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Liars 101 to

The Millenium Project receives more mail about why sites are listed on the Liars category page than on almost any subject. The first point to be made is that, like everything on this site, anything on this page represents my opinion. I just don't like people who do not tell the truth, so sites will be included here if I feel that they are deceitful or contain information which the owners of the sites know to be untrue. As I don't go out looking for liars, any site on this page will appear in some other category as well (the lying has to go beyond what is necessary to get into, for example, the racist or health fraud lists). The sorts of things which may be listed here might include:

Sites change over time (and even my opinions can change), so everything on this page will be under constant review. I hope to eventually have a commentary for every listing here to explain why that site is on this page.

There are sites listed in this category.

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Royal Rife Research Society - John Bryon Krueger
Save Dr. Clark Organization - Hulda Clark
Shaken Babies or Vaccine Damage? - Viera Scheibner
Shaken Baby Syndrome or Adverse Vaccine Reaction? - Maureen Hickman
Shuzi Qi - nano Vibration Technology
Spontaneous Creation - Jock Doubleday
Streamline International
Sylvia Browne - Spiritual Teacher and Psychic
System for Controlling a Rotary Device - John Christie & Lou Brits
Tax Meat | PETA Org
There is a smallpox vaccine coming. It has your name on it.
This tape is banned - Mark Yarnell
Thomas Navarro's Fight for Medical Freedom
To Hell and Back
The Treatment Information Group
The Truth Library - Bernie Smith
TVI Express
Tyrannical Times
Unique Water
University of Health Sciences Antigua
Vaccination - John Scudamore
Vaccine Science - Helen Tucker
Viera Scheibner
Viera Scheibner (1)
Viera Scheibner (3)
Vivisection: Unnecessary Torture for Research
Wallach Online - Joel Wallach
Western Herb and Dietary Products - Marvin Beckwith
Why this lethal relentlessness? - Guylaine Lanctot

1-50 | 51-100 | 101-
(The symbol Comment shows that there are some comments here about the site.)

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