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The Saga of Mr William P O'Neill - Part 4

In February 2000 I received the following email, apparently coming from me. It originated at an IP address assigned to the network at the office of the Canadian Cancer Research Group.

From: "peter bowditch" <>
Subject: fetid dung heap
Date sent: Tue, 08 Feb 2000 01:34:47 GMT

you are such an incredibly dumb fuck...........and your wife's a real babe..........

you deserve all the lawsuits you fetid dung heap

It was the work of Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group and nonsense like this persisted until Mr O'Neill died in March 2013, with email messages to me, rants on Usenet, comments on blogs and forums where my name was mentioned, and contact with organisations that I could be connected with. You can see a collection of communications from Mr O'Neill to or about me here, and another collection where he posted anonymously as the Gutless Anonymous Liar here.

Set out on this and the following pages is a collection of editorial pieces which have appeared on The Millenium Project during the duration of Mr O'Neill's obsessive project of stalking me. While happy that his death prevented him carrying on his work of lying to desperate people in order to steal their money I have to say that he provided an enormous amount of amusement over the years. I miss him sometimes.

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Harassment update (7/7/2001)
No truth! No courage! No value!The best that the Gutless Anonymous Liar could do on the full moon was this. Pathetic, really, considering all the practice it's had.

Date sent: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 02:40:59 +0200
Subject: In a slump?
From: "" <>

Funny how your reputation now precedes you. Seems business is about as bountiful as death valley for you these days. Care to guess why? You complain of one of many many emails to those who know and love you! The gates have been opened.....

It looks to me like the gates have been opened and the inmates have got out. I think it is a full moon tonight, so the attendants at the asylum should have been more careful.

Harassment update (14/7/2001)
Shhh! They're asleep!No truth! No courage! No value!Quite please! A new batch of tranquilliser darts and medication was delivered to the Bedlam Home for the Terminally Clueless just after the last full moon. The inmates have taken their medicine and have been resting for the past week. If they keep behaving themselves, basket weaving classes will start again and everyone will get a brand-new chin-foam bib with their initials on it.

Harassment update (21/7/2001)
Shhh! They're asleep!It's still peaceful, and nothing has come from the Bedlam Home for the Terminally Clueless since the last full moon. The inmates have been enjoying their basket weaving classes and everyone is really proud of the new chin-foam bibs with their initials on them. I don't know if it's related, but Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group has moved his office, transferred his web site to another ISP, and completely gutted it of any content. As he has announced the demise of The Millenium Project on many occasions, it is tempting to gloat about this apparent run of misfortune but I won't. I could almost feel sorry for him until I remember that he once told me "if you want to see hate, look into your fucking wife's eyes".

Harassment rebound (4/8/2001)
The full moon rose and the attendants, cowering under a hail of crayons and pieces of cardboard, were unable to prevent the rush to the computers as the inmates fought for access to the asylum's last working modem. The Gutless Anonymous Liar was first there, hastily pecking out messages to me, some with no content at all. Afterwards, an attendant sadly wiped the keyboard with a towel. In an amazing coincidence, simultaneously and somewhere else Mr William P O'Neill took time off from the strangely quiescent Canadian Cancer Research Group to both write to me and to create a new tribute page for me. Adding to the coincidentiality, Mr O'Neill chose to pretend to be not-a-medical-Dr Clark's spokeslout, Tim Bolen, when he wrote to me to tell me about the tribute page.

Harassment hiatus (11/8/2001)
The regulars have gone back to sleep. Some vaccination denier sent me a tirade through the anonymous remailer that the Gutless Anonymous Liar has been using lately but it was obviously not from GAL. Still worthless because of the source, but much more literate than a GALdrool. As I predicted, Mr William P O'Neill has removed the latest tribute page he created for me, but you can see what it looked like here.

Harassment update (18/8/2001)
Just a single newsgroup message from Mr William P O'Neill (calling himself Lawrence Silverstein for some reason) this week. Hardly worth turning the computer on for, really.

Google ArchiveFrom: (Lawrence Silverstein)
Subject: The Peter Bowditch Death Watch
Date: 16 Aug 2001 14:24:38 -0700

To those of you, of which I'm sure are many, who have been watching and particpating in Mr. Bowditch's therapy (sublimating his obsessive compulsive need for attention through public displays of indecency by wanking off on his Atari computer), I was intrigued by Mr. Bowditch's intuitions as I trolled usenet with a recent commentary about he and his bum buddies: Barrett, Baratz, and Polevoy.

Firstly Mr. Bowditch there is more than one computer on the IP that you solely attribute to one poor man for whom you propagate outrageous lies, deception, libel, and fraud. Given your pathology, you would be incapable of concluding otherwise. Secondly, I take, as does your ISP, and your ISP's ISP exception to the utter filth and lies that you so blatantly publish on your web site and in various usenet groups.

So here's the challenge (and god knows you are incapable of not rising to it you stimulus-bound pervert): just try to save your web site! You see, I have taken the liberty, as I have encouraged others, to visit your web site and pass it on to those who really care. I see, by your own admission, your governing "professional" body, the Austrlain Computer Society supports hate, libel, defamation and fraud on the internet (surely they must support pornography as well!), so they'll likely not be interested. But, I assure you others are.

And by the way, I was very intrigued by the Tripod tribute sites. Staff were kind enough to search their logs and report back that, as a matter fact, you were the author. My, my, such deception!

Thank you Mr. Bowditch for responding to my troll. But more importantly, thank you for cranking up your psychoses so that others are now free to sanction that crazy son-of-a-bitch from the world's largest prison.

Harassment update (25/8/2001)
Shhhh!Mr William P O'Neill - nothing! The Gutless Anonymous Liar - nothing! (Well, maybe something.) Lawyers for quacks - nothing!. The following message was sent to me through the Millenium Project Harassment Assistance Tool and it has a familiar ring to it. Try as I might, I cannot work out why someone who is too ashamed of their name to say it can think that insulting my family is going to get me to do anything. In another email, the same lying moron pretended to have a vaccine-damaged son.

Date sent: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 11:39:31 +1000
From: (you are suck a fucking moron)
Subject: you're right!

You've publsihed on your site that your wife is "butt ugly cunt". I found the photo. You're right. She is a butt ugly cunt. I also found the photos of your daughter. I see the apple hasn't fallen too far form the tree...has it?

Do you like that?

Harassment upsurge (1/9/2001)
Lionel P Hutz. What a law-talking person!No truth! No courage! No value!It was the week leading up to the full moon, and Mr William P O'Neill came back like a slamming gate. Apparently I am bankrupt, being sued by all and sundry, have been expelled from professional associations and my web site has been closed down. When I look around, however, it seems that this site is very much where it was last week and has been for some time. The Gutless Anonymous Liar has also resurfaced with a new anonymous remailer, but it can't hide that old familiar style and it still doesn't seem to understand that saying nasty things about my family is not the way to get me to do something. Oh, and I was subscribed to a lot of mailing lists by someone who connected to the Internet by dialling in to Sympatico in Ottawa. I wonder who that could have been.

Harassment snooozes (8/9/2001)
The drivel drizzle has slowed to a trickle, with Mr O'Neill still calling himself "Lawrence Silverstein" for some unknown reason. The usual stories about my family and how this site is being closed down keep coming along, but it is all getting a bit tiresome. Perhaps he should get onto his lawyer and find out why the documentation promised 74 days ago hasn't been delivered.

Harassment Huh? (22/9/2001)
It must be time for Mr O'Neill to find a new identity as he has been calling himself "Lawrence Silverstein" for far too long. People are starting to realise it is him, especially when "Lawrence" borrows Mr O'Neill's computer and IP address to send messages. Judging by what he has been saying to other people on Usenet, he needs a new set of insults as well. The usual claims that this site has been closed down have been made. The usual advice to look around at its not-closed-down state has been given.

Harassment Hilarity (29/9/2001)
As Mr William P O'Neill, thinly and vainly disguised as "Lawrence Silverstein", maintained a stream of announcements about the demise of this site, someone asked me how many times Mr O'Neill had announced that the site had been closed down or that it was about to happen any minute. The results surprised even me. You can see the number, together with some other statistics, on the CCRG statistics page. (Tim Bolen, spokesgoon for cancer non-curer Hulda Clark, also once announced that the site had been closed down. He was mistaken too.) Next week I will give a complete list of the versions of my name that Mr O'Neill has created.

Hilarious History of Haranguing and Harassment (6/10/2001)
Last week I mentioned that the CCRG statistics page had been updated with the latest counts of the email addresses that Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group had used, as well as lists of threats of legal action, statements that this site had closed down, and announcements of my bankruptcy. Even I was surprised at the numbers. This week I was even more surprised when I counted up the number of versions of my name that Mr O'Neill has invented. 93. Ninety-three! I definitely think that the time for t-shirts and mouse pads has arrived. See the list here.

Tedious tributer turns tail (20/10/2001)
Once again Mr O'Neill has created another tribute site about me, and once again he has quickly removed it (as he always has in the past). I took a copy and you can see that here. I wonder if Mr O'Neill has discussed with his lawyers the wisdom of creating an account at Tripod using someone else's business name. You can see the previous tribute sites here.

Harassment hiatus (27/10/2001)
Shhh!The men in white coats have rounded up the usual suspects, unplugged modems, confiscated crayons and cardboard, set truncheons to "stun" and generally restored order down at the GAL Home for the Chronically Deluded. Also, all has been quiet on the Ottawan front. In fact, the only thing looking like harassment here lately was a fax containing a white powder, but that was declared a false alarm. Can this last beyond the next full moon?

No truth. No courage. No value.Harassment happening (4/11/2001)
There was a sort of half-hearted revival of harassment to almost coincide with this week's full moon, but I guess the ward attendants at the GAL Home for Compulsive Crackpots were able to keep a lid on things because all I got were a couple of minor rants and a sad referral to a web site that was as vacuous as a harasser's head.

Harassment hardly happens (17/11/2001)
Things have been very quite over the last fortnight, with only a couple of emails accusing me of committing acts of depravity on my children and an email to my wife notifying her of my disgusting behaviour and web site. As a total surprise, I received a telephone call from Mr William P O'Neill who suggested that we both might be victims of some vicious pervert. Mr O'Neill asked me to remove some content from this site, a request which I declined. He is sending me some documents.

It was too good to be true (24/11/2001)
Remember I said last week that Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group had rung me at home, told me that we were both the victims of some faceless, foul-mouthed stalker and offered to send me some proof of this? Well, the evidence hasn't turned up yet but a new tribute site has. You can see it at for the next few days (these things get taken down quickly, and not because I ask for it), but if it is gone you can see a copy here. I think it is very brave of someone to use someone else's company name to abuse them, particularly as Tripod have to have a deliverable email address for the account owner.

He's baaack ... (1/12/2001)
A couple of weeks ago, Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group rang me at home, told me that we were both the victims of some faceless, foul-mouthed stalker and offered to send me some proof of this. Not surprisingly, nothing has yet turned up (it's hard to send what you don't have) but Mr O'Neill has kept himself busy creating lying web sites about me and other people. As three of these things turned up in a week, I have updated the CCRG Statistics page to include a listing of these sites. You can see the full details on the Statistics page, but here is a summary

... but he still won't take the challenge (1/12/2001)
When the Canadian Cancer Research Group had a working web site, it contained information which suggested that many thousands of people with cancer had received advice and even treatment from the organisation. Surely, with this record it would be a simple matter for Mr O'Neill to accept the Cancer 100 Challenge and win himself a Nobel Prize. There are only 61 days to go until nominations close for the 2002 Prizes, but this should be plenty of time to gather the patient records and fill in the necessary paperwork. Unless, of course, the claims of the CCRG are as worthless as Mr O'Neill's stories about my criminal record and its treatments are as effective as his attempts to close this site down. To make it easier for the CCRG, they don't have to pull the files for Sandra Schmirler or Annette Pypops. We all know that they both died shortly after abandoning medical treatment.

Harassment happens haphazardly (15/12/2001)
Mr William P O'Neill made a brief return to the fray with a couple of new aliases and a new ISP. Not a lot else has changed, and the same old nonsense about me being a broke criminal with no facts was trotted out again. As usual, everything is documented in the CCRG Correspondence File and the CCRG Statistics page.

The Mad Hatter

Harassment - Hip, Hip, Hooray! (31/12/2001)
He did it! In a late burst of creativity, Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group exceeded all expectations and created not just the one new name for me that was necessary to bring the total to 99, but THREE new names to make the count 101. You can go here to see the complete set. Unfortunately the work left Mr O'Neill too tired to make a good effort on the last full moon of the year and he had to resort to writing some nonsense about me not having a university degree and creating another pathetic tribute site. Oh, well ...

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