black and white and swapped him for a handful of magic beans with someone who wanted a cow. Aaah! Memories!

Susanna Thorpe-Clark
Have you ever wondered about the connection between colours, invisibility and your big toe? I sometimes wake up in the night thinking about two out of the three, but I have found that many people prefer to avoid the issue and not talk about it. For example, I have tried to discuss the matter with people who sit next to me on long plane flights but usually they are so embarrassed by their lack of knowledge that they ask the cabin crew to move them to another seat. My family simply will not recognise the problem and whenever I mention it they pretend to be deaf and turn up the volume on the television. Faced with such negativity, I was really pleased to find Susanna's site where some of it is explained. I am still trying to work out the big toe part, but the link between colours and invisibility must have something to do with yellow writing on a white background. If you still don't get the connection, I will repeat the bit about yellow writing on a white background. Is it clear now?

The PORTALS of LIGHT: Channeling Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy
Have you ever wanted to have your very own copy of an interview with a Yeti? I have, and this is where I finally found it. He even "tells how he teleported his family to a place on Earth where all ones of his race. (Uhtarians) come together with ones of the Ashtar Command to discuss Earth events, the role of the sasquatch now, and their part in the changes to come". Fabulous!

Something new that's actually something old

I've written a lot of short articles and news items here over the last two decades. Each week a couple of these pieces will be randomly selected and displayed at the bottom of the week's update. They might not always still be relevant, but that's the way history works.

Some random pieces of history

Get them demons out of them girls! (24/1/2009)
EIs this a demon?xorcism is a medieval practice usually associated with the bad old days of the Catholic Church. Yes, it occasionally pops its ugly head up in some Catholic parishes today, but it is still seen as a throw-back to ancient times. You might not expect to see it in a hip, up-to-the-minute, rock-music-playing generation Y outfit like my local Temple of Mammon, Hillsong. Well you might not expect it if you didn't know that exorcism is cheaper to supply than professional counselling and Hillsong likes to supply counselling in the cheapest fashion possible, especially when there is government money to be had for the asking. One of Hillsong's sidelines is Mercy Ministries, where unfortunate young girls who have been led astray by pregnancies or substance abuse are offered counselling to help them get their lives back together. The counselling is provided by fully qualified Bible students (qualified in Bible study, that is, not that expensive and time-consuming psychology) and is provided for free (after the clients assign their welfare benefits to Hillsong). As an added incentive to the young ladies to mend their ways, a special part of the auditorium is reserved for them at Hillsong's theatre posing as a church so that they can be pointed out to the rest of the audience for mocking and pity. Placing them in stocks and supplying tomatoes to throw at them would be silly as it would require money being spent on building the stocks, buying the tomatoes (although surely some Hillsong-attending farmer could be persuaded to donate them) and cleaning costs (unless audience members would like to volunteer). Having their hands locked into stocks would also prevent the girls from getting their pocket money out when the collection plate comes around.

Read more about this travesty here.

See everything that appeared in 2009 here.

I'm famous! (25/5/2013)
After the article about the ludicrous legal attempt to silence me came out in Monday's paper I started receiving a lot of calls and emails from the media. I've been interviewed for a couple of television programs (one recorded, with airing date yet to be announced, and one just at the data gathering stage that might come to nothing). I was also approached by some print and online media. One that came out of the blue was a request to write something for the Dubbo Weekender. For those not familiar with Australian geography, Dubbo is a country town about 300 kilometres in a straight line north-west of Sydney (400Km by road) with a population of about 33,000. I am not shy about saying my piece, so I put fingers to keyboard immediately. For the time being you can see the article on the Weekender web site here, but Dubbo Weekenderif that can't be reached you can read it on this very site.

Needle point

In the early 1950s, when every parent was terrified that their children might catch polio, there was a small amount of opposition to the vaccine. The objectors were treated with the ridicule they deserved.

Jump forward a few decades and there are organisations around the world that have deceptive names like the National Vaccine Information Center (US), the Australian Vaccination Network and Justice, Awareness and Basic Support (UK) which exist for no other purpose than to spread untruths about the supposed dangers of vaccines. All these groups were set up by people who claimed, without evidence, that they had "vaccine damaged" children. These people denigrating vaccines and abusing the scientists who developed and tested them were no longer treated with scorn. Now they had become experts, called on by the media to provide "balance" whenever the topic of vaccines was discussed. When a new vaccine came onto the market television shows would compete to have these experts on to warn the public about potential dangers.

You can read the rest here

See everything that appeared in 2013 here.

Book of the Week

The Myth of Repressed Memory : False Memories and Allegations of Sexual Abuse The Myth of Repressed Memory : False Memories and Allegations of Sexual Abuse by Elizabeth Loftus and Katherine Ketcham. An entire industry has grown up around the absurd idea that children can be subjected to atrocities like sexual abuse and cannibalism and not remember any of this until some 'therapist' reconstructs the memories for them. This book exposes this nonsense for what it is - a vicious attack on children and families by people prepared to knowingly lie to support a crazy ideology.

New and featured books

July 24, 2021

Where has he been and where is he going? (24/7/2021)

I was a bit optimistic last week. The project to move everything I've written for other publications over to my personal site at peterbowditch.com (which I thought was done) seems to be complete now that I have located all the ones I missed and sorted out the database changes to make sure all the links from the various lists here work. Like all IT projects it took longer than expected and was one of those jobs which a sensible person would not have started in the first place. I've still got to move all the speeches and talks, but there's no urgency and that will happen over the next few weeks.

To make sure I had no spare time I had to do three days training for my job on the coming census

And speaking of the next few weeks and the census, the census happens on August 10 and because of a staff shortage I will be doing the work that would have been allocated to two people. This means that I have a lot more area to cover handing out forms, explaining the census to residents (and finding residents who live on remote farms) and following up after the date than I first expected and the date of the census isn't going to change. With everyone's movements severely affected by the COVID-19 outbreak (thank you, mask and vaccine refusers!) the days ahead will be challenging.

Don't expect to see much here for the next three or four weeks.

Scammers gotta scam (23/7/2021)

Reminiscent of the fraud pulled using pretend clinical trials by archquack Stan Burzynski, a Melbourne operation calling itself the National Institute for Integrative Medicine has been charging people money to be part of a "clinical trial" of an unapproved (and unlikely) cancer treatment. In their favour, they only charge $850 to be a "participant" in the trial rather than the hundreds of thousands of dollars charged by Burzynski, but legitimate researchers do not charge people to be part of a trial.

Unfortunately nothing can be done by regulators to shut down this pretence at medicine, and the NIIM is up to its armpits in all sorts of quackery and charlatinism. The fact that leading proponents of alternatives to medicine such as Isaac Golden and Ian Brighthope are associated with NIIM should be enough of a red flag to warn off potential victims, but while ever respect is shown to homeopaths and other pushers of useless treatments and potions there is not much hope of the warning signs being observed.

You can read about this travesty here.

And a note about calling yourself a "cancer specialist" – the word "specialist" in a medical context is a protected term. This means you can't use it unless you are actually qualified to be called a specialist in a particular medical field. To do so without such qualification is a criminal offence. If you see a quack using the term you can find out how to report them to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency at Reporting a criminal offence. Unfortunately AHPRA recognises chiropractors and other quacks as having some sort of legitimacy, but the world isn't perfect.

They walk amongst us! (24/7/2021)

See more Jesus and Mo here

Action this day #1 (24/7/2021)

Sometimes someone in authority actually takes action, but it looks like the COVID epidemic has encouraged them to take action against somebody. Unfortunately it takes some remarkably egregious claim to trigger any action.

Here's a media release from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission:

Lorna Jane pays $5 million over false 'anti-virus activewear' claims

23 July 2021

The Federal Court has ordered Lorna Jane Pty Ltd (Lorna Jane), to pay $5 million in penalties for making false and misleading representations to consumers, and engaging in conduct liable to mislead the public, in connection with the promotion and supply of its "LJ Shield Activewear".

Lorna Jane Pty Ltd admitted that, between 2 and 23 July 2020, it falsely represented to consumers that its LJ Shield Activewear "eliminated", "stopped the spread" and "protected wearers" against "viruses including COVID-19". The misleading representations were made on in-store signage, on its website, on Instagram, in emails to consumers and in media releases.

The claims made by Lorna Jane about its LJ Shield Activewear included "Cure for the Spread of COVID-19? Lorna Jane Thinks So" and "LJ SHIELD is a groundbreaking technology that makes transferal of all pathogens to your Activewear (and let's face it, the one we're all thinking about is Covid-19) impossible by eliminating the virus on contact with the fabric".

"Lorna Jane falsely promoted its LJ Shield Activewear as eliminating or providing protection from COVID amidst growing numbers of COVID-19 cases in Australia," ACCC Chair Rod Sims said.

"The whole marketing campaign was based upon consumers' desire for greater protection against the global pandemic."

"The $5 million in penalties imposed by the Court highlights the seriousness of Lorna Jane's conduct, which the judge called 'exploitative, predatory and potentially dangerous'," Mr Sims said. 

Lorna Jane also admitted that it had falsely represented it had a scientific or technological basis for making the 'anti-virus' claims about its LJ Shield Activewear, when no such basis existed. The company admitted that it did not have any scientific testing results showing the effectiveness of LJ Shield Activewear on viruses, including COVID-19, nor did it have any scientific results or evidence which would establish the truth of the representations.

Lorna Jane also admitted that director and Chief Creative Officer, Ms Lorna Jane Clarkson, authorised and approved the LJ Shield Activewear promotional material, was involved in crafting the words and developing the imagery used in the marketing campaign, and personally made some of the false statements contained in a media release and an Instagram video.

The judge also said he had taken into account that 'the conduct emanated from a high managerial level within the company' and 'was directed by Ms Clarkson'.

"This was dreadful conduct as it involved making serious claims regarding public health when there was no basis for them," Mr Sims said.

"This type of conduct is particularly harmful where, as here, consumers cannot easily check or monitor the claims made."

Before the start of a hearing on liability, Lorna Jane cooperated with the ACCC, making admissions and agreeing to make joint submissions regarding the imposition of penalties totalling $5 million. 

The Court also ordered by consent that for a period of three years, Lorna Jane is restrained from making any "anti-virus" claims regarding its activewear clothing unless it has a reasonable basis for doing so, must publish corrective notices across the mediums utilised in the marketing campaign, must establish a consumer law compliance program, and must pay the ACCC's costs.

Action this day #2 (24/7/2021)

The normally toothless Therapeutic Goods Administration has apparently acquired a new set of dentures. As well as initiating the action against Lorna Jane they have finally jumped on a homeopath for making bogus claims. Again it took a COVID offence to get anything done, because all homeopathic healing or treatment claims are bogus, but at least it's a start.

Here's the media release from the TGA.

Canberra individual fined $2,664 for alleged unlawful advertising of a homoeopathic medicine in relation to COVID-19

23 July 2021

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), part of the Department of Health, has issued an infringement notice for $2,664 to an individual from Canberra, for a breach of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 (the Act) in relation to the alleged unlawful advertising of a homoeopathic medicine with COVID-19 claims.

The individual allegedly promoted, on their website, a homoeopathic immunisation product that contained a representation that the product provided "a more competent immune response to the Covid-2 virus, and also to those who [are] presenting with post Covid symptoms". The advertisement further stated that the product was made from "the SARS Covid-2".

The alleged advertising was unlawful because it made representations in relation to COVID-19. Any claims or references about therapeutic goods concerning the prevention or treatment of a serious form of a disease, condition, ailment or defect are restricted representations.

Under the Act, the use of restricted representations in advertisements for therapeutic goods is unlawful without the prior authorisation of the TGA. In this case, no relevant authorisation had been granted for the advertised claims.

The TGA was also concerned that the advertisement may result in Australians delaying vaccination in reliance on an unapproved product.

Unfortunately the TGA does not seem to have an actual list of infringement notices on their web site so I can't tell you who the shonk is. I'll keep looking to see if I can find more details, but I'm not optimistic.

See more Argyle Sweater here

How sad is this? (24/7/2021)

A quote from a doctor in Alabama:

Dr. Brytney Cobia said Monday that all but one of her COVID patients in Alabama did not receive the vaccine. The vaccinated patient, she said, just needed a little oxygen and is expected to fully recover. Some of the others are dying.

"I'm admitting young healthy people to the hospital with very serious COVID infections," wrote Cobia, a hospitalist at Grandview Medical Center in Birmingham, in an emotional Facebook post Sunday. "One of the last things they do before they're intubated is beg me for the vaccine. I hold their hand and tell them that I'm sorry, but it's too late."

Think about that last sentence and then GO AND GET VACCINATED!!  "One of the last things they do before they're intubated is beg me for the vaccine. I hold their hand and tell them that I'm sorry, but it's too late."

Read the whole sad story here.

And one last thing (24/7/2021)

Unfortunately we can't seem to get rid of anti-vaccination liar Taylor Winterstein. She took off to France for a while because her husband was moving his professional football career there. It seems that the footballing career fell through and they have been back in Australia for some time, grifting for money from gullible donors and running seminars on relationships that look a lot like monogamous orgies (that's the sort of orgy where pairs of participants don't change partners).

Tay is of course opposed to anything that anyone can do to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, and she took part in an illegal gathering to protest against masks, lockdowns, vaccines and anything else she could think of. She even posted a picture on social media of her and her husband defying the law.

$1,000 fine. Each. She videoed the cops telling her about the fine and lied about telling them to go away. But lying is what she does for a living.

At the same protest a clown was photographed (and videoed by news cameramen) taking a swing at a police horse. The police were not amused. The version from the liar community was that he was just protecting himself from the horse, but news coverage from a helicopter showed that he had plenty of room behind him to get away from the horse. He was arrested.

Oh, and just to increase the lie count, Tay posted a photo to Instagram showing the enormous crowd that turned out for the protest. It would have been more convincing if it hadn't been a photo taken at the Black Lives Matter gathering earlier in the year. But liars just have to keep lying to meet their quotas.

But she doesn't like fake news. No, sireee!!!

July 17, 2021

Still in brevity mode (17/7/2021)

The project to move all of the things I've written over the years for various publications outside The Millenium Project was a lot bigger than I'd anticipated. The idea was to still have links from here to where the articles are at peterbowditch.com, but my eventual aim is to have everything that I can find that I've written plus any speeches and talks I've given over there. So far I've moved everything published in other outlets and replaced them here with links, but I really had no idea how productive I've been over the years. Also, long experience in the IT industry should have warned me that any project that has computers anywhere will always make jokes of budgets and estimates.

I've still got to collect all the speeches and talks there but that can wait.

To add to the subtractions from my time (add to subtractions??) I'm about to become a Field Officer for the coming Australian census and I was given very short notice of when the training would take place and how much of it there would be. That all happens in the next few days and after that I have no idea how busy I will be, but my supervisor suggested "very" so I don't know how much time I will have to do hobbying over the next few weeks. The census happens on August 10 but the work doesn't stop then. Also there's the continuing COVID scare to make things difficult for people who have to go from house to house distributing, explaining and collecting papers. I might be fully vaccinated but that doesn't give me total freedom of movement. It's a wait and see situation. I was supposed to be doing media work at a car rally this weekend but it's been postponed to August 28 (and might yet be cancelled), and another one next weekend has already been cancelled.

One day I'll be able to plan my life out for more than a few days. I was never this busy before I retired and had a job. I don't know how I ever found the time to go to work.

The TL;DR version of this is that I'll be here when I'm here and not here when I'm not here. But everything will return to 2019 normal one month soon. Have I mentioned that 2019 saw everywhere in flames from bushfires? Maybe go back to 2018 normality.

See more Speedbump here

You can click here to see everything that has appeared on the front page over the last 22 years.

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