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The Saga of Mr William P O'Neill - Part 3

In February 2000 I received the following email, apparently coming from me. It originated at an IP address assigned to the network at the office of the Canadian Cancer Research Group.

From: "peter bowditch" <>
Subject: fetid dung heap
Date sent: Tue, 08 Feb 2000 01:34:47 GMT

you are such an incredibly dumb fuck...........and your wife's a real babe..........

you deserve all the lawsuits you fetid dung heap

It was the work of Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group and nonsense like this persisted until Mr O'Neill died in March 2013, with email messages to me, rants on Usenet, comments on blogs and forums where my name was mentioned, and contact with organisations that I could be connected with. You can see a collection of communications from Mr O'Neill to or about me here, and another collection where he posted anonymously as the Gutless Anonymous Liar here.

Set out on this and the following pages is a collection of editorial pieces which have appeared on The Millenium Project during the duration of Mr O'Neill's obsessive project of stalking me. While happy that his death prevented him carrying on his work of lying to desperate people in order to steal their money I have to say that he provided an enormous amount of amusement over the years. I miss him sometimes.

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Harassment Update (2/3/2001)
No truth!  No courage! No value!I should remind you to look at the wonderful tribute sites that people (person?) have created for me. I am so proud. I am looking forward to the next full moon, because the standard of abuse in the last week has been quite poor. The best that the Gutless Anonymous Liar could do was

Date sent: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 01:20:26 +0100
Subject: \\\"make me want to vomit\\\"
From: "" <>

go ahead and do choke on it.....

wouldn\\\'t it be a great world if your epitaph read.....\\\"......and he choked on his own vomit....\\\"

but, alas, it will likely read.....\\\"......and he died a painful and slow death in his own feces....\\\"

may god help your offspring!

Strange behaviour (10/3/2001)
No truth!  No courage! No value!You would imagine that if someone wanted to tell lies about me, embarrass me, and make people think bad things about me that the last person they would write to would be me. You would be really surprised to find out that the only person they told was me. After all, except for the liar, I am the only person who knows for a fact that the lies are lies. Despite the obvious logic of this situation, the Gutless Anonymous Liar persists in sending me stupid messages telling me things that I know to be false. Why it keeps doing this is a mystery, but perhaps there is some psychiatric disorder that makes someone compulsively lie to people who know the real facts. Sad, isn't it?

All quite on the harassment front (17/3/2001)
Shhh! Don't wake them up!Whisper, and try to walk quietly. It looks like the attendants have managed to get the right formula for the tranquilliser darts, and the mad people are behaving themselves. Nobody has written any crazy emails for more than a week.

The Harassment Assistance Tool (24/3/2001)
Inspired by the poor quality of the anomymous remailers used to send me ludicrous messages from liars, I am pleased to announce the introduction of the Millenium Project Harassment Assistance Tool. Using this free anonymous remailing service, liars and fools can abuse people and tell them lies while hiding their own identities in a cloak of cowardice.
Click here to send some lies to someone

Start spreading the news, I'm NOT leaving today (31/3/2001)
Or tomorrow. Or the day after. Or any day soon. The Gutless Anonymous Liar announced that this site had only 48 hours of life left (subsequently amended to "a few days", but still lying). To amuse ourselves till then, we can watch this countdown clock tick off the seconds until GAL's latest hallucination vanishes in a puff of smoke.

Date sent: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 22:32:44 +0200
Subject: It\\\'s going,going.......gone!!!
From: "" <>

Ah,yes,the good \\\"dr\\\" pole-a-boy\\\'s site is coming down for good..... We\\\'re sure this is not news to you!!!! So you GPOS(Gutless Piece of Shit)....your\\\'s will too!! Within the next 48 hrs from what I have been told by the proper authorities.

Date sent: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 22:35:48 +0200
Subject: Oops!!......My mistake!
From: "" <>

Apparently,Your site(s) will not be coming down within the next 48 hrs,but instead within a few days.I blame erroneous reporting.

Oops! Time's up!

After the clock gets to zero, not only will this site still be here, but there will be two extra mirror sites added to the eleven already existing, all busily working in the search engines to increase the likelihood of surfers finding whatever it is that idiots like GAL find so hard to cope with.

Speaking of the brain-dead ... (7/4/2001)
Someone posted an announcement to the member introduction page for the Healthfraud discussion list pretending to be me and saying

I just wanted everyone to know that the Australian High Court has officially ruled that my site(s) are illegal and their content deemed as hate! Therefore, They will be shut down in accordance to the law.

This obviously did not come from me, because a) I know the real name of the court and b) I am not shutting down anything. (The list owner removed the page, but you can see it here.) Shortly afterwards, the Gutless Anonymous Liar put crayon to cardboard and said:

Date sent: Sun, 1 Apr 2001 20:00:26 +0200
Subject: Oops! Time\\\'s up!
From: "" <>

In the news today,the Australian High Court,has set a true precendent against hate on the world wide web.The most honorable Judge Jackson has ruled in favor of a certain Canadian,against a one Peter Bowditch,the Kingpin of that grand icon of commerce\\\"Gebesse\\\" computer consultancy!(Apparently,this Peter believes he is royalty!)Said,Jackson,You are outta here!!!! There is no place for hate in Australia!

As the web site for the High Court of Australia (for that is its name) does not list a "Judge Jackson" (or even a "Justice Jackson", which would be the correct form of address), I suspect that I have little to worry about. Perhaps GAL was thinking of Judge Judy.

But wait, there's more ... (7/4/2001)
The madness of subscribing me to mailing lists has started again, probably because of the full moon this week. Attempts have been made to subscribe me to all sorts of pornography lists among other things. All attempts have failed, of course, because I am asked for confirmation and never give it. One of the confirmation messages told me the IP address of the person trying the trick. Silly AOLer!! But - wasn't it an AOLer who posted the message supposedly from me to the Healthfraud page? Surely a coincidence.

Mailing list madness (14/4/2001)
A few days ago, the Healthfraud discussion list stopped working because of some technical error. The list owner sent a message to list members about the problem, in the process unfortunately revealing the email addresses of list members. Quicker than a maggot could get to a pork chop, some lowlife grabbed the list of members and subscribed them to a list called "Quackbusters" at Yahooo! Groups. Some list members were fooled into thinking that this list was actually set up to address medical quackery, but it is owned by a crowd called Talk International who are into quackery up to their eyeballs. The invitation to join the list does not say who the list moderator is, but suspicion is pointing at our old friend Tim Bolen. To nobody's surprise, the Gutless Anonymous Liar was lurking on the Healthfraud list and had this to say to me:

Date sent: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 18:33:36 +0200
Subject: where\\\'s healthfraud?
From: "" <>

hey stupid-ditch! where are your buddies?
guess why they\\\'ve disappeared?

mmmmmm.....could it be?
and speaking of rancid monkey dung.....

Laugh of the week (21/4/2001)
No truth! No courage! No value!The following message came in from someone who won't say who he is and who uses an anonymiser service to hide his shame. My copy of Roget's Thesaurus lists 22 words like "hypocrisy". It goes without saying, of course, that I don't forge or spoof my email. I am honest about who I am.

Date sent: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 00:26:26 +0200
Subject: netaus has no ISP!
From: "" <>

hey rat-ditch! have been logged!....spoofing and ip/email hijacking is a criminal offence even in \\\"australia\\\"...

logs have been faxed to acs....

I wonder what this sad thing is dribbling on about. Netaus has no ISP because Netaus IS an ISP. (They merged with a company called Webmail recently, but all the people I know are still there.) The fact that you are seeing this shows that Netaus/Webmail exists, because they host this site. And what is this "spoofing and ip/email hijacking" nonsense? I connect to the Internet through Telstra Bigpond, and any IP address that anyone sees from me will be one of theirs. Need I point out the massive and almost unbelievable hypocrisy of a gutless anonymous liar who posts through an anonymiser service even daring to mention deceitful practices.

Mailing list madness update (21/4/2001)
A week or so ago, the Healthfraud discussion list stopped working because an upstream ISP went broke and cut off Internet connections to clients earlier than expected. The Gutless Anonymous Liar almost immediately announced that the disappearance was permanent and that somehow it had been responsible. Considering the source, this was an almost certain reassurance that the list would be back before long, and so it was. Not giving up, GAL has now informed me that it and its friends and associates are maintaining vigilance. It's really sad, isn't it? Does it really think that anyone will believe that it has any friends?

Date sent: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 23:18:01 +0200
Subject: HealthFraud....
From: "" <>

Seems the HealthFraud list has found an offshore ISP to host them! Fortunatley,We are on to them,They cannot hide from us!! We monitor everything. Neither can you hide from us or your misfortunate victims,either! Rat-bitch bowditch! Remember,we know everything and guess what? With every pixel,you give yourself away!

Laugh of the week (28/4/2001)
No truth! No courage! No value!What would a week be without some new insanity from the Gutless Anonymous Liar? I have been informed that The Millenium Project has been closed down again, although you may be deceived by the illusion that you are currently looking at, which has all the appearances of an unclosed-down site.

Date sent: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 18:28:46 +0200
Subject: huh?
From: "" <>

hey ass-ditch!

where are your \\\"mirror\\\" sites?....shut down, were they?

by the way, your isp has an isp, and your isp\\\'s isp has ordered your site to be shut down!

good luck and god bless you fucking asshole!

So someone else has ordered this site shut down? It wasn't very effective, was it, because anyone reading this can see that it hasn't happened. All except one of the mirror sites are still there. The other one was at a hosting service that closed down taking all its client sites with it, not just mine. The owner had been looking for a buyer for some time, but I guess he didn't find one. All the mirrors were mentioned previously in The Millenium Project, and as GAL has told me that it monitors everything I do, it will have copies of the site at the relevant date. Oh, I forgot. GAL said it had copies. That means it doesn't.

Date sent: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 03:34:00 +0200
Subject: Who are you?
From: "" <>

You think You know me! But,au contraire,you do not know me! I know you though!

Wow! It knows me! Not in the Biblical sense, though. Not in the way it "knows" rats.

Laugh of the week (6/5/2001)
No truth! No courage! No value!Just to make sure we all keep laughing at it, the Gutless Anonymous Liar has upgraded me. It is now drooling on about dogs rather than rats. It also claims that someone has "sanctioned" me, possibly because one of the aforementioned mammals has retaliated against my head. Perhaps I will learn more soon, because a full moon is due in the next day or so.

Date sent: Tue, 1 May 2001 23:24:47 +0200
Subject: acs sanctions peter dogfuck-ditch!
From: "" <>

tell you what buttfuckditch!

give us a fax number that\\\'s in service and we\\\'ll fax you the letter!

seems your \\\"buddies\\\" at the acs consider you as fucked in head as you appear to be...can\\\'t fool them...can ya?

Bizarrity!!! (12/5/2001)
Shortly after uploading last week's update to this site, I received the following lunacy from the Gutless Anonymous Liar, speaking in its alternative "pompous fool" mode rather than its more normal "deranged mouthfoam" style. As if I am going to take any notice of some anonymous anencephalic pretending to be a lawyer. Somehow, I am not surprised that GAL should join the chorus of hypocrisy that has come from the supporters of "alternative medicine", who all seem to think that lying to a dying man is not a bad thing to do.

Date sent: Sat, 12 May 2001 17:22:13 +0200
Subject: References to Mr. Roy Smith
From: "" <>


You have published information on your web site concerning the above matter. The information in false, misleading, and libelous.

We realize in perusing your site, correspondence demanding the removal of materials concerning Mr. Smith would be insufficient.

We have been instructed by the family to bring an action against you and your internet service provider, and have initiated same.

We take great interest in persuing these matters with you, and as apparent from other materials on your site, many others will benefit from our action.

You very apparently warrant the glowing commentary from your detractors.

* As Mr O'Neill died on March 31, 2013, I don't expect any further communication from him so I stopped the counter.

Harassment Update (12/5/2001)
It was a full moon so the usual drivel came in from the Gutless Anonymous Liar. By coincidence, Mr William O'Neill reappeared on the same day and sent a fax to an organisation I am associated with, accusing me of things I haven't done and asking them to do things they can't do. I may display a copy of the fax here one day, but, as it contained an implied threat to widely defame the organisation in question, I will have to wait until the lawyers have finished with it.

He's back!! (26/5/2001)
After a hiatus of several months during which he left the task of harassing me up to the Gutless Anonymous Liar, Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group has reappeared with a couple more versions of my name. He responded to a message I had sent to a newsgroup, but his response just consisted of editing my quoted signature. One of the things he changed was to alter a link to here so that it went instead to the American Chemical Society. Why he would think I have anything to do with them is a mystery, but, in a remarkable coincidence, GAL seemed to refer to that organisation this week as well. For those who may have forgotten, you can read the collected letters of Mr O'Neill in the CCRG Correspondence File.

Harassment Update (2/6/2001)
Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group has been away for a while (the Gutless Anonymous Liar deputised for him during his absence), but has returned with a vengeance. He has been faxing and emailing all sorts of people demanding that they either close this site down or help him to do it. I was supposed to close down on May 28, 2001, but as it is now well past that date it looks like I didn't comply. For those who may have forgotten, you can read the collected correspondence of Mr O'Neill in the CCRG Correspondence File.

Harassment update (10/6/2001)
It was a full moon on 6 June, and someone tried to subscribe me to a porn mailing list. The people who run the list like to be sure that list members really want to be there, so they asked me to confirm that I had sent the request from IP address That address seems familiar. Where could I have seen it before?

Harassment update (17/6/2001)
No truth! No courage! No value!It has been a hectic week. The Gutless Anonymous Liar managed to get a turn on the asylum computer almost every day, threats were made to tell a whole lot of people about how terrible I was (nobody was told, of course), messages (which fooled nobody) were sent to mailing lists by people using my name, and I have been promised yet another tribute site. The best part was when Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group had some spare time and decided to subscribe me to about 150 mailing lists. "How did I know it was him?", you ask. Well, in 85 of the confirmation messages I received I was told that the request came from IP address (a machine named ""). You can see the whole set in this Acrobat .pdf file.

Here's my response to people who want me to go away and shut this site down:

Start spreadin' the news, I'm not leavin' today ...

Harassment update (23/6/2001)
No truth! No courage! No value! Another hectic week, with the honours shared almost equally between the Gutless Anonymous Liar and Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group. They worked as a team, posting at the same time and even sharing an email address or two. There were hundreds more subscriptions to mailing lists, people impersonating me (not at all convincingly) and even a message from my dead first wife to a mailing list. Everyone was surprised by that, although not as surprised as my wife, who didn't think she was dead and didn't think I had a second wife.

Date sent: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 01:00:55 +0200
Subject: Hello mister motherfucker-ditch
From: "" <>

you know peter, you are one sorry fuck...the bullshit you post on usenet is such absolute utter and your family should fucking well ashamed of your infantile can only hope that you implode or your regulators send you off to some lonely island in the pacific...otherwise, i hope everybody sues you and your second wife leaves you....


alternative medicine didn\\\'t kill your first wife, you did....publish the details of that hairy fucking episode on your site you coward!

I know it's amazing, but there is actually a truth in there! Alternative medicine certainly did not kill my first wife, unless she died in the last ten seconds since she left the room.

Date sent: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 02:29:19 +0200
Subject: does virginia read her hotmail?
From: "" <>

tennis anyone?

GAL says my wife is dead, then it wants to know if she reads her email? I wish it would make up its mind. I use the word "mind" loosely.

Date sent: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 21:21:35 -0400
From: virginiabowditch <>
Subject: [healthfraud] Peter Bowditch

Dear List Members:

For some time now my husband, Mr. Peter Bowditch, has been posting materials to a variety of internet services. The materials have been inflammatory, at the least. My husband has not been well for some time. In Novmber of 2000 he suffered a major cerebral hemmorage and has been heavily medicated since. I've only recently come to understand that he has been quite actively naming and critisizing a number of people, organizations and circumstances.

I apologize on behalf of my husband and trust that all will understand.

Thank You.

Virginia Bowditch


It's a miracle! She's alive again. She seems to have forgotten how to spell, though.

Lawyers ahoy! (30/6/2001)
Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group has informed me (via the medium of the newsgroup, rather than directly) that both civil and criminal legal actions have been commenced against me. His message contained the following information:

From: (William P. O'Neill)
Subject: Peter Bowditch, Libel, Fraud and the Australian Computer Society
Date: 26 Jun 2001 16:51:08 -0700

Mr. Peter Bowditch of the Millenium Project,, and Gebesse Computer Consulting,, and as a member of the Australian Computer Society has, for the better part of a year, been posting fraudulent, libelous, and defamatory information concerning the Canadian Cancer Research Group, Mr. William P. O'Neill, and the O'Neill family. Mr. Bowditch has been advised that his continued publication of information and absence of retraction and apology will percipitate legal action.

Legal action commenced on June 26, 2001, where Statements of Claim have been filed in relevant jursidictions naming Mr. Bowditch as defendant and claiming that Mr. Bowditch has knowingly published and re-published information that is libelous and defamatory. Server logs demonstrating that Mr. Bowditch, or someone accessing his server/computer, has repeatedly spoofed IP addresses and hijacked email accounts, belonging to the Canadian Cancer Research Group, have been turned over to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, where, in turn, logs have been given to Interpol, where a criminal investigation have been initiated.

All information published by Mr. Bowditch concerning the Canadian Cancer Research Group, Mr. William P. O'Neill, and the O'Neill family has no basis in fact, is absolutely false, intentionally misleading, libelous, defamatory and as such, is subject to civil litigation in both Canada and Australia and litigation has been intitiated. Matters concerning computer fraud, as allegedly committed by Mr. Bowditch, are now the subject of criminal investigations.

The Canadian Cancer Research Group has repeatedly attempted to gain cooperation from Mr. Bowditch and the Australian Computer Society. Both have intentionally ignored and intensified their respective campaigns of abuse and fraud. As it concerns the Australian Computer Society, the Canadian Cancer Research Group has made respresentation to the Canadian Computer Society in seeking sanctions against the Australian Computer Society in its' support and encouragement of member and society activity that is in conflict with society ethics.

In the event you are exposed to materials concerning the foregoing matters, please email the Canadian Cancer Research Group at

It is now 4292* days since Mr O'Neill issued this message but no police, process servers or, indeed, anyone from Interpol have appeared at my door with the paperwork. I have asked Mr O'Neill to at least have his lawyers fax me the Statements of Claim, but nothing has arrived yet. I thought about how I would word the requested apology, but the best I could come up with is:

I have been called a "rotting pederast", have been referred to as "i-like-to-fuck-dead-rats-ditch", was once told "you wanna see hate...look into your fucking wife's eyes!.......", and my wife has been called a "butt-ugly cunt". I do not give a rat's arse about the feelings of the person who said these things.

* As Mr O'Neill died on March 31, 2013, I don't expect any further communication from him so I stopped the counter.

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