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CCRG Correspondence File – Part 4

19 June 2000 to 18 August 2000

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(Part 12 is the main CCRG Correspondence File page) archiveNewsgroup messages used to be archived at If the symbol at the left appears beside any of the messages below it indicates that there once was a link to an archived copy of the message, complete with sender identification information. These links no longer work since the demise of

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As Google seem to have irrevocably broken the Usenet archive service, links have been disabled. Maybe they will come back some day.

Wherever possible, I have cited the originating IP address for each message. An analysis of these sources can be found here. archiveFrom:
Subject: Re: Mona asks:
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 17:51:07 GMT

<snip newsgroup message>


This is the 16th different identity Mr O'Neill has used. They are not becoming any more inventive as time goes by. archiveFrom:
Subject: Re: FACT! Fluoride in your water is bad
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 17:52:08 GMT

<snip newsgroup message>

you haven't a clue.......imbecile archiveFrom:
Subject: Re: Andrew? was Re: Migraines & Magnets
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 17:52:51 GMT

<snip newsgroup message>

ha........ha........ha archiveFrom:
Subject: Re: FACT! Fluoride in your water is bad
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 17:53:54 GMT

<snip newsgroup message>

wow.....what a pompous ass you are! archiveFrom:
Subject: Re: The IVY League Foundation
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 17:55:11 GMT

<snip newsgroup message>

you are wank....aren't you bowditch! archiveFrom:
Newsgroups: sci.skeptic, alt.usenet.kooks,, alt.paranormal
Subject: Re: Seeking NOMINATIONS for the Earl Curley Memorial Nebudchanezzar
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 17:59:21 GMT

<snip newsgroup message>

"despite having......"

who do you think you are and what possible benefit might you bring to anything!

you are such a hateful little prick bowditch.....go away! get a job........get a hobby......get treatment.......

Mr O'Neill may not have been aware that it could be risky to post a message like this to the newsgroup alt.usenet.kooks in a thread discussing an annual award in honour of one of the all-time great madmen of the 'net. The late Earl Gordon Curley was famous for, among other things, using a wide variety of pseudonyms and attacking people in messages containing bad spelling. archiveFrom:
Subject: Re: The clowns Bowditch & Wright
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 14:10:04 GMT

<snip newsgroup message>

so it seems, bowditch, you are developing a fan club that recognizes you for what you are............

scepticism is for the simple of mind.......and so the shoe fits...

keep it up, keep giving yourself away, and keep us laughing....

you demented little twit!

From: (William P. O'Neill)
Subject: Peter Bowditch, Libel, Fraud and the Australian Computer Society
Date: 26 Jun 2001 16:51:08 -0700

Mr. Peter Bowditch of the Millenium Project,, and Gebesse Computer Consulting,, and as a member of the Australian Computer Society has, for the better part of a year, been posting fraudulent, libelous, and defamatory information concerning the Canadian Cancer Research Group, Mr. William P. O'Neill, and the O'Neill family. Mr. Bowditch has been advised that his continued publication of information and absence of retraction and apology will percipitate legal action.

Legal action commenced on June 26, 2001, where Statements of Claim have been filed in relevant jursidictions naming Mr. Bowditch as defendant and claiming that Mr. Bowditch has knowingly published and re-published information that is libelous and defamatory. Server logs demonstrating that Mr. Bowditch, or someone accessing his server/computer, has repeatedly spoofed IP addresses and hijacked email accounts, belonging to the Canadian Cancer Research Group, have been turned over to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, where, in turn, logs have been given to Interpol, where a criminal investigation have been initiated.

All information published by Mr. Bowditch concerning the Canadian Cancer Research Group, Mr. William P. O'Neill, and the O'Neill family has no basis in fact, is absolutely false, intentionally misleading, libelous, defamatory and as such, is subject to civil litigation in both Canada and Australia and litigation has been intitiated. Matters concerning computer fraud, as allegedly committed by Mr. Bowditch, are now the subject of criminal investigations.

The Canadian Cancer Research Group has repeatedly attempted to gain cooperation from Mr. Bowditch and the Australian Computer Society. Both have intentionally ignored and intensified their respective campaigns of abuse and fraud. As it concerns the Australian Computer Society, the Canadian Cancer Research Group has made respresentation to the Canadian Computer Society in seeking sanctions against the Australian Computer Society in its' support and encouragement of member and society activity that is in conflict with society ethics.

In the event you are exposed to materials concerning the foregoing matters, please email the Canadian Cancer Research Group at

Google archiveFrom:
Subject: Re: A proposal for a new LISTSERV
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 18:28:50 GMT

<snip newsgroup message>

bowditch? work?
gebeese? clients? archiveFrom:
Subject: Re: Good Luck to Andrew on Saturday!!
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 18:30:18 GMT

<snip newsgroup message>

"don't start...."

do you have any clue who jan is bowditch?

you have been so sucked in.....

Mr O'Neill keeps saying all these messages are really from me. Is he now saying they actually come from Jan? If either is true (and they can't both be true), why do I (or Jan) keep telling everyone about it? archiveFrom:
Subject: Re: The clowns Bowditch & Wright
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 18:39:56 GMT

<snip newsgroup message>

pete, you rantin' ol' freak from down make all this stuff're a pathological liar....recidivist

Mr O'Neill seems to be unable to recognise the irony in his continued claims that I make up all the messages from him. If I am making them up, why would I keep pointing this out to myself (and keep going to Canada to post messages from the IP address

Subject: The Peter Bowditch Deathwatch
From: Anonymous <>
Date sent: Tue, 4 Jul 2000 12:58 -0700

14 days and counting......

It seems, Mr. Bowditch, your days are numbered in more ways than one. Not only is that grand icon of commerce, "gebeese", on the skids, but we understand you've had a spot of heart trouble. And heres the fun part: although, you thought you had your ISP in your back pocket, you might want to give Jason a call. Apparently even Jason is just a little fed up with you and your rather silly and intolerable antics.

And, remember Peter, (we're sure it's not the first time you've heard this one)....."you make your own bed".

Of course, I have no proof that this anonymous message came from Mr O'Neill. I am not even going to suggest that he would be the sort of coward who would hide behind an anonymizer service. I have just included it here because the literary style fits in with what is around it. Just in case, I spoke to the only "Jason" I could think of and he told me that nobody had contacted him and he wasn't going to do anything if anyone did.

Subject: mmmmm....whose site was just shut down?
From: Anonymous <>
Date sent: Tue, 4 Jul 2000 13:09 -0700

soon to come.....

why dr. barrett is not a "doctor"...and...

why peter bowditch has to pack so much in, in such a short period of time!!!!

stay tuned......

first there was where's it's where's terry...and soon where's bowditch?

Another in that familiar style. Again, I would not suggest that Mr O'Neill was the anonymous coward who wrote this. I assume the "terry" is a doctor I know who has a web site critical of medical frauds. I received a couple of gloating emails from people pointing out that his site had been closed down when the truth was that it was being moved from one server to another and was temporarily unavailable. They all told me that I was going to be next, a tactic which simply generates another mirror of this site somewhere on the web each time it is said. archiveFrom:
Newsgroups:, sci.skeptic, alt.usenet.kooks
Subject: Re: Gutless anonymous liar
Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2000 15:50:58 GMT

<snip newsgroup message where I commented on the "Deathwatch" email above>

mmmmm........seems, mr. skankditch, you're garnering a little unflattering interest, unwanted attention, and critical opinion from "elsewheres"....................

hope you enjoy and savour every moment.............'cause you really really deserve it............

"deathwatch"?.......what could this all mean?

"heart trouble"? that ol' chest pumper's uping its' tempo right now............ archiveFrom:
Subject: Re: Gutless anonymous liar
Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2000 17:59:32 GMT

<snip newsgroup message>

no truer words have been spoken....... the truth will prevail..... and bowditch, you are truly an asshole! archiveFrom:
Subject: Re: What is the FAQ: for this group?
Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2000 18:02:32 GMT

<snip newsgroup message>

brilliant pete, you freak! archiveFrom:
Subject: Re: Stanford Surgeons may have falsified data
Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2000 18:04:54 GMT

<snip newsgroup message> are such a remarkably stupid man...."the facts are brought into the"

simpleton....... archiveFrom:
Newsgroups:, sci.skeptic, alt.usenet.kooks
Subject: Re: Gutless anonymous liar
Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2000 18:08:20 GMT

<snip newsgroup message>

cowardice and worthlessness......?
you are the epitome of both....
you could not bear the burden of proof or fact.....
you are an habitual complainer..
...........habitual liar........
...........habitual fool!!!!!

go away and stop fouling everything..... archiveFrom:
Subject: Re: Good alt. med. sites?
Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2000 19:54:14 GMT

<snip newsgroup message>

fob off bowditch archiveFrom:
Newsgroups:, sci.skeptic, alt.usenet.kooks
Subject: Re: Gutless anonymous liar
Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2000 21:28:32 GMT

<snip newsgroup message>

"bet it isn't."

you can be guaranteed it is...... your good bedfellow buttditch is steaming.... he just can't stand this sort of crap..... he dishes it out all the time....fancies "his-self" as the final word and the voice of unmitagated reason..... when in fact, he is a mindless obsessive objectionist who is rendered apoplectic every time he reads one of these missives....

"dementia"......wright you and fecalditch deserve each other... your both demented in believing you can, without fact or substance, continue to attack and assualt individuals and groups the way you do and expect to not endure the fallout......

and for the record, you losers, it ain't multiple's just opinion.........

Subject: News Flash!!!!
From: Anonymous <>
Date sent: Thu, 6 Jul 2000 13:18 -0700

Just Imagine:

Mr. Peter Bowditch, of New South Wales, eKingpin of that soaring intellectual eProperty known as the Millenium Project, has lost his final appeal in a desperate attempt to save the only thing in life that gives him joy. The Millenium Project has been cited in numerous legal claims and proceedings, and Mr. Bowditch has been charged with criminal lunacy.

It seems, in Mr. Bowditch's journey to save the world from what he doesn't/can't understand, he inadvertantly shot himself in his ass and foot. Not only has Mr. Bowditch been found guilty of being a reprehensible son-of-a-bitch, but also a downright imbecile and nasty little prick.

Mr. Bowditch has been sentenced to live out the rest of his pathetic useless life pacing the halls of his corporate giantess, gebeese consulting, aka his basement, whilst staring at his dull and lifeless image in unplugged video monitor.

Supporters of Bowditch cried injustice. Even his wife came to his support saying..."Peter may be a useless turd, but he's still my Peter", (whatever the hell that means.)

Again I must stress that this anonymous message is only included because it fits into the context. I am not suggesting that it came from Mr O'Neill, even though it looks like it came from his spelling and grammar checker and misspells the name "Gebesse" in the same way he does. I am watching my fax machine closely for the stream of "numerous legal claims and proceedings".

Subject: Say hi to terry for us....
From: Anonymous <>
Date sent: Thu, 6 Jul 2000 14:32 -0700

We're sure it's not news to you, but Polevoy's site was taken down on Tuesday, July 4, 2000,and will not be supported by any Canadian ISP. It's content and intent has been deemed as hate.

We have received confirmation that, despite your mindless objections, yours is coming down too!

Bye Bye

Another message that very likely did not come from Mr O'Neill (otherwise he would have signed it with one of his many aliases or versions of me). It is only included here because Mr O'Neill once pretended to be the Dr Polevoy in question (another person who mentions Mr O'Neill and CCRG). You can click on to find the site he says has been closed down. As this message talks about my site closing down it has, of course, generated another copy of the site somewhere on the web.

From: "ccrg" <>
To: <>
Subject: you don't get it you..
Date sent: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 11:21:05 -0400

let me get this straight....
you slander, lie, attack, invent, engineer.......
but if someone might're affronted?

This was sent to the lawyers for my employer. They have assured us that they will not bill us for the time they spent laughing.

Subject: Gutless? Liar?
From: Anonymous <>
Date sent: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 12:55 -0700

Dear Mr. Bowditch:


You sit in your filthy little tenment, that plays double time to you and your empire, thousands of miles away from your victims, and accuse me of being gutless! You, sir, are a gutless/spineless and hateful little man.


You wouldn't know truth if it bit you in the ass. Here's some truth for are worth nothing....your "empire" gebeese is worth nothing...According to our investigation, you haven't rendered an invoice in a long long time; your income tax filings are hilarious; and you essentially live off your wife's modest income...

We can only hope that the pressue is simply to0 much for your heart....

Keep up the great work in the pursuit of justice and have an aneurysm.......


Subject: You go for the bait each stupid fuck
From: Anonymous <>
Date sent: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 15:02 -0700

Is there anyhting you won't react to or anything you won't publish? My god, man, do get a grip.

We've been monitoring your site for quite awhile, and, frankly, with every new pixel, you give yourself away.

Here's some free advice:


These are probably not from Mr O'Neill (because he would have used his own name or a version of mine), but they are included here because of the remarkable coincidence of style – the same sentiments, punctuation and even spelling. It must also have been a coincidence that I had not heard from either Mr O'Neill or the gutless anonymous liar for some time and then they both wrote to me on the same day. By the way, I live in a house, not a "tenment", my company issued fourteen invoices during July 2000 (it is a consulting business so we don't necessarily invoice every day) and sales are well up compared to the same month last year, nobody other than me, my accountant or the Australian Taxation Office knows anything about my tax "filings" (which are called "returns" in Australia, a fact known to anyone with any knowledge of such things), and my wife works for the same company that I do. archiveFrom:
Subject: Re: 100,000 needless deaths
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 18:11:38 GMT

<snip newsgroup message from me>

> Peter Bowditch
> Proud member of the butt-fucker rag-tag posse of snake-oil vigilantes

what an asshole!

Mr O'Neill has often accused me of changing his messages. Of course I don't do that, which is why I provide links to the originals. However, he does not appear to have any problem with changing what I write, as can be seen by my signature as quoted by Mr O'Neill above.

Google archiveFrom:
Subject: Re: Erin Brockovich Challenges '20/20' Report
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 21:29:10 GMT

<snip newsgroup message>

> Peter Bowditch
> Mad – Quintessence of the Loon
> Bad - The Millenium Project
> Sad – Full Canvas Jacket

but guess what, pete, you jerk/'ll have to manage with a lot less!

More signature changing. Oh, dear!. archiveFrom:
Subject: Re: Good alt. med. sites?
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 21:51:08 GMT

<snip newsgroup message>

"I have never had a problem with "complimentary" medicine..."

Fuck off you pompous asshole!

From: "ccrg" <>
To: <>
Subject: you are such a fucking lunatic
Date sent: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 17:33:20 -0400

i get it.....
you can dish it out....but can't you take it.....

if you haven't should be hearing from those on your very distinguished but short client list....

they're not impressed......

Mr O'Neill has no idea of who my clients are, nor does he have any way to find out. If they are to be "not impressed" by anything, it would probably be by his choice of language. And what does he mean about me being able to dish it out but not take it? I have been "dishing out" nothing but have been taking his comments for six months now. archiveFrom:
Newsgroups:, sci.skeptic, alt.usenet.kooks
Subject: Re: Gutless anonymous liar & How Penis Bowditch Lost His MOJO
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2000 17:58:13 GMT

<snip newsgroup message> lunatic nazi bastard.... it's simply to mirror you........and your lunacy...

but don't take it personally, mr. Arseditch, it's just for sport... archiveFrom:
Newsgroups:, sci.skeptic, alt.usenet.kooks
Subject: Re: Gutless anonymous liar & why bowditch wears Depends
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2000 18:30:31 GMT

<snip newsgroup message>

just a matter of time before you blow a head gasket...
you're such good sport mr. maggotditch!

"Maggotditch". That's 19 names now, I think. archiveFrom:
Newsgroups:, sci.skeptic, alt.usenet.kooks
Subject: Re: Gutless anonymous liar vs. Selective Poster
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2000 18:41:21 GMT

<snip newsgroup message>

what is with you snotditch?.....why are you selectively posting from deja to your site.....c'mon let's see it all........

by the way, you are becoming somewhat noteworthy............ do a little research.....find out what people are really saying about you....

and......when you get a minute would you mind faxing me your client list......i think i may have missed a few.......

What on earth could Mr O'Neill mean by "selectively posting from deja to [my] site"? I don't selectively post, I post everything from him, and I don't post from (or from IP address Because he has no way of finding out who they are Mr O'Neill has missed all of my client list (rather than a few), but they can all be found in alphabetical order at archiveFrom:
Newsgroups:, sci.skeptic, alt.usenet.kooks
Subject: Peter Bowditch of Gebesse is not HAPPY?
Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2000 17:25:50 GMT

Some of you may be aware that mr. bowditch of gebesse? has been aggressively slagging a number of truly innocent bystanders for quite some time in that icon of websites known as the millenium project. mr. bowditch, self-appointed voice of right-wing lunacy, is feeling a little peeved and miffed because his victims are now of his more famous victims has decided to tell the world, if not the multitude of gebesse clients?, about their consultancy's practice and his nasty little penchant for engineering victims out of innocent bystanders by propagating hate, prejudice and libel on the internet.

The question that begs to be asked; why should mr. stunned-ditch not have to sleep in it?

> NOT Peter "I'm allergic to LITHIUM" Bowditch
> Who, despite threats, BARELY has a web site
> The Millenium Project – The fundaments of the 'net

"Stunned-ditch". That's twenty. And a new identity, too. Not to mention another signature change. What is this thing about lithium? I notice that, coincidentally, the Gutless Anonymous Liar mentioned it recently, too.

From: "peter bowditch" <>
Subject: it's all in your hands
Date sent: Thu, 03 Aug 2000 21:05:46 GMT

this can go on as long as you's entirely in your initiated and you can end it.........

you have no legal or complaint chose to libel myself and my group.....i asked you stop and you didn't....

i will not cease....i will continue to frustrate you until you cooperate...

i am not asking for anything unreasonable....simply remove any and all references from you site.....and we're finished.....

continue your campaign and i will not cease......guaranteed

So, it's back to being me, is it? Why would I write to myself? Why would I go to Mr O'Neill's office and use the machine with the IP address to send email to myself? Why would I not sign my own name?

I received a card:

Date sent: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 14:04:33 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: For Biggest Asshole in Australia has sent you an flash animation!

To view your card, simply click the following Web address any time over the next three weeks:

The link no longer works, but you can see an image of the relevant bit here. The words on the card said:

Dear Peter:

You are such an incredible asshole and I thought I'd send you this card in recognition of your sustained effort to libel and slander me like no one else can....

And, incidentally, we are having a great time with your client list.....

oh...and query "right wing nazi bastard' when you get a moment.....

Mr O'Neill does not have my client list. And perhaps he should look at the Racists category here to see what I think of right wing nazis (which is a tautology).

Google archiveFrom: (Lawrence Silverstein)
Subject: The Peter Bowditch Death Watch
Date: 16 Aug 2001 14:24:38 -0700

To those of you, of which I'm sure are many, who have been watching and particpating in Mr. Bowditch's therapy (sublimating his obsessive compulsive need for attention through public displays of indecency by wanking off on his Atari computer), I was intrigued by Mr. Bowditch's intuitions as I trolled usenet with a recent commentary about he and his bum buddies: Barrett, Baratz, and Polevoy.

Firstly Mr. Bowditch there is more than one computer on the IP that you solely attribute to one poor man for whom you propagate outrageous lies, deception, libel, and fraud. Given your pathology, you would be incapable of concluding otherwise. Secondly, I take, as does your ISP, and your ISP's ISP exception to the utter filth and lies that you so blatantly publish on your web site and in various usenet groups.

So here's the challenge (and god knows you are incapable of not rising to it you stimulus-bound pervert): just try to save your web site! You see, I have taken the liberty, as I have encouraged others, to visit your web site and pass it on to those who really care. I see, by your own admission, your governing "professional" body, the Austrlain Computer Society supports hate, libel, defamation and fraud on the internet (surely they must support pornography as well!), so they'll likely not be interested. But, I assure you others are.

And by the way, I was very intrigued by the Tripod tribute sites. Staff were kind enough to search their logs and report back that, as a matter fact, you were the author. My, my, such deception!

Thank you Mr. Bowditch for responding to my troll. But more importantly, thank you for cranking up your psychoses so that others are now free to sanction that crazy son-of-a-bitch from the world's largest prison.

From: "peter bowditch" <>
Subject: Why so glum?
Date sent: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 19:52:19 GMT


You've been so quiet...glum.....


Yes it can go all away.....

What you don't seem to get is that you are harassing

Mr O'Neill must think that changing over to another ISP (Sympatico-Lycos) will let him hide. He has forgotten that the person who sent this message had to know the Hotmail password for the account "peterbowditchs".

And one last thing … (4/5/2013)
I hoped it wasn't someone playing a cruel April Fool's joke when I saw this news in the Ottawa Citizen on April 1.

Yes, folks, the beloved William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group and its descendants has gone to the great cesspit in the sky, taking the Gutless Anonymous Liar with him. Sadly, he died quickly and not of cancer. I posted a message to his memorial guest book, but unfortunately some technical glitch prevented it from being published.

I will maintain my own memorial to him here by archiving his correspondence with me and also the wonderful messages he sent wearing his Gutless Anonymous Liar mask. It would be a tragedy for this valuable collection of literature to disappear.

The rest of the CCRG Correspondence File
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