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Liars 51 to 100

The Millenium Project receives more mail about why sites are listed on the Liars category page than on almost any subject. The first point to be made is that, like everything on this site, anything on this page represents my opinion. I just don't like people who do not tell the truth, so sites will be included here if I feel that they are deceitful or contain information which the owners of the sites know to be untrue. As I don't go out looking for liars, any site on this page will appear in some other category as well (the lying has to go beyond what is necessary to get into, for example, the racist or health fraud lists). The sorts of things which may be listed here might include:

Sites change over time (and even my opinions can change), so everything on this page will be under constant review. I hope to eventually have a commentary for every listing here to explain why that site is on this page.

There are sites listed in this category.

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Free Alan Yurko
Friends of Freedom
Gaia Health - Heidi Stevenson
Gary's Vitamin Closet - Gary Null
Genesis II Church of Health and Healing
Gentlebirth - Jock Doubleday
HAPI: Health Advocacy in the Public Interest - Dawn Winkler
Health & Wisdom - Leo Rebello
Hippocrates Systems, Holistic Health, Vaccination Detox, VIDS (vaccine induced diseases), Reverse Diseases - Rebecca Carley
HIV and AIDS - Rethinking AIDS WebSite
Ilena Rosenthal's QuackWatchWatch
Infowars - Alex Jones
International Coalition for Drug Awareness
International Medical Veritas Association - Mark Sircus
Jasmuheen's Cosmic Internet Academy - C.I.A.
John Edward - Psychic
Kid Chiropractic Family Wellness Center - Christine Anderson
King Bio Pharmaceuticals
Living On Light - Jasmuheen
Lutec Australia Pty Ltd - John Christie & Lou Brits
MADGE - Mothers Are Demystifying Genetic Engineering
Medical Freedom Patriots - Larry Cook
Medical Escrow Society
Methods of using the MMS Miracle Mineral Solution - Jim Humble
MMS Australia
Mountain View Organic Dairy
National Child Abuse Defense and Resource Center - Barbara Bryan
Nattering on the Net - Dale Spender
Natural News - Mike Adams
Non Pharmaceutical Health Care and Unique Water - Russell Beckett
Oasis of Hope Hospital, Life After Cancer
Optimum Joint Health - Naturally - Without Side Dangerous Effects!
OXYMED Australia - Malcolm Hooper
PAPIMI Pain/Healing Device
Penis and Breast Enlargement
PETA :: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Peter Duesberg on AIDS - Peter Duesberg
Power Balance Bracelet - Tom O'Dowd
Premium Strategies Pty Ltd
Protect Medical Freedom - Cliff Kincaid
Psychiatric Drug Facts - Peter Breggin
Psychic Challenge and Proof for Homeopathy - John Benneth EXPOSED - Thomas-John Strizak
Randi Index
Reconnective Healing® - Eric Pearl
Rethinking AIDS
Reversing Vaccine Induced Diseases 2 - Rebecca Carley
Royal Rife - Richard Loyd

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(The symbol Comment shows that there are some comments here about the site.)

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